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  1. I have appreciated all of the thoughts. I was telling my daughter today that because I am being so exposed to so many options I believe that when I do choose I will know it is right for me and that I looked at a wide assortment of possibilities before choosing. All good. Thanks to all. Christine PS - will not buy until spring at least as would just winterize it now so why let months go by on the warranty - I'll let you all know then. Christine Colorado
  2. I fell in love with a trailer the size you describe you are towing. At home I measured out how long that was on a wall and realized I must go smaller but boy, what a great size! Thank you for the information on the hitch, I will Google that. I just cannot see me driving that long, it scares me. I think I can do 24' but wish I could go even smaller. This could change. The longer hood of the Chevy Silverado vs the 1989 Dodge (engine in the cab) was scary. I'm doing better day by day.
  3. Jim, I am doing better physically than I have done in decades. I have been juicing, cut out high sugar and high wheat intake, went from a size 16 to a 12, last X-rays on the spine and discs came out great. My truck bed will give me cots to lay on outside and the memory foam padding to go with same, a propane oven to cook on outside on a hot day, and a red wagon to cart it around in. I will not have my yard to mow, weeds to deal with, large house to clean, basement stairs to walk up and down. Tiny house? I'll be in heaven. And on the days I don't do well, tiny is good too as I don't have to walk far. I love my truck. I've traveled up the entire California and Oregon coasts many a time in a truck - there and back. I do not like dirt roads but fortunately those are not frequent. Maybe I'll only last one year. The places we like to camp we rarely or never see motorhomes or 5th wheels. True, winter we'll have to be where you all are and then we will feel tiny and small if you want to make us feel that way but we will be so grateful we are not in our Class B or our Chalet that personally we will be happy. My "chair" will be my transport walker. It is comfortable, has wheels if I have a rough time I can be wheeled around or use it like a walker. I can and have put my oven on it and wheeled it down to a lake because the wheels are all terrain. That fits in the truck as well. We aren't planning on doing this forever but we do want to have a lot of fun while we do it. I stand next to a 5th wheel or really long trailer and I am not comfortable. I have owned a motorhome - a nice Winnebago that was too big for the northern California forest roads to be comfortable driving - for us. We have been downsizing for a long time. We still have a ways to go but we are willing to go small. When we move back to a stick our cots with memory foam pads will be our beds and couch until we get settled and start re decorating. But I never want to own a lot again. The trailers we are looking at weigh about 4500 pounds plus another 3000 CCC. With a tow capacity of 13k I think this will work pretty good for us. That's twice the weight of anything we've ever towed except driving the moving van full out here. That was a caravan. Daughter driving GMC Safari, Me driving Class B hightop and towing the Chalet fold-down, Wayne driving a huge full moving truck. We stayed at a KOA cabin so we could have all our stuff real close by. Our summer dream is to boondock 10 days and come in for hookups for about 5 then repeat maybe with a motel for 2 days thrown in for long baths. Lots of forests and rivers and exploring. Photographing and painting. Metal detecting and fishing. Writing. Got the cooking stuff down to a minimum and storage containers for all if I have to pack anything in the copious storage. Spare clothes in cases already bought that will store on the top bunk. We'll have a queen and a bunk and dinette. The couch might be a Murphy bed setup but we can't get greedy. Plan to see friends and relatives. My cousin in Texas said we could park the trailer at her place while we stay awhile with a sister we plan to visit for several weeks. We may move in with her one winter or perhaps the Livingston facility. That is if they accept a smaller truck and trailer. Christine
  4. Kirk, thank you so very much for your post. We went looking again today and really feel pretty strongly about our current thinking. I also have two hips replaced along with spine arthritis. I know we will end up with much smaller than most people here will think is acceptable but like you say, we are the ones who will drive it, back it up, find the spots to be in, have to sit in it in the rain or the cold. I really have listened to everything said here re pros and cons. I think I could tow and back up the fifth wheel better than the trailer. I believe I would be more relaxed and go more places in a less wide, less heavy less tall towed vehicle. So thank you for noting that I am not alone in my thinking.
  5. The difference in towing weight with my Silverado is 1000 pounds more with a 5th wheel. I know about all the other weights to check. I watched my next door neighbor pull his 5th in this weekend after ending the season up at the lake. It was pretty impressive to see how easily he moved that thing around. And he said the same things all 5th wheel drivers say, they are easier to tow and move and have more room. Then we stood back and looked at it and realized it was quite a bit higher than our old Winnebago which scraped the tree branches on the way up to Sequoia. I thought about many a camping spot we've camped at where a trailer would fit easily but not a 5th. I thought about the campsites we like to go to - we never see a 5th wheel at them, or maybe once in a great while see one. It seems the 5ths like the State Parks, RV Parks, etc. I looked at the bins on his 5th and did not see any advantage over the trailers we looked at if I filter in the truck bed as well. But, we will not be purchasing until next year and we are still looking at both. I have to say that being from California I just don't tow a trailer over 55 mph. I saw many RVs of all kinds and sizes going 70 plus during the recent trip to Pike Forest (in the Class . I did drive the B to keep up with them until the wind came up and then I backed down to 55 because of the high top. Then we were stopped for 20 minutes on the Hwy while they cleaned up the accident from someone who did not slow down. Who knows what will be designed over the winter and show up in the spring? Maybe the perfect compromise. There are two of us making this decision and we both agree straight down the line at this point. We are headed out shortly to go looking again but now we look at both types. We haven't walked into a 5th yet that we liked more than our current trailer floorplan choice but that could change. We might rent a trailer early next year just to make sure it is something we want to tow conventionally because we are used to pretty small trailers. Christine
  6. Thank you. I am learning. Both of us talked and we don't want to give up the p/u bed. We have a locking cover and separate locking tailgate on it. We could blow up a boat and put it on top to drive a mile to the lake. We don't like that we will be much longer than we want but we are trying to at least find a shorter width. The trick there is the bed and how we get in and out. I would keep a cooler in there. I have a Camping World step that folds flat when you grab the close handle and pops open to be two steps when you grab the open handle. It is light weight and fits in the back seat. Lets me easily fold back the bed cover by myself and the two steps next to the bumper step lets me hop right in the bed of the truck. Me with arthritis and two replaced hips. Priceless. I want easy access to the bbq and wood without reaching into the bins. I also have a neck I have to be careful of. We can load and unload the cooler from the truck bed when we use it and it won't be in the way in the trailer. I have a folding red wagon to cart things around. I just think this would be an easier way for us, IF we can handle the extra length. The 6' 6" bed with the extended cab is long, then the hitch, then the trailer. But, it still might be lighter then the firth wheels. I have only towed small trailers, 12 foot at most with small truck or SUV. Christine
  7. All good comments from above. FYI, the bed is 6'6", not the short or the long bed but the standard bed on the truck. I still really like having the truck bed free but it will depend on the unit. At least now I'll look at both. It's hard to find smaller 5-ers on the lots but maybe with the start of a new season there will be some to look at in spring. We found one conventional model this year that we both really liked, it was a Forest River Salem Cruise Lite with a Murphy bed/sofa option plus it had the dinette and a set of bunks plus the small tub. The tub is for the dogs and washing, we don't want just a shower pan. That's apparently a limited model but we have something in mind now as to floor plan so we are getting there. The Silverado 2500 also has a trailer brake adjustment inside the cab by the steering wheel. Not sure how well it works, I've never used trailer brakes as we had a small Chalet that didn't need them but then we were only weekend travelers and not a lot of weight. Just love this RV board and the people on it. Christine
  8. That's pretty impressive! I still lose my large storage bin though. Looks like I can take some stuff in the bed but not sure how much. I'll have to see what size trailer I end up with but really glad you showed me this so we can consider it in the choices. Thanks! Christine
  9. I HAVE CHANGED MY MIND. After having a pickup for a week I am in love with my Chevy Silverado. Even though I am going to be longer with a conventional hitch I have decided I do not want a 5th wheel hitch in the bed of my truck. There is something great about having a pickup be, well, a pickup. Since I am not towing Godzilla I think I'll be good, especially because everything will be weighed with the weight distribution also considered before taking off. I love, love, love the idea of a storage area the size of the truck bed with a lockable cover. Maybe after a year of conventional towing I'll change my mind but I want to start off without a 5th. But all this could change once again after I meet with the hitch people. The one thing I am wondering about is the height because it seems like the Chevy sits kind of high I'll post what the hitch people tell me after I make that visit and get back to ya all then. Thanks again for input.
  10. Congratulations! There are a lot of light weight trailers out there. Mine currently is a Dodge 350 Class B high top V8 with 108,000 miles. We just came back from Pike Forest, Colorado in it. I have been restoring it and will miss it. It is being replaced by my new truck but originally it was what we were going to use. That's the photo - it used to be white with brown stripes. I tore out the old linoleum and put in carpet to better insulate it and steam cleaned it all to get rid of things from 1989 to present. I still have to reupholster the front seats and then I'm done.
  11. Thanks! This sounds good and will shorten the length over the using a conventional hitch.
  12. One of the good things about having time before taking off is the ability to find the right containers for items. In some cases I keep getting smaller and smaller or just changing things into other containers because I find the "perfect fit" for something. Waterproofing and adding carry handles is high on my list for this winter. It is amazing how long it is taking me to downsize completely but I think we are on track for our timeline.
  13. Yes, I know all of that and have been plugging in the figures. In addition, I am going this week to the dealer recommended hitch shop and will be talking to them. In addition, now that I have the bed and tailgate mats and the Fold-A-Cover on, I am going to fill the tank and have the truck weighed before going to see the hitch guys. I am not buying yet, I want them to tell me if I have the right figures and what they think about my possible trailer choices. I am trying hard to do this all safely without coming near maxing out but still having what we want.
  14. 22 gypsies - with the 5th wheel and bin setup how many bins of storage would say you had? Four 2 x 3 foot bins or ?? What I am wanting to put in the truck bed, if possible, is a propane oven, our outside cots, fishing gear, probably a cooler and some water for when we disconnect and drive to the lake. I am trying to avoid taking stuff out of the trailer bins and putting in the truck and back again over and over. The back cab will be taken up with two dogs. But, safety is the biggest issue. Seems like people who have them feel 5th wheels are easier to tow. Glad to hear they are easier on the unhook and parking. Is that how all you 5er's feel? D & D - If I don't have a 5th wheel hitch and need whatever clearance for same, I would have the full bed of the truck for storage plus trailer storage but am not sure how this will work out when properly distributing the cargo weight. There are so many parts to figuring all of this out sometimes it makes my head spin, or at least feel like it is. Christine
  15. This is what I'm doing. We looked for 3 years at trailers, 2 very seriously, and came up with a span of weights in the size trailers we would be comfortable with. Then we bought the tow vehicle knowing what capacity we needed. Maxing out is not an option for us as we want to be comfortable driving as well as be able to accommodate the occasional traveling guest and their cargo. We have yet to buy the trailer but feel confident our tow vehicle is adequate for the range of trailers we are looking at. We started with an Xterra 4WD (we want 4 WD because we will sometimes BLM camp or end up with mud from rain, snow or??) but that's not for everyone. 4WD takes away some of the available towing weight and if you are on the low side of available cargo weight every pound counts. We ended up getting a vehicle that tows more than twice the weight the Xterra did and it is a 4WD gas truck. That 5000 pounds sounds like a LOT but towing includes the weight of the tow vehicle passengers and cargo in the tow vehicle and the tongue weight with the rest - it isn't just the weight of the loaded trailer (which is what I thought before I came to this discussion board for advice). Also know the CCC or Cargo weight of the trailer - sometimes it's pretty low and it is usually posted on the inside of the trailer door but sometimes on a sticker on the outside of the trailer. It will come with a warning usually that tells you how much a full tank of water weighs for the size tank included in the trailer. To give you an idea, 3 gallons of water weigh about 25 pounds so for every 12 gallons that's 100 pounds of CCC. For several years we had a Chalet Aframe and that was fun, it weighed about 1000 pounds and we could spin it in our driveway to turn it around. Those have problems you should look into before buying though. Constant questions on the Aframe boards about how to replace leaky windows and roof panels warped by the sun. I would not buy another one unless I was limited in weight. I would suggest you look and look until you know the trailer sizes and weights you will accept and then focus on the tow vehicle that will work for you (because you won't be able to tow the new trailer without an adequate tow vehicle so you'll need that before the trailer). Also know, if buying a NEW tow vehicle you probably cannot tow for the first 500 miles so you can't buy new and take off without voiding the new car warranty. My 2500 HD Silverado cannot be driven over 50 mph for the first 500 miles (it's up to 250 miles now) and not over 50mpg for the first 500 miles of towing which can't happen until the first 500 miles of non-towing is complete. If you are only doing warm nights, tent trailers are lightweight with sleeping rooms that open out. These are usually the lightest trailers. .... sign me Still learning, too!
  16. I forgot to mention, the truck bed cover is a "Fold A Cover" which accordian folds into one piece near the window of the cab and straps closed (I would add a very secure closure of some sort to prevent it from every unfolding while driving. Christine
  17. Still a year away from take off. After looking at trailers and deciding the approximate size and weight that we would want to tow, we used that information to select our tow vehicle, a 2016 Chevy Siliverado 4WD Flex Fuel 4.10 Standard Bed which tows up to 13k conventional and 14k 5th wheel. I will be spending some time at a local hitch place checking out options but I would appreciate hearing from those of you who tow both types of hitches. Right now I am feeling "long" with just the truck, before adding a trailer. We won't be getting a trailer until probably early spring next year so we have time to research and figure out what setup is right for us to fulltime with. We would like a trailer 25 foot or less in size, nothing larger. - I know the 5th will shorten the overall trailer plus hitch length. - I know a conventional hitch will give me full access to the entire bed for storage and make our life easier. We have a locking cover for the truck bed and put in a floor and tailgate liner (did not go up the sides as that was $300 more plus tax and we are saving for our trailer). If we feel we can handle whatever length we would end up with, we would prefer to go with the conventional. If it's "too long' (FOR US - I know some of you can drive very long things and are quite comfortable with that but we are not) we would have to go with the 5th. Questions: 1.How much storage space would we have for storage in the truck bed (6' 6" bed) if we had the 5th wheel hitch in the bed? 2. For those of you who have towed with both - what is your advice? 3. For anyone towing with a conventional hitch, are you comfortable with that setup and how long is your trailer? Thanks to anyone taking the time to answer. Christine
  18. Thanks for the links. As of less than an hour ago a new 2016 Chevy Silverado 2500HD GAS 4WD truck is in our driveway. Our towing capacity is 13,000 because we wanted this combo as it suits us best. It will tow the weight and sizes we are looking at. The diesel engine would have been $8 to $10 thousand more - that's a lot of gas money (but would tow another 5,000 pounds). The 0% interest for 72 months was a great deal and that ends Monday. We are going to not buy a new trailer until the new ones come out spring 2017. The lots are starting to not have as many choices and I really want to see what the manufacturers come up with for 2017. Colorado winter is looming (already last night some places dipped to an overnight low of 27 degrees!) That also gives me more time to discover various manufacturers and I'll be linking to them and checking them all out. I can't wait to tell my trailer lady that I now know what my tow vehicle can tow. (I call her that because I've searched that lot for 3 years looking for the right one. She always gives me full access and is very patient about my frequent returns so I really hope I find one on her lot but won't know till I find the right one. As for building my own - my body is not up to it. Christine
  19. Even my Dodge without towing requires stopping power. We have some serious hills here in Colorado. Don't even want to think about the ice that forms many times during the winter on the streets below the snow. I am comfortable at not too big but know that too small is a mistake. Our trailer used to be a 1983 Chalet fold up/down. That is fun for weekends or maybe a week in good weather but you can see that from where we come from, stepping into something with more room can seem huge to us but that same trailer is going to seem way, way too small for anyone used to what most of you would be happy with. But then, when we go back to a stick I don't want anything bigger than one bedroom with a small den. I want to go bigger than a Casita 17 foot but not anything larger then about 23 foot with the 21 seeming perfect yet I still do not have all the figures figured out if that is a good match or not. Some days this all seems impossible and I am glad to have heard from the smaller sized travelers as that's what keeps us going towards our dream. I have so many photos to take and paintings to paint.
  20. Yes, the 350 would be able to handle the best. Unfortunately it is too rich for my blood. Fortunately, I do not want to tow the biggest I can. A used low mileage 250 is a possible and I am researching the differences because there are so many. Am also looking at other comparable trucks and have all models listed for the top 10 towing for 2013 to what is available for 2017 along with price ranges. I will not be buying quickly and really hoping year end clearance stocks the used car shelves by the time I know what I want. I know the trailer I want and I continue to learn what the truck specs must be to tow it while I weigh what I want to bring with and add that up. I want enough CCC for carpets on the floor and a little extra insulation where I can add it. Int the meantime I continue to drive the Dodge 350 while I also continue to restore it. I love that truck. Having a bed and toilet in it is a plus too.
  21. I found the article below has shown me some errors in my figuring. I didn't realize I had to add the weight of the vehicle as part of the towing capacity. I thought I just had to do passengers and cargo and trailer and all trailer cargo plus all fuel. http://www.edmunds.com/ford/f-150/2015/long-term-road-test/2015-ford-f-150-towing-nearly-5000-pounds.html Looks like I have some more research to do. I am glad I am not running out and buying the wrong thing again this time. I am trying to get good fuel mileage on top of it all as well. Looks like we are going to need to downsize the trailer and cargo or get a bigger truck. Or, get a bigger truck and downsize the trailer and cargo for now and move up to a larger trailer later. The important thing is I continue to learn. Fumble and learn but still learn. Christine
  22. I am looking at the Ford 150 3.5L Eco Boost Super Crew V6 4x4 IF I CAN FIND REASONABLE w low mileage 2013 and beyond with the 3.55 axle ratio giving me 10,700 to 11,500 towing capacity. Trailer I am looking at is Forest River/Salem Cruise Lite 201BH XL - following specs: Hitch Wt 528 - is that too much? Will have Weight Distribution Hitch Unloaded Vehicle Wt: 4195 CCC: 3295 Lbs. 23' 7" long 9'11" exterior height 8 foot wide exterior (I wanted 7.5 but just love this layout for us) Black 32 g / Grey 32 g / Fresh Water 40 g No slide like we wanted but plenty of room for us. Murphy bed / faux leather couch combo + dinette + bunk beds (luggage on top 2 dogs below like we wanted) and tub like I wanted so I can wash things out including the dogs. Input. We might have to settle for 4 x 2 depending on what we find. Year end clearance is just starting so we are hoping the selection grows. We are going to use our credit union broker to help; us find what we want once we are sure what we want. Input on choices appreciated. Christine
  23. After a short while of looking I am hoping to find a F-150 and trailer match or F-250. Ideally I'd go with 250 or 350 but we have to do monthly payments and this would not be a comfortable 60 months in order to do so. We have to think ahead to what if something happens to one of us and the other is left struggling or homeless. Yes, there are used out there but difficult to find reasonable prices for the mileage on them. But the fuel economy of the 150, if I could find a trailer comfortable for us (we do not want huge) would be ideal as we have at least another year of back and forth work travel and city living and when our trip ends will use the truck for same. As for no such thing as too big, yes there is because it affects what one pays at the pump. We want to travel more which means fuel economy is a large part of the picture, but I understand what you mean by your statement.
  24. What is DRV? MDT? HDT? And now I've forgotten SCREW because I forgot and didn't write it down and can't remember. Sorry, too new and heaven't learned the language.
  25. I found the answer to my question was to visit more trailer dealers. Some have almost exclusively the leather or leather-look and others have a balanced selection of cloth models available as well. It's a matter of keep looking until you find what you like, or order it in some cases.
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