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  1. I’m looking for educated feedback on a problem I’m having with having my RV weight. While on our first snowbird trip to Florida, after a 6 weeks stay in a private RV Park, we prepared the RV to be EXACTLY as we would expect to normally travel. Being an Escapee member, we scheduled a stop at an Escapee Weigh station. Having personally weighed most everything that went into the RV (and making some allowances for the items I didn’t weigh) the number came very close to what I expected. My goal was to find out how much weight I had left for a planned solar upgrade.
  2. Bob, Thx for the info. If you don't mind me asking, what did they charge you for doing the installation work? Are you happy with the work they did? Professional and clean with grommets where the hoses go thru the bed? Thx, Chris
  3. Mind if I asked which tank you bought? And if you like it? Is it gravity fed or pump fed? Reading a lot of negative stuff on the gravity feds, but mostly from the pump fed manufacturers.
  4. So like others who are pulling an RV, I'd like to add an auxiliary diesel fuel tank to my 2016 Dodge Ram 3500 Laramie dually. I've identified a tank I'd like....and RDS from Northern Tool. But I'm having a difficult time finding a shop that will install it. Neither my local mechanic or dealership will take on the work. I've consulted with several friends in the area that are known to have made custom mods on their "toys" and got nothing regarding referrals. So since my salesman, who I got the truck from is a good friend, I asked him "Why am I having such a hard time?". He said there are
  5. I just had a close friend go thru more than a week at DRV in Indiana trying to get a slide fixed. It took more than a week to get things fixed. This after he had another problem with a another slide a few months prior that was corrected more quickly.....by the dealer I believe. As such, my post was an inquiry only re: others experiences.
  6. We're not too far away from starting a journey that is over 2 years in the planning by purchasing a 1 ton truck and a 5er to begin our travels. Obviously quality is important to me,as it is with most. One of my favorites is the Grand Design Solitude line. About a month ago I inquired to Grand Design re: their suppliers of critical parts in the construction of their Solitude RVs. Specifically, I was interested in their frames, axles, suspension, leveling systems and slide mechanisms. They informed me that all were provided by Lippert. I reached out to Lippert asking about their sources an
  7. Thanks for the feedback. Sounds like Bob Livingston is something worth checking out. And I did find a number of videos on YouTube, specifically RV101.tv, but there are a lot more out there.
  8. I'm doing my research for buying an RV (5er's) and truck in anticipation of hitting the road. However, I'd like to understand how to do basic RV repairs and RV maintenance since I will be spending a lot of time in my RV and will likely doing a lot of boondocking. Can anyone recommend any training courses that they themselves have attended, or have closer personal friends or acquaintances that have been thru the training? If in-person classroom is required, duration and location shouldn't be a problem since I will be retired and can travel to where they are offered. Any help would be apprec
  9. I haven't glanced at the HDT section, but the idea is intriguing. That said, I think that would be a big jump for me.......but it's still an interesting option. Thx for the comments.
  10. Thx for the info. The config you have is what I am giving serious consideration to when the time comes. Most of the guys are saying that it's the length and not the width. But when I graduate to the RV lifestyle, I will be moving from a long history with small to mid-sized cars......so I think the width will take some time getting used to as well.
  11. Thx for the info and link
  12. Thx N TX Dave. Alaska is my dream trip. I've already laid out where I want to go and things I want to see. I'll bet you have some memories that will last a lifetime from that trip. Thanks again for the insight re: your experiences. Chris
  13. Greg, The dually would give me more flexibility than the SRW. Adding a toolbox was something I wanted to do. I was playing around with weight distribution and was considering a cargo carrier on the hitch to move weight off the pin. With a dually, I don't have to worry about that. Thx, Chris
  14. Good idea on the 3-point parking. And I hadn't thought about the extra fuel tank with the added capacity of the dually. I need to add that to the list. Thx, Chris
  15. Thanks for all the input, guidance and advice. This was the right place to come for feedback as I was struggling doing what my heart wanted, but my head was telling me otherwise. I’m not fond of duallies. But given what I WANT to do and how I will be using it 95% of the time, your comments are validating that I need to use my brain when it comes to important matters of safety and confidence when moving move than 20K of total weight down the road. After all, it’s not only my safety but the people around me on the road too. Thanks again. Keep the feedback coming, if there are any others.
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