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  1. HeavyDuty, I am interested in purchasing the 2005 Volvo 670 which you sold to Ken a few months ago. I have several questions regarding repairs and maintenance which I would like to discuss with you. Please email me at billrisdon@gmail.com and we can "chat" from there. Thanks DWR
  2. You guys are way tooooooooo much. If we ever get together, I'll buy the Dr Pepper (if it's still being made). I'm certainly glad that I, someone with no knowledge, could bring together a significant group of chaps with incredible knowledge, to have them create eighteen posts with semi-related, but distinctly original ideas. You all are my heroes. DWR
  3. Thanks for the discussion. The information I included in the original post is directly off the tag. I wanted to post the tag itself, but the file is over the 500k mark. The unit is a 2005 Volvo 670. DWR Update: Here is the tag which identifies two axles:
  4. OK, folks. . . . . . . . It's help the newbie time. I am pouring over the not too distant purchase of either an MDT or an HDT. As you are aware, the numbers: axle weight front and back, pin weight capability, trailer specs, engine output, etc. etc. etc. can be/are be overwhelming. The tag from inside the door jam of one of the models I am considering identifies the following information: Gross Axle Weight Rating: Front 12,350 lbs Rear 19,000 lbs Gross Vehicle Weight Rating: 50,350 lbs My question is this: Since these were the numbers assigned to the vehicle at date of manufacture; and since the rear axles have gone from two to one (singled long in this particular case) wouldn't the GVWR and rear axle numbers have changed significantly? If the answer is "yes," then how would I determine the true numbers? If the answer is "no," then please explain in Newbie terms why not. Thanks DWR Here's the actual tag:
  5. Don Risdon

    Crew Chiefs

    I stumbled across a Crew Chief MDT on the internet. I understand this is a conversion shop out of Canada. Does anyone have experience with their product quality?
  6. A shout out of appreciation to all who "chimed in" with their particular flavor of advice. A special "thank you" to Kirk for your warm welcome. We look forward to, as of yet, untold sage discussions and tons of great experiences with our fellow ESCAPEES. Just in passing, should anyone know of or become aware of an MDT (2001-2005 Freight Liner) and/or a 36'ish DRV (2011-2013) that might be coming up on the market around year end, please feel free to refer them to us. Email (billrisdon@gmail.com) Best Bill/Dianne Risdon Warner Springs, CA
  7. My wife and I are roughly six months away from full timing. We have settled on a fifth wheel (DRV) as our next "home." Size appears to be important when looking at entry into national/state parks. We are considering a 36'/37' unit but understand that even that can be too large in some situations. For those of you who travel "the parks" frequently, what feed-back can you provide. Thxs, B&D.
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