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  1. Rick and Carol,


    So far it's not looking good for us to go this year. If things change, I'll let you know. Our home base is just 3 hours away so we have been many times over the years. It is the best show we've seen for the quantity of indoor vendors and new RV's. And the on-site camping is convenient.

    It would be great to catch up with you two and play with Cheyenne, of course! Let us know when you get to Florida.



  2. Hello all,

    We have also been MIA from the forum. So it was great news to hear about the HAMS beautiful home. Congratulations!!! We look forward to seeing you two on the road again. :unsure:

    We are currently in North Florida visiting family and plan to attend many RV rallies around the state this winter. We spent 6 months of the summer making a large loop around the Rocky Mountains and capping it off at the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta. Another check mark on our bucket list.

    On the way east, we met Dave and Barb at Livingston. We had a great time catching up, geocaching and helping them lighten their coach load of awesome wine. :rolleyes:

    If any of our classmates are visiting Florida this winter, give us a shout.

  3. Joe and Nancy,


    When you start back towards Florida from New Mexico, drop on down to I-20 and stop and see us in Tyler - - we'll be there the last of October and the first part of November. We'll even take you to Mercado's for great TexMex food.





    Sounds great. We'll get with you as it gets closer. We will be returning from the Balloon Fiesta with long-time friends and new SKP's, Bob and Louise.


  4. Hello classmates,

    We have been touring the intermountain west this year, currently in Walsenburg, CO. We will move to Albuquerque soon to attend the Balloon Fiesta for the first time. Can't wait. From there we will gradually work our way back to Florida for the Chapter 27 and 15 rallies in November at the SKP park in Bushnell. We still have to spend most of the winter in Florida to see our parents and children. We would like to stay in the Valley one of these years. Our plans for next year are still up in the air. We have thought about workamping or volunteering for part of the year. We joined Workamper and created the resume. We'll just see what happens.


    Re: Arco, ID - The Craters of the Moon is awesome but don't miss looking for your high school graduating year carved in the mountain above town.


    Hams: We are so happy for you and look forward to seeing you again. We still have great memories of Las Vegas 2007 where we had the best tour guides ever!


    Dave and Barb: Sorry we missed you guys this year. It looks like we made our loop backwards. But we have seen so many awesome sights. It's getting too cold in Colorado for flatlander Floridians. We've even been in snow up on the mountains! We were like little kids twirling in the falling snow and throwing snowballs. :rolleyes:


    If anyone is headed to Florida this winter, let us know. We would be glad to show you the sights most tourists never see.



  5. Hams: We are so glad to hear you plan to get on the road again. We have a Newmar Class A and really love it. There should be lots of good deals out there right now. Good luck in your search.

    We left Florida early in May. We have been in 2 mud bowls since. One at the Indiana SKP Rally and now at the Escapade in Sedalia. Lots of rain up here that finally ended yesterday. Tow trucks, everywhere!! Thankfully we are staying until Sunday and hope the ground dries out by then.

    We will then head SW to New Mexico, NE Arizona, Utah and the national parks, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado and end up in Albuquerque for the Balloon Fiesta in October.

    We hope to catch up with Dave and Barb and naturally......do some geocaching. :rolleyes: A new Escapees BOF for geocachers was kicked off here at the Escapade. There was a large crowd in the class and at the social.

    If anyone will be on this path let us know and we will get together.

    See ya down the road,


  6. Hello from the sunny and warm (NOT) state of Florida. I am a native and this has been the coldest in some time. We enjoyed the Tampa RV Supershow and then the Chapter 15 Rally near Ft. Lauderdale. We are at Sumter Oaks SKP park but have to return to the real world (Home) for the next 3 months before we can hit the road again. BUMMER! If anyone is coming through north Florida, give us a shout.


  7. Barb and Dave,

    We hope to head to the same area next year after the Escapade in Missouri, where we will be the Chapter 15 Row Reps.

    We missed or spent little time in these states when we went out west in 2007 so we are anxious to get back. You just can't see it all in one trip! Now I know why folks who have been full-timing for 15 years will say they haven't seen it all yet.

    Hopefully, we can hook up again next year to see what mischief we can get into. :lol:

    Happy Thanksgiving to all,


  8. Hello Classmates!

    We just returned from 6 months to New England and the Maritimes. We had an awesome time with Dave and Barb in Maine and Canada.

    Last week we attended the back-to-back SKP rallies for Chapter 27 and 15, both held at Sumter Oaks in Bushnell. We put on a Geocaching class for Chapter 15 and placed 7 caches around the park for folks to find. It was so much fun.

    This weekend we are at our first Samboree in Orlando with our Palatka chapter. Then we must return to Interlachen, near ailing parents, and be bored for the winter. :blink: After experiencing this lifestyle for 2 years now, it is so difficult to sit still for very long!

    Send us a PM if you will be coming through NE Florida this winter.

  9. Helen,

    We won't make it this time but we really enjoyed Cape Breton. And also accidentally running into Dave and Barb again on the Cabot Trail. We had a great time seeing the views and grabbing more caches.

    We have moved down to Truro to tour Halifax and Peggy's Cove area for a few days before working our way to New Hampshire.


    Joe and I are so glad to hear you finally got the insulin pump.


  10. Nova Scotia is wet, wet, wet from the tropical storm coming through, but thankfully no wind. The inland farms and coastlines are so beautiful. We are near Sydney waiting out the rainy weather so we can ride the Cabot Trail before moving on.

    We thoroughly enjoyed our travels with Dave and Barb from Bangor, Maine to Pictou, Nova Scotia. We found lots of neat places to explore during our stops and naturally had to work in a few geocaches along each route. We made sure not to tell the Border Guards that we knew the folks in the rig behind us since they think all Texans pack heat.

  11. Helen,

    Thanks for all the good information on your blog about Nova Scotia. We look forward to seeing Cape Breton and the Bay of Fundy tides. We will be staying in Pictou at Harbor Lights CG.

    Is the ferry from there to PEI a better deal than driving north and crossing the bridge in New Brunswick?

    We had a great day caching with Dave and Barb yesterday. We really got our exercise in with one that had us walking at least 2 miles with half of it on trails and half bushwacking. That's when you know you are hopelessly hooked on the hobby, or.......we won't go there.


  12. Jeff and Suzanne...we are so glad you have secured the location you wanted.


    Gordon and Juanita...keep those Alaska updates coming. We are learning so much and your photos are awesome!


    Dave and Barb...your geocache converts here have just infected another couple and their house full of teenagers. We are visiting friends in Wiscasset, Maine and have been caching twice with them and it's obvious they are seriously infected.

    From here we head up to Ellsworth, Maine then on to Pictou, Nova Scotia on July 16th. Just in time to join forces with you and attack the caches there.

    There is a Windjammer/Tall Ships event later this week in Boothbay Harbor. Can't wait!

  13. Dave and Barb...Sorry we missed you in Gettysburg. We just left there today. We've been so anxious to see new territory that we keep moving northward.

    I agree....the heat is ferocious. I'm a Florida cracker and I couldn't believe you could go this far north and be this miserable. Maine is looking better every day.

    We are in Hersey until Thursday. The farms in the countryside here are so beautiful.

  14. Jeff and Suzanne,

    We know you hate to give up this life on the road, but you've made some great memories along the way. We certainly enjoyed getting to know you two. You are very special people.

    It sounds like the Class of 2006 should make Ft. Worth a regular reunion site! Do I hear a second on that?

    Best of luck to you both.

  15. Yeah!! We are back on the road again. We are at Harrison Bay State Park in Chattanooga and will begin our trek toward the Maritimes. We plan to catch up with Dave and Barb to enjoy some Lobster, the scenery and of course; geocaching.

    We switched from our big truck and fiver to a Class A with a Saturn Vue for a toad. We just love it.

    After reading behind Duane and Louise and now Gordon and Juanita, we hope to have plenty of information for our future trip to Alaska.

    We hope to meet more of you on our travels.


  16. We really enjoyed seeing Dave and Barb again. We managed to snatch a lot of caches and introduce them to our part of Florida.

    We split 'Mom care' duties with Joe's sister. We took the winter months so we can head to the maritimes this summer. It has been so difficult sitting still this long. We really have a bad case of hitch itch.

    icon_eek.gif We hope to see many of you on the road soon. icon_biggrin.gif

  17. Jeff - too bad. We endured the dopey dialogue hoping to see you on the big screen. We even taped it in case the scene went by too fast. We don't watch much TV and were afraid all shows had gone this way!! We wish we could make it this year to see you and Suzanne in the Texas show and catch up with all the other '06ers' that plan to be there.


    Rick and Carol - We were happy you found your new home. We enjoyed our time with you at the Redmond Rally. We are still doing our research and really like your floorplan.


    Thanks Melvis for the map. Ours will be boring while we spend the winter near family in Florida, but it will be fun to keep up with the others.


    Dave and Barb - No we didn't rub it in about passing our instructors on the number of geocaches found, but we did notice an increase in your cache count shortly thereafter?? See you in February.


    Gordon and Juanita - Knowing how much you guys like the chilly stuff, I think late January and early February would be the only time you could tolerate Florida. And that would be northern Florida! Thankfully, we can now escape from the high humidity summers. p.s. Your new blog is awesome. The pictures look so professional.

  18. Hello to all,

    We celebrate our first year December 1st. Wow, has it flown by. We have really enjoyed getting to know so many of you; first at Q then at various locations across the country.

    We have stopped for a month in Milton, Florida to visit our daughter and family before returning to Gainesville, FL for the winter. GO GATORS!! GO GATORS!! We have parents there in need of TLC, otherwise we would be joining the group in Arlington, TX.

    We hope to head toward New England in the spring.

    WOW, aren't we all so fortunate to have found this lifestyle??

  19. Duane and Louise, we are really enjoying your pictures. We are checking out all of our options to do the same later this summer. Thanks for keeping us all posted on your adventure.


    Dave and Barb, we hope to catch up with you guys again. Thanks for keeping us posted on where you are. By the way, geocache mentors, we are up to 87 now!


    Jeff and Suzanne, we are thinking about you and hope all goes well with the treatment. We really enjoyed the time we had with you at Lake Mead and Vegas. You helped us make some very special memories.


    Rick and Carol, we never made it out to Bend, but we fell in love with the parts of Oregon that we were in and hope to return. It's been our favorite state so far. Sorry we missed you at Stockton. Hopefully we can catch up with you guys again and team up for a motorcycle ride.


    Charlie60, thanks for passing on your Quartzsite White Elephant. It has been well used!


    To all: We are at Mt. St. Helens RV Park in Castle Rock, WA waiting for the weather to clear so we can ride the motorcycles out to the observation point. The weatherman says tomorrow looks good. Joe is optimistic, he is unloading the bikes in a drizzle. We may head up the Olympic Pennisula from here, but as Jeff says: "that can change at the dinner table the night before".

  20. Billie: Thanks. You've done a great job. We prefer to keep it just the way it is.


    Duane and Louise: Keep us all posted on your Alaskan adventure. We can't wait to see it.


    To our geocache mentors - we just hit 60!


    We are at the Sutherlin, OR SKP park until Tuesday when we head toward the Columbia River and on into Washington.


    Safe travels everyone.

  21. Hello all,

    We enjoyed the Stockton Escapade, our first. We met friends we had made in parks along the way and made new friends we will see down the road. We enjoyed an afternoon getting to know classmates Duane and Louise Wegley.


    Next we spent a few days in Napa enjoying the scenery from our motorcycles. We made it over to the coast for our first view of the Pacific. AWESOME!


    Note: The Napa Valley Expo RV Park went from $20 to $35 per night on May 1st.


    We are now at the Emerald Forest RV Park in Trinidad, CA. We are camped among some huge redwoods. It looks like a great place to explore and to add a few more geocaches to our total. But there's no way we will ever catch up with Dave and Barb or even Gordon and Juanita.


  22. Charlie60,

    We are leaving the SKP park in Pahrump, NV on the 16th. We finally decided to head to Stockton by going around the southern end of the Sierras. Then we can take all the time we want after the rally to explore Lake Tahoe on our motorcycles.

    Our truck is a class 6 and considered an MDT. We are members of that BOF and hope to catch up with some of those folks at the Escapade. We plan to spend some time at Winchester Bay, so maybe we will get to see some of the HDT rigs.

    Enjoy the snow!


  23. Jeff and Suzanne..........after getting to know what great folks and 'hams' you are, we are just so excited for you. Keep us all posted before a show or commercial airs, so we can be sure to see it. Some of us don't normally sit still long enough for TV!


    We have been having so much fun with Dave and Barb O'Keeffe this week. They have taught us the ropes on geocaching. After climbing mountains, hiking 1/2 mile treks across the desert and scaring Jack Rabbits out of the bushes we have logged 18 caches in two days. No doubt about it, we are addicted now!


    The Stockton Escapade is nearing. Do we circle Lake Tahoe before or after?? Then up the western coastline?? Take the motorcycles on the Alaska ferry?? WOW! What a life! icon_wink.gif

  24. We are at the SKP park in Pahrump, NV for a month, then on to the Escapade in Stockton. By then it should be warm enough to head north. If anyone comes this way, look us up on Lot 84A.


    Hey, Jeff and Suzanne, thanks again for the ROYAL TOUR of Las Vegas. There was no way we could have crammed that much excitement into two days without such expert tour guides.


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