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  1. So many hurricanes hit us our last year in FLAUSA that we started to believe it was personal. Now we are looking at buying a home on the coast, somewhere in Eastern Tennessee.
  2. Mrs. C and I have been married many decades and what we do on the road is usually the same thing we do at home. The sticks and bricks need to be maintained, the RV needs to be maintained. Groceries need to be bought in both cases, we go to the store. We have our favorites trails, places to visit at home and we do the same when we travel. We love our birding and wildlife photography at home and on the road. Instead of the usual paths to bike or hike, we get to find new ones as we travel. We have slightly different viewing habits when it comes to television, so we have a second TV both at home and in the TT. While we both like to fish I like it a bit more, especially the catching part. When she wants to kayak, I fish, usually where she plans to end her kayaking adventure so it makes it easy for us to find similar activities. A few weeks ago we visited the Truman home in Independence, MO. After that, we had planned on going to see the Truman Library and Museum, about a mile away. She was getting tired so she walked back to the truck and I walked to the Library and she picked up the truck and caught up to me in the Library parking lot. Sometimes that is reversed. Sometimes you may find yourselves with different interests and if you both have transportation you can do them at the same time. For us, that's easier to do at home where we have two vehicles. As we've grown older we have found that we like being together more often than not, so when traveling we usually plan together our trip activities. We don't full-time but we usually camp for about 4-5 months each year.
  3. We check on this as well, but for those who don't know exactly what to look for the attached site will help you learn what to look for. https://treedoctor.msu.edu/ash/ashtree_id
  4. Not to be too negative about this but I think you might be facing a losing battle. If you were going to attract a sizable crowd at all you might have to offer something at a loss. We don't travel in our RV to eat at restaurants. We eat outside our RV by grilling. At a minimum 6% of Americans have Diabetes, 25% have Hypertension and over 40,000,000 people have Kidney Disease and half of them don't even know it yet. Restaurant chains provide some of this information on their websites but the information is something that usually deters folks with CKD from stopping by. Also, with your competition already established in any given area, the odds of being successful are already against you.
  5. At the RV show with the Escapade are park models included?
  6. I've had my freestyle rocker bought at Dick's Sporting goods for about a year and it's better than anything we previously bought at any RV outlet. It came with a one-year warranty for replacement and it hasn't even popped a stitch. Comfortable and relaxing and it's also a great fishing chair.
  7. I've been offline for four days and when I finally got back on today I had 75 e-mails in my inbox. They were written, (subject line only, I guess) in either Chinese or Japanese. I've had a few before but as I always do, I delete them all without opening them. Is this what you are talking about or is it something else? If it's something else, any suggestions on how to get them out of my inbox other than what I've been doing?
  8. Thank you for that extra special glimpse into your life. May you continue to enjoy your experiences. Do you have a lot of exciting things to watch on TV over the summer? What are you reading?
  9. So should places with "Campground" in their name not allow RV's, only tents? Do you sit with family and friends around an RV fire or a Campfire? Do you think that the original campers who slept under the stars felt the same way when friends showed up with tents? Should all campground/RV parks keep pop-ups, travel trailers, and 5er's separate from Class A's, B's and C's? What about the people who go camping and stay in a cabin and/or a cottage? Are they not camping or do you consider that cabining or cottaging?
  10. No, they aren't pets but responsible birders know that with human encroachment into the wildlife in question territory animals are having to range further and further to find food for survival. Putting food for birds on the ground, either on a piece of wood or in a ground feeder is irresponsible. Using an appropriate feeder doesn't take the place of birds searching for food, it augments the natural food supply. You keep building homes and campgrounds on their toilet area and they'll keep pooping on your RV and vehicles.
  11. Well, since you brought it up... A campfire is part of camping. Burning wet wood and causing unnecessary smoke to pollute the air is an issue.
  12. There is a difference in putting out a piece of plywood or a ground feeder and putting up a crook with a feeder or two on it. The "old" couple is wrong for putting the plywood out and "pouring" seed on it. However, if a small feeder, hummingbird, and woodpecker (suet or no-melt dough) are also on the crook there shouldn't be a problem with mess. We are occupying a seasonal site and have that type of a setup on our site and there is no mess. I usually find that these "birders" are inexperienced and have little knowledge or appreciation for how to attract birds. Unless we are home, we would never put out black oil sunflower at a campsite. That's a messy proposition. You may like your beer and cigarettes. We like to sit outside and enjoy the sounds of nature. It's much more relaxing enjoying the breeze and seeing a pileated woodpecker stop by for a meal and then take off, than hearing the loud comments of the drunk at the next site or a few sites away or smell the cigarette smoke from a few sites away. If by mess you are referring to bird poop they will poop anywhere when they fly over and there is no way you can prevent that. They also should have asked the campground owner/manager for permission to place the feeder. We have done it twice. Both time at seasonal locations. On our normal traveling, we never bring something like that with us.
  13. I've seen this in several locations but nothing was ever said about an inspection. I always thought it was more of a visual look type of thing and not an inspection of anything mechanical or whatever. We are halfway to the 10-year mark and no plans on changing RV's. If we should run into one we will stay elsewhere. We can always send them a photo but beyond that, we would take our business elsewhere.
  14. I taught special needs kids for 20 years who knew how to get along better than you folks do. State your opinion and move on. Do you really want to spend your time arguing or demanding to know about someone's batteries, set up procedures, or idle time? How proud would you be to have your kids or grandkids read some of the posts in this thread?
  15. I keep the RAM running while I check the power at the site, then we level. That's when we unhook the truck and stabilize and hook up the utilities. Then we open the slides and Mrs. Camper takes care of the inside while I finish the outside. Having said that, it's also not what we did many years ago when we bought our first RAM diesel. I learned to do it more efficiently when other, seasoned campers explained to me how to do it more efficiently. I've since learned to pay it forward, many times over. It only takes a minute to show/explain it to someone and keeps me from ranting in a discussion forum.
  16. So it's better to rant than to teach someone who may be new, or not, to MH RVing? I'm glad I pull a TT, but I do pull it with a RAM Turbo Diesel. I'll be sure to look for you on the next site over as we travel.
  17. Why not just offer thanks and enjoy the moment?
  18. Hopefully, they are still talking to us.
  19. We've had C2C Classic for over 16 years. We've only been retired for the last 3 years so our travel was limited but we never had an issue in getting into a particular campground. What we have noticed is that many of the C2C locations are no better than others offered by other memberships. Not sure we see the wisdom of having multiple memberships but our camping requirements are probably different from those who do. Too often we have found C2C not close to areas we wanted to be at and wound up staying elsewhere. The cost of the membership we purchased was less than $100.00 so we kept it even though we don't use it as often as we planned. Since retirement, we have more freedom to go where we like and not where we have time to go. That made a difference for us, but at the renewal price, we keep it updated.
  20. Don't know much about the two men you mentioned but let's not leave out John Gorrie. Here's a link to share his contribution. http://www.floridainvents.org/john-gorrie/
  21. Brainerd Lakes Area in Minnesota until October. Hope the fish get here soon.
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