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  1. Howdy everyone, I'm pretty young and make a meager living on writing and other odd jobs. I live in a fifth wheel but I'm working on finding more work that pays higher to take on so that I can start moving around more often. That's the point of a mobile home, right? I found this link that has a few park hosting jobs etc. >>> http://www.coolworks.com/jobs-with-rv-spaces My question is, do any of y'all have any other resources you can share with me for finding work on the road, traveling job listings, tricks of the trade, etc? I'm too young to retire, and I know that's how a good part of the RVing community is able to travel the way they are. But there's also a ton of nomads out there working from the comfort of their home on wheels and I'm hoping y'all can share your knowledge! Cheers & Thanks in advance! B
  2. Thank you everyone for all of your wonderful responses!! Our internet was out over the weekend here at the park and it finally popped back on! This is extremely helpful information. I've heard of full time bloggers and the same techniques applied to their blogs as a source of income, but you're right, this is very time consuming and the content has to be exceptional. I'm 25 years old, I've never had a career job so to speak but my significant other travels for their job, relocating once or twice a year, and if I could bring in an equal amount with my writing we've discussed just traveling full time for a year or so with the fifth wheel. My entire client base was found online through a freelancing website, I'm not quite sure how I could go about finding those sorts of jobs any other way. However, I think the idea here is to gather a core group of clients that continually need my writing at a decent pay, and once I have that stable source of income, we make the shift to traveling. I found all of my freelancing jobs through a site called UpWork.com they have listings for content writing, web design, graphic design, transcription, etc. Go check it out! This is so helpful to have it put into actual terms. You're right, the more you move around the more costly it'll get. All of the parks we've ever lived in it cost us about $650-$700 for the month, electricity not included. What part of the country are you generally in? I'm usually in the South West. So, do you think a $20,000/year income is livable for two people, as far as all expenses like food, park fees, gas, insurance- at the rate of moving say once a month?
  3. I've been contemplating making the shift to full time RVing, however, I'm concerned about the budget of constant travel and if I can afford it. I came across this article (https://www.roverpass.com/blog/full-time-rving-resources-tips/?utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook&utm_campaign=blog+content) that has some good information about going full time. But I'm wondering if there are any full time freelance writers who are traveling full time and how much you're bringing in monthly if you don't mind sharing! Thanks! B
  4. Hahahaha thanks for tips. Sounds like my budget and time wouldn't really agree with this. I guess I could always buy one and tell everyone how much I slaved away on it...
  5. Has anyone done a cool conversion like these? https://www.roverpass.com/blog/10-rv-conversion-and-restoration-ideas How much time and money does something like this take?
  6. I definitely agree it's an up and coming town. The port is very much the economic base, no disagreement there. I guess my point was that the city proper itself lacks some of the charm of other Texas cities, but I think it makes up for it with some great coastal areas. For me, the undeveloped and largely empty space of Padre/Mustang is the real charm of the area. Its a great spot for bird watching, fishing, and seafood.
  7. I'd definitely consider Mustang Island/North Padre Island which is Padre National seashore. You aren't missing anything in Corpus, even though the beaches are nice. The town is not much more than the military base and Texas A&M Corpus. Might as well just get away from it all and enjoy the peace and quiet of North Padre.
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