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    Rear Tire Pressure

    I’ve heard that before...but my fingers are still crossed! I farmed out the tires and the tire shop installed them as outers, then gave me the story about the torque on the spiders being less with them out there. After I wrote it and heard the words come out of my mouth, I was thinking...wow what a dumb @22! The spiders are there to compensate one side spinning faster in a turn and they have no idea if the truck is turning or going straight!
  2. mguay

    Rear Tire Pressure

    The reason I didn’t put the 2 new ones on the same side was that I was worried about having a taller tire on one side of the axle and having unequal torque on the spiders. I knew the new ones would wear quickly to a similar wear of the older ones. I’m going to load the Smart and hit the scale tonight for a front and rear weight. The 5er is set up in a tight spot at the CG for a couple more weeks but I know what the pin weight is. 3800# give or take. I’m thinking I’m going to leave the older ones at 110 and drop the new ones to 90psi or so. I’m worried that dropping them too much will cause the outer ribs to wear off rather than cleaning up the inner blocks.
  3. mguay

    Rear Tire Pressure

    5675 @110psi dual
  4. mguay

    Rear Tire Pressure

    When I bought the truck it had a bunch of mismatched rear tires on the tandems. It did have 2 close to new Aeolus HN 308’s so once I singled it I bought another pair so I would have all matching drives. I put the new ones on the outside. The new set is wearing a bit funny after about 4000 miles of bobtailing with the Smart on. The outer ribs are great. It’s the inner blocks that are wearing funny. The leading edge is higher than the tailing edge. Yes it has had an alignment since singling. No this is not a debate about my Chinese drives. We have been using them on all of our FL 70’s at work for years. Unfortunately I haven’t weighed it with the 5er yet. I have weighed it with the smart and full of fuel. 21800# The sidewall states 110psi and that is what I have them at. It rides fine. Is anyone running lower than sidewall pressure? Thanks for the help
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