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  1. mrchips

    HDT Jeep Hauler

    shoot me an email at bwickett1617@yahoo.com
  2. mrchips

    HDT Jeep Hauler

    Yes, it is back on the market
  3. Yes it is from RVH. I think I bought it about a year ago, not real sure. Jack probably knows. It has maybe 10K miles on it and is in perfect condition. Thanks for speaking up jack, appreciate it buddy. Brett
  4. Yes it will fit the 1621 , and the article listed by DesertMiner is the correct article.
  5. Straight Down Pinbox, this absolutely fits a DRV and may fit other fivers. You can see the pin box in the picture. Must be picked up in Bryan, TX $200
  6. Automated Safety hitch for sale. This is for the dolly and does NOT include the Comfort Ride hitch. The ASH has three new tires and a new battery and is ready to have your hitch mounted and get on down the highway. New these are a little over $15K and the guy that makes them is a PITA. $3500 This is located in Bryan, TX and must be picked up.
  7. You need 21' from back of cab to center of hitch for a 4 door. a two door is 22" less WB. Here is some advice, don't go down that road unless you have a minimum of 265" WB truck and then it is iffy. Yes, I do know what I am talking about. Been there done and doing that. Then take into account how long your trailer is, and what the pin weight is. Trust me, it makes a huge difference.
  8. mrchips

    DRV accident

    I can't at the moment as I have assured Leon I would not disclose details until the insurance is done with everything they need and he has said it is ok. I hope you understand. Believe me, I wish the pictures and facts were out.
  9. mrchips

    DRV accident

    1. No, the jaw did not fail per se. Both jaws are 100% in tact, both jaw pins are 100% in tact, following the accident, the handle was in the locked position and secured. But yes, the jaw failed in that it released the trailer. 2. It would be hard to dispute that Lippert (frame maker) as well as the Sidewinder contributed, but many other factors could have also contributed. I will say the only damage occurred on the frame or the Sidewinder was caused from hitting the pavement and truck and sliding, and the trailer was towed by the sidewinder and the frame to impound without incident. 3. you are 100% correct in that IF the exact hitch and exact same set up were rolling down the road there is a very good possibility the same would or could happen. However, with that being said, I doubt you will find the EXACT set up and I am referring to the hitch itself in this statement. Leon nor Anita have blamed anyone, any company or any product in this. They have turned off all comments on FB when it went south. The FB engineers and some on here have continually turned things into finger pointing, or what product is better than the other. That is the part that has angered me. Should I have jumped in, maybe not. But you will not find a single place I have slandered anyone or any product and I will not. I will do my best to squish ridiculousness and comments and opinions I know to be incorrect. I have always asked for the facts to be let heard and to let the insurance do what they need to do. To my knowledge Leon has pulled all pictures of the hitch and is awaiting further insurance instructions. We have pieced together what failed and the events that took place. We nor anyone will ever know all of the root causes. But I will go back to a statement I have made. if my hitch and Leon's hitch were laying side by side it would be very obvious what the differences are and how this most likely occurred. And we both have a CR 308 hitch. Torque caused his hitch to fail, given the same torque and conditions mine would not have suffered the same fate I am positive.
  10. mrchips

    DRV accident

    Well, I will apologize, I went back and re-read your post and I did read it incorrectly. So with that my apologies. Yes, the hitch failed, and yes there were a multitude of causes. But I assure, if you look at his 308 and my 308 side by side, you will easily know why it failed, regardless of the multitude of possible causes. I am just so tired of the finger pointing I read your post too fast, again I apologize. As for the Sir, that was a respect. I don't know you, nor do I know your name. I was raised with Sir and Ma'am as a respect. I spent 25 years in the military where respect is given until the need for revocation. If you wish disrespect instead I can probably manage that as well.....LOL
  11. mrchips

    DRV accident

    Thank you. Everyone needs to calm down, stop assuming they know what happened, stop blaming this part or that and be thankful we didn't lose an RVer and his family and no one else on the road was hurt.
  12. mrchips

    DRV accident

    I don't have to do all the analytical stuff. the main cause is very evident. The sub causes I am sure are many and no one will ever know. EVERY major accident is a result of many subsequent small issues with one root cause. Are the truck, pin box, traffic, driver, driver input and actions, brakes all sub-factors in this, absolutely. but I can say that one specific weakness allowed all of these sub-parts to cause the major incident. Why is it that everyone wants to blame? Why can't everyone just wait on the facts, if Leon decides to share and be thankful no one was hurt and no other damages occurred? I am not defending a single thing EXCEPT wrong assumptions and Leon and Anita.
  13. You will find this to be a 'good ole boys club'.  When they have their feet put to the dire they circle the wagons and lash out like rabid dogs.  The pack mentality takes over.

    Watch out for Phil, I've met him personally.  An OK guy until you get him on the warpath then all hell breaks loose.  LARGE font in RED.

    I don't have much to do with this bunch any more.  The one topic they never deal with at any of their Rally's is a vehicle precheck or post  trip check.  I offered to do one a few years ago and got stomped on.

    Have your radar on high gain and flamesuit ready.



    1. Darryl&Rita


      Roger, I don't know why, but this is showing up in the "Activity" section. 

    2. rdickinson


      No Idea, I as sending him a warning about getting Phil riled.

  14. mrchips

    DRV accident

    You would be wrong in your opinion and assumption Sir. Let the facts come out. But I can tell you for fact you are incorrect.
  15. mrchips

    HDT Jeep Hauler

    Thank you Sir, you have a fine looking rig also. Love the 730....lol But I'm a bit partial.
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