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  1. The runner in front of my sofa moves every time I walk on it. Any ideas on keeping it in place? It's on carpet and the runner does have rubber backing. Thank you !!!
  2. M & M

    1990 Roadtrek

    Drove our 1990 to get gas 24 miles round trip. Arrived at our driveway and it wouldn't go into gear (none). Turned off, went back out and it drove fine. Decided to go to car wash and it wouldn't go into gear again. Any ideas as to problem? Automatic transmission was not slipping just stopped no forward & reverse. Thank you.
  3. Thank you for replying. I don't know but on another thread I posted I've been told any 20 yr old rv is prone to leak. :-( I guess this dream will have to go on the back burner. :-(
  4. Any common problems found in this RV ? Was looking at a Gulfstream Ulta and someone said they were prone to leaks, sure enough when we saw it one whole side had water stains on the ceiling. :-(
  5. We are looking at this unit with 2 slides, 50, 000 miles 24 foot. Can anyone share their experience with this brand? I've read that Gulfstream no longer builds class C"s, is that a concern? Any advice will be appreciated. Thank you!
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