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  1. Is the 303 hard to put on? Both my shoulder are bad, I wonder about applying it since it sounds like the same procedure as applying wax?
  2. The rubber flaps on my slide out sound terrible when moving. Also the rubber flaps tend curl under in some places. Has anyone else had this issue? How did you deal with it? I have no water leakage that I am aware of. Thanks ahead of time!
  3. Heading to the Escapade in Vermont. New to full time RVing, this will be my first experience towing my 28ft Artic Fox trailer. I noticed in the email that was sent out that we should bring with us a sewer extension. Would like to purchase one that is the easiest to use, clean and hopefully no leaking. Any suggestions??? Thank you!
  4. Just ordered 3 eva-dry 500 units. I think they will be perfect! Thanks everyone!!
  5. GREAT! I will wait to see what is available. I've been researching prices do I will be ready. Thank you, hope to meet you their!
  6. My travel trailer is 28 ft long, so I believe you think I should have one in front and one in back?
  7. I new to full time RVing, new to Escapees and loving it! I signed up for Boot camp and will be at the Escapade. I'm finding that there are gadgets that make RVing easier and safer. I would love to buy a TireMinder, etc. Will there be any kind of vendors at the Escapade?? If yes are their prices less than on line? Thank you, any information would help.
  8. What works best? I have damp-rid in closets, but a friend suggested I buy a small dehumidifier. Any suggestions? I just started full time RVing. Thank you for any idea's!
  9. If I have both of my sliders in I'm unable to get to the rear if my trailer, or I would bring them in. I considered bringing in the biggest slider but am concerned about moving it with sub zero wind chill. That can't be good for it. Thinking about throwing a tarp over before snow then pull off after. Next year I will be in southern Texas! Can't wait!
  10. I wanted to avoid going up on the roof as well. I had thought about a push broom head on a telescoping pole, but the squeegy would be lighter. Thanks!
  11. I'm new to full time RVing, and find myself wintering in Indiana. I have 2 sliders on my travel trailer, without the toppers. What seems to be best to use for snow removal off of the top of sliders?? I'm afraid of damaging them, thought of maybe a push broom? How often do you remove snow? As soon as it falls? Any ideas would be appreciated!
  12. Okay thanks! This info is great, experience is the best teacher. Thank you, everyone!
  13. Should I go with 1/2" or 5/8"?? Any brand better? Should I use a inline filter? Which brand? Should I use a pressure regulator also? I will be full timing soon, and a newbie!
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