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  1. Try this one, it's better. https://bwt.cbp.gov/
  2. Hey Gail and Keith, good to hear from you. I hangout in Jojoba much of the year but still travel about quite often. I plan to head north a number of times this year and could stop in at Saddleback en route. How long do you plan on being there? Maybe we could make a plan to hookup. Take care till then and cheers for now.....................mike
  3. Hi Classmates, I am still traveling and a fulltimer even though I have a permanent site at Jojoba Hills. I don't know if you remember Gail, but you were the one that initially told me about Jojoba Hills and actually taught me how to correctly pronounce it. I would be interested in an early 2017/late 2016 GTG at the Q. Keep us all informed please. Thanks.................mike
  4. Well Gordon and Juanita, I for one am still alive and kicking. I invested in a site at Jojoba Hills so I'm not on the road fulltime anymore but I still get out there quite often. Heading for South Dakota next week to renew my DL and then on to Fernley, Nevada to work at Amazon for the holiday season. Wish me luck, I'll need it. I plan on attending Escapade 2015 in Tucson so maybe some of us can meet up then. Hugs and cheers to all........................mike
  5. Hey Bobby, I screwed up and made the check out to you and it‘s my last check till my reorder comes in. I do trust you however. Cheers………………………mike
  6. Check’s in the mail, Bobby. Good luck with your ride…………………mike
  7. I'll help you out, Bobby. Just let me know how.................. mike @Harmony Ridge RV Resort, Nevada City, California
  8. Hi Steve, I wasn’t aware of Lyn’s proposed route. I really haven’t heard much at all about the trip. Maybe they’re trying to tell me something? I plan on seeing Jerry Gertner, one of the proposed trip organizers/advisors/leaders next month in the Seattle area and hopefully get some scoop on the journey. Anyhoo, I think I would prefer the Washington/BC route also. I may reconsider and hang out in the Great Northwest and join you at the Wyoming Escapade in 2011 and do the Alaskan excursion in 2012 with you, if you‘ll have me. Please keep me updated on the 2012 trip. Thanks. Cheers
  9. Hey Steve, what happened to our plans for an Alaskan run in 2011? Have those plans been scrapped or are you not available in 2011? I'm just looking for some clarification for planning purposes. If the 2011 trip is off, I would consider going in 2012. Let me know. Take care for now............ mike @AM Solar, Springfield, Oregon
  10. Hey Steve, I’ll be hanging around the “Q” too for much of January/February for the SOLOS’ and the Geocaching rallies and any other thing that might come up. I also wanna make trips to Yuma and Jojoba Hills if possible before heading back to Yuba City by March 1 for my kid’s B-day. Take care for now and I’ll be seeing you soon........... mike @Canyon Creek RV Resort, Winters, California
  11. Hey Steve, not to short-change Gordon but there is some talk stirring up about a SOLOs’ trip to Alaska in 2011. Lyn was looking for interested folks awhile back. We may have a braintorming session at the Q so if you’re there you can certainly join in. Cheers for now. mike @WalMart, Wabash, Indiana
  12. Hey Barb and Dave, thanks for sharing the info about Shari, Neil, and Ciera. I really liked those guys (especially Ciera). Tell them all I said hi and give my little sweetie Ciera a big hug from Uncle Mike and ask Shari and Neil to post something on this site. I’m sure everyone would love to hear from them. Cheers……………. mike @Walmart, Escanaba, Michigan
  13. Hey Gordon and Juanita, I don’t know where the heck Port Orford is but if it’s anywhere near Portland you should take a trip to find/see the ORIGINAL STASH TRIBUTE PLAQUE. It’s located about 25 miles southeast of the city. No bells and/or whistles but it’s still exciting to see. The webpage has many links that are interesting too. Check it out. mike @Circle 10 Campground, Badlands, South Dakota
  14. Hey Gail and Keith, Nice to hear from you guys, if y’all stick around Mackinaw City until Labor Day (September 7th) you can walk the Mackinac Bridge with me. I’ll be staying at the Wilderness State Park just a little southwest of the bridge. I’ll be headed south too shortly after that and eventually to Death Valley in November and Quartzsite in January. Maybe we can hookup somewhere along the way. Take care for now………………… mike @Travis AFB, CA
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