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    M2 losing air

    We have an IH 4700LP we bought from an SKP that owned a lot in Jojoba Hills. He was suffering from respiratory issues and when we met him, he was on a concentrator 100% of the time. They were selling everything as his health no longer allowed for the lifestyle. We saw in the Escapee magazine some time later that he had passed away. We are focused on continuing his/their dream. He sold us a good truck at a fair price and we think of him often. Unfortunately we did not get to know him/them well. But we shared a passion and we ARE 50-somethings, well my DW just turned 60, but we're plannin
  2. It sounded to me as though the hydraulic shop replaced the cylinder rod with a steel rod, thereby eliminating the aluminum rod that was the Lippert OEM part. Most hydraulic shops can do that. An aluminum rod would likely be a special as typical hydraulic cylinders use steel rods. Congrats on the savings and getting the job done. And for teaching us all something new.
  3. I think you are confusing treatment with a liquid membrane product. 303 Protectant is a good treatment to keep a good roof in good condition. But an EPDM roof that is 23 years old isnt likely in its usable stage of life. The coatings you list are acceptable, but Liquid Roof IS a catalyzed product. I've used it many times and it works well for the job its designed for. Of course, as you stated, cleaning is VERY important and necessary. I have found that putting (Eternabond on BEFORE the coating is a bad idea. The shiny surface tends to not adhere so well to any liquid membrane. Best to
  4. I offer you this. http://www.rvnetwork.com/index.php?showtopic=121899 With a very reasonable weight, it can be towed with a SRW 350/3500 but a DRW is better. It is in great condition, has not been full timed in and has many adders to the OEM list of features. DRV makes good coaches and this is a nice one. We bought it to do what you are planning but things have changed and it is for sale. I wish you the best in your pursuit, it is a fun experience if you let it be. Enjoy the journey, the destination will all the more sweet.
  5. May I suggest getting some plugs for the hyd lines, so that when you disconnect them, you can install the plugs temporarily. Once the new cylinder is in place, then remove the plug and install each line, one at a time. The described bleeding process described here is appropriate for a dual acting system. Note that the Lippert Level Up is indeed using aluminum cylinders, more prone to damage as you have incurred. I see not reason why you couldnt find a steel or stainless steel cylinder with the same physical dimensions to replace the one that you bent. That would depend though on if you
  6. There are Lemon Law options BUT you must be proactive in getting the dealer and manufacturer to participate in correcting the problem. I really agree with your relunctance to resort to attorneys. They will benefit but likely no one else will. What about a consumer advocate? Perhaps there are some for the RV industry.
  7. The trailer was purchase with the expectation that it would be like each of the other new trailers that was sold by that dealer. It is not unreasonable to expect that you shouldnt have to take YOUR time to return it to the manufacturer for them to correct what should have been done correctly the first time. That being said, mistakes do happen and the product should be exchanged for one that is satisfactory. If it was Home Depot, Lowes or Walmart, I bet there wouldnt be a discussion or any effort to cause you to take a bunch of pictures to prove that you have an unsatisfactory product. You
  8. Is the motorhome perhaps overloaded in the rear, causing too little weight on the front end. This would make the steering less effective and seem like there is a mechanical issue. All the other suggestions are right on also. It really will take finding the cause before being able to understand what will correct it.
  9. I learned a while back that WD-40 is an acronym for W-water D-displacer 40-40th formula. It isnt a lubricant nor a rust dissolver nor anything else other than what it is called. Amazing how advertising works. Kroil is the best stuff ever for mechanical work. You will find it on almost every industrial site where mechanical work is being done. WD-40-Ah, not so much, but I guess it better than nothing at all.
  10. Highway Products makes excellent and quality stuff!! I just wish I could afford it all. But its true that you get what you pay for.
  11. I had a National Dolphin that went into the shop due to the same type of issue, although it was on a Ford chassis. The shop that was diagnosing it got lost as it would occur randomly but the engine didnt always shut off. He even connected his laptop to see what the ECM was doing. It was determined that the ECM needed to be repaired. So, $1000 later, a rebuilt and flashed ECM and the exact same problem continued. I picked up the coach after he gave up. Got it home, parked it till later that day, and it wouldnt even start, no click, no nothing. I called the guy and he came out with some t
  12. I am a contractor working in fabrication and welding. Understanding the stresses added to the 5th wheel when using a GN adapter, I would never do it. The fronts of those trailers arent designed for that stress. Just compare them to a gooseneck trailer, check out those big gussets in the front that reduce those stresses. They are there because they are needed and they work.
  13. I think that New Fords come with the pucks installed into the bed to accomodate the Reese 5th wheel hitch. There are plenty used ones available for a really good price if you look and are patient. That being said if you want the ability to tow with the 5th wheel hitch and the gooseneck, Reese makes the GN plate that attaches the same way as the 5th hitch. I like the Reese Elite/Signature hitch and have been towing with it for a while. Leaves my bed clear with not towing.
  14. Not sure if a commercial style roll up door like what is used in warehouses would meet your needs but they can be pretty cost EFFECTIVE. Try Overhead Door, Porvene or Janus. Might have to buy through a dealer but these are what is most often used in those applications. I work in those environments so I have seen them. I also know that an 8'X8' can be had for around $350 new. CL might have NOS or overstock doors that can be bought for ~$100-$150 depending on size. Be careful to consider the barrel size when the door is completely open. This is assuming that the barrel would be in
  15. What about solar?? 20W panel with its own charge controller is pretty reasonably priced. I use one for my construction equipment that have batteries, just move it piece by piece and as they discharge when not used, its free, safe and dont need to think much about it. I am thinking about adding one to my MDT. Its on the list, just havent gotten down to it yet.
  16. What about inviting the MDT folks. Not much happening for us out in MDT land.
  17. A trick that flooring installers use for wood subfloor that has been affected by water or urine, is to paint it all with Kilz Original. It will seal the surface so that further exposure wont affect it as much AND it seals any smells esp from urine, from infiltrating the living space. It is good to treat the subfloor with an enzime to treat any urine before sealing it, that way it wont offgas through the underside.
  18. I guess with that experience, I would ask myself if the $ I hav spent in repairs is what was needed and so now, if I sell the trailer, will someone be getting a good trailer that has had the necessary repairs done by someone else and will have a trouble free future. Of course, this assumes that the repairs took care of any chronic issues rather than just repairing some things and some chronic issues exist. Using "rolling earthquakes" has its expected maintenance issues which are inherent to their use. Like tires, they are necessary, and if the trailer was used for only vacations, perhaps
  19. Beautiful and well maintained 36RESB, this 3-slide coach was replaced by the Tradition but is better built. DRV 3.25" walls, rear entertainment, Winegard Trav'ler, Michelin XPS tires, surround sound, Onan propane genset >50 hrs, upgraded shelves in storage areas, 4@ 6V AGM batteries, new 4 stage converter, kept under cover when not used by vacation users. Located just north of Jojoba Hills near Temecula, CA. Delivery can be worked out if needed. Send email for pics Lowered price!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! $39,500 Some one will get a GREAT deal on this coach.
  20. It doesnt seem to me like it takes long to build pressure(less than 5 minutes from 0-120), but it is my first experience with this. Although, it does lose air completely in 1 day. Not sure if that is typical, but that is the condition I have. I like the pressure gage idea, although I have one on the dash.
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