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  1. Thanks for the info, I already have an insurance agent that got me coverage on the truck in Florida and she said they don't care how it's registered they're going to insure it as a motorhome, but if I can't register it at all in Florida doesn't really matter. So far with everything we have found out we are leaning toward going with SD for everything including address, license and registration and using a Florida address just for work. That appears to be the easiest and safest path.
  2. If there’s already a string on this subject and you can provide me with the link that would be great, I couldn’t find anything with a search. I’m interested in hearing from anybody who has legally registered their HDT in Florida as a private truck. If so can I ask where you registered it? How hard was it to insure? Who did you insure it with? Are you covered to drive it bobtail? We already have our SD domicile set-up, but because I’m going to continue to work and my office is in Florida my company doesn’t want to deal with the SD address, so I’d like to research using Flor
  3. We just sold our house of 33 years and pretty much everything in it this past July in preparation of our move into a 5th wheel spring 2019. What remains is several boxes in a 5"x5' storage unit (Not counting our cloths and some tools) and if they had one 2'x3' unit that would have been more then enough space. The term that both my wife and I agree best describes the feeling is "Liberating". It was difficult to let go of some things but the thought of all our upcoming new adventures outweighs giving something up. Besides I don't need more stuff, I need more time and that's something I can't con
  4. Kirk I will definitely look into that and get more information when we are visiting Livingston next month on a planned road trip. I'm already a Escapees member and was actually considering going to the RVers Boot Camp in Georgia April 2019. Thanks for the advice Kevin
  5. Hello to everybody, Kevin & Donette here, so I think we may qualify for the Class of 2019. Here's our story and we're sticking to it, until it changes. We camped when the kids were young (Popup, Travel Trailer) and have dreamed of the fulltime RV lifestyle since shortly after getting married (30 Years next month), and now we are close to realizing that dream. We are presently homeless having closed on the sale of our house July 20th, just another step in the process. Donette for the 2nd time retire 8/21 and I will most likely continue to work for another 1 to 3 years. I work
  6. Yes I agree, my DW drives the Smart all the time and has it set at 60 so I don't bother changing it when I drive it. So I think I'll try and change her thinking with that. I think that's a good idea and "Dennis M" stated the same thing. I actually like to use the Auto setting for the air conditioner and set the temp at say 70 so I'm also going to try that. Unfortunately I don't have the problem driving around town or on short trips this just happen on the longer trip but I think I'll change the settings for all driving. Thanks Kevin
  7. Thanks for all the feedback, so this is what the dealer did and said. First they said they couldn't find anything wrong but they did add Freon and/or re-charged the AC system. They then stated that if your running the car for an extended period of time at the same speed that the AC system will shut down or slow down to conserve fuel and to not allow the engine to over heat. So I don't know how knowledgeable they were at this dealership about Smarts but the evaporator icing up seems to make a lot more sense to me. I will say we set the temp to its coldest spot and run the fan on high to get sta
  8. Thanks much guys, I'm not very "Smart" (Pun Intended) when it comes to automobiles but that makes sense and I'm going to take that information to the dealer with me. If that was the cause then being that I was in Florida and it was hot I should have pulled over for 5 minutes and that probably would have been enough time for the ice to melt. Would have been a good experiment. I'll respond with the outcome later today. Thanks Again Kevin
  9. I’m posting this here because I figured this is the location with the most Smart car owners. I had to take my first longer trip with our Smart (2016 Smart) last night covering 265 miles with a 2 hour break in the middle. After traveling for about 80 miles on the first leg the interior of the car was getting warming and I noticed that there was very little air flow out of the air conditioning vents and about 10-20 miles later there was for the most part no air flow. If I played with the fan setting and turned it to high it sounded louder and if it was blowing air but nothing coming out of the v
  10. Thanks to everybody, Thanks Jack, I had already watch the video. My main concern was that I was a little worried that it was unique to our prime and thinking it might need to get into the shop for service. It seems to be a normal thing with the Smarts so I'm ok with that, just need to get use to it. Thanks again to all
  11. Ok, it's an automative so there's no manual clutch it that's what your talking about. Basically with most cars when you take your foot off the brake the car will start moving right away without depressing the gas. The smart when you take your foot off the brake there's a 1-2 second delay before it will start moving forward with out depressing the gas. Also if you do depress the gas right away it isn't the smoothest acceleration, it almost feels like it's just not getting enough gas.
  12. I know this is the HDT forum but I also figured a lot of people here own Smarts. We bought a Smart Prime (2016) on the way home from the ECR and until this past week I had not really driven it. After driving it this past week I noticed a pretty good delay or hesitation from a dead stop so I was just wondering if this is normal or something I need to have looked at. I'm sure it's something I could get used to and it doesn't appear to be as bad when I control the shifting but never owning a Smart before it was definitly something I'm not used to.
  13. I’m a definite for that class, no truck yet but hopefully in the future. Most likely not going to make the National but already scheduled for next years ECR.
  14. ktlobb11

    2017 Smart Brabus

    Rick Very nice, we picked up a 2016 Prime in Jacksonville on the way home from the ECR. I notice you have the center arm rest, I'll assume you ordered it that way, do you know if you can add it after the fact? Thanks
  15. ktlobb11

    Jack's new truck

    Nice, really like the new bed, the truck looks awful nice also.
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