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  1. As we sit here in the Prince William Forest RV Park in Dumfries VA, waiting for our house to sell, we enter the class of 2017. We've been officially full timing since the day that our bedroom set went out the door to charity and we moved into our travel trailer that we've had since 2012. That was in mid May. We're headed to England for our grand daughter's first birthday, to visit Edinburgh Scotland, and see the famous Tattoo. After that we start our fulltime adventure in earnest by heading up to Bar Harbor in Maine. Following that, we have a general itinerary that takes us down to Tennessee for the RV Dreams Fall Rally, to Cincinnati to visit relatives, and to West VA to see friends, just before Thanksgiving. Then we migrate down to the Florida panhandle for the winter--grand daughter and family are relocating back there from England. Looking forward to good dialog in this and other forums.
  2. We're in the process of converting from stick-built living to full time rv-ing next year. We could sell the house, but it has been a good investment in a good location, just outside Washington DC. So, we are considering keeping it and renting it out. We would use a property manager to look after the day to day details. Has anyone had experience being a landlord while being out on the road, full-timing? How has that worked out for you? Any tips or advice would be appreciated.
  3. Looking for a used fold-able adult trike in good condition. We live the Washington DC metro area.
  4. To be determined! Funny story: We expected to be traveling with 3 cats and medium/large dog. Didn't see any way they could travel comfortably in the back seat of a pick up truck, so 5th wheels were off the table untill....this past January, when we were at the local RV show. Spent the afternoon looking mostly at class Cs, but as we were heading for the exits, my daughter wandered into a 5th, called my wife in, who called me in. Wife fell in love with the front living room layout. Suddenly, 3 cats and a dog were no problem in a pickup. Game changer!! So, we've only been exploring 5ths since January. Things also got a bit more simple when, sadly, we had to put our aged dog to sleep this past Spring. We know the floor plans that work for us, and are getting a handle on what equipment we want, but we aren't sure how to determine the brands with the best reputations for reliability, quality,etc. Any hints?
  5. This is my first post as a member of the class of 2017. It was supposed to be 2016, but our youngest daughter took a year after college graduation to find a career job. She moves out this coming Sunday! So now, all that stands between us and full timing is decluttering, downsizing, and selling the house. Since we've been in this house for over 30 years, we are fairly well cemented in. So downsizing is a tall order. Hopefully, we'll sell in the spring. Since our current travel trailer isn't suitable for full timing, we plan to move up to a 5th wheel. Before we do that, We'll probably temporarily relocate to Asheville, NC, out planned permanent location after full timing. While there, we'll get the 5th wheel and the tow vehicle and then hit the road. Mean time: soak up as much knowledge about preparing for full timing.
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