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  1. 2008 Volvo 730 with 715K miles. It is titled as a motorhome, so no special licence is required. Ishift 12 speed auto transmission. Has been singled at 230". It has a Volvo D16 with 321 gears. It gets between 8.5-9.5 mpg towing and around 13 mpg bobtail. We had a custom kayak rack built off of the exhaust stacks (kayaks not included). It has a modular bed designed for carrying a smart car or a side by side. The one off hitch was designed and built by Britt Mansell and has been absolutely flawless. See how it was built http://www.followmybuild.com/bmzero/Volvo-730-HDT-RV-Hauler We have decided to make a home base at an RV park in central Florida and sell the Volvo. Fresh oil change and annual PM was done last week at the Volvo dealership, no fault codes, given a clean bill of health! The truck is an excellant runner $43,000 2014 smart car is available (25K miles) $5,000 Please call for more information 585-749-4210 Thanks, Mike
  2. Yes, still available. Any questions, give me a call 585-749-4210. Thanks!
  3. We purchased this RV hauler from Britt almost three years ago. The truck has been a great hauler, ten to twelve hours at a time behind the wheel was no problem. We once traveled 1000 miles in one day for a funeral we needed to attend. We have enjoyed living in our Mobile Suites and our truck, but we have decided to purchase a park model and settle in central Florida and downsize to a small class C. The truck is as Britt has posted with some minor additions and 20K more miles. All service since purchase has been done at Volvo dealers. I am looking to get 75K for the truck only. Please call or text for more information, 585-749-4210 See our add in RV trader in the link below. https://www.rvtrader.com/listing/2016-DRV-MOBILE+SUITES+38+RSSA-5008445702
  4. Thanks Carl, I have a call into Kim.
  5. Carl, due to the in-laws declining health, I will need to cancel our reservation. Please let me know how to proceed. Thanks, Mike
  6. Congrats on the new ride, We purchased our 730 in November and still can't stop smiling when towing! Safe travels, Mike
  7. Today I received my Florida Title with the actual mileage on it. It was a six week ordeal, but it is now over and my new to me HDT "Willy Mammoth" is on the road now. Thanks to Brit (bmzero) for all your help with the DMV. Really looking forward to the new adventure. Mike
  8. Thanks for all the replies. Rondo and Wrknrvr- I may have confused the issue. The mileage is correct on the odometer and I had it verified by LEO, however the title shows mileage as EXEMPT, and that is the issue. Chad- Thanks for the education. I was aware of some of these issues however I thought if I had all the documentation they would register it. I am very close except for the EXEMPT on the title for mileage. I really don't want to change my domicile to another state. I will have to weigh that option after the previous owner tries to change the title to show the true mileage. Thanks, Mike
  9. I have recently purchased an HDTV registered in Alabama as a MH. The title states mileage is exempt and Florida dmv says it is not a valid title. They say the previous owner must have it retitled showing true mileage. I have a statement from a local Leo verifying the true mileage. Do you think the previous owner can change the title? Is there any other options instead of putting the previous owner through all this? Thanks in advance for any help. Mike
  10. we have the site next to ran & Jo reserved for you. Looking forward to getting together!
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