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  1. Hello, I'm a new person here, but I can tell I'm going to be on this site often. I recently bought a Fleetwood RV and I am loving it. I'm trying to get all the gas appliances going. So far I have the hot water working. Next I'm trying to get the furnace going. I have a Suburban mercury thermostat. I try switching it on or off (who knows which is which?), but nothing happens. I looked online for solutions, and I have a manual for it (says it's for NT-25K, NT-30K, or NT-35K). There it gives instructions for operating a manual valve. Only problem is Where do I access that valve? I look outside and I see vent holes that say Suburban, but no access panel. On the inside, there is some space under the closet where I believe the furnace is, but only a vent, and no apparent doors, or access holes. Could someone throw me a bone? How to I access this manual valve? Thanks in Advance! Casey aka Harmono
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