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  1. More information... We are planning on about 5-6 Months. I suppose posting to a group of mostly Full timers may not get first time travelers for a group. For me... this is epic. For you all perhaps just another day in paradise.
  2. I guess I'm looking for others doing a major cross country trip this year. Could be 2 months, could be 10 months. Not full timers... people doing what they consider the "Epic Cross Country" as we do.
  3. My wife an are going to RV coast to coast this Summer. New England to Florida to California up and over. I would to put together a group\channel with others that are doing the same thing so we can all share where we are and what we are doing and learning as we travel. No rules, just RV, Coast to Coast (the big trip) and desire to share the journey. So I'm looking for ideas about how to get others to join in and suggestions on best venue. Thanks !
  4. Its starting to feel like "Redbox" is the best solution. Maybe I should have kept my 8 track player too.
  5. I may be wrong but dont you have to "stream" the entire movie to capture it.... kind of defeats the concept of grabbing a few shows and movies to watch on the road trip.
  6. Help ! We've been doing short run RV'ing for a year in hope of someday taking a year off to RV. We have a TV with all the right jacks but have never figured out how to download movies and TV's to my PC laptop to play on the TV without internet. All the big players (Amazon, Netflix, Hulu etc etc) have mechanisms to play movies offline on iphones, ipads and android devices .(none of which have HDMI outputs to go to TV). I'm not looking to get things for free. I dont want to use DVD's. I just dont want to have to watch movies on an ipad when we have a nice big TV at the foot of the be
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