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  1. Ah, Benson, love that place.  I built a casita for my parents there when they owned a lot.  We (my kids & I) enjoyed that experience.  Only been back once.

    Nice bike, wish I had time in my life for something like that.  I had an '04 RK Classic  Smoked Gold over black.  Rineharts, remapped, lots of chrome(boy can you get lost in that experience), beachbars, etc.  Fun, in fact when my parents moved from Benson, they went to Chino Valley, and we took bike there to ride the area, fun.

  2. 2 hours ago, Jaydrvr said:

    We really lucked out on the Newmar. It seems to be a typical retirement owned unit, by  someone who couldn't use it.

    We bought ours from a woman who's husband had passed away.  It typically was kept in Congress at SKP park.  They bought it new and picked it up at the factory.  They towed it with an F550, not my personal choice although it did have a service bed.  I am using an IH 4700 with a Stalick bed for now, but its for sale.

    I am looking forward to the remodel but have to get through these working years first.  Doing lots of money management work and paying off mortgages(we have rentals).  Almost there.

  3. Nicely done Jaydrvr.  I have an '04 KA 38BSLE that I bought and am planning of remodeling.  The exterior paint has lots of scratches and defects, plus a few body damaged areas that need attention.  The interior is decent just needs a bit of updating, blinds, flooring etc.  

    I appreciate what you chose to do esp since you intend on keeping it!

    I recently got quoted to paint my current rig(in my signature) and was told about $10K for trailer and $9K for the truck, in single stage 1 color with NO color change.  Seems typical pricing for the work needed based on your experience as well.

  4. On 1/8/2021 at 7:30 PM, mr. cob said:

    you have probably heard rumors of my inability to drive 55mph

    Given what you have shared here your health issues specifically your leg function, it may be time to "teach" yourself  to slow down and leave more room for reacting in traffic events.  Since your legs arent moving as well as they used to, leaving a bit more room might be welcome to those around you on the road.

    Seems as we get older, we all have to realize that we "just arent as young and nimble as we used to be".  I certainly discover that every day I go to work and my mind tells me to do some things I have done a thousand times, but my body vetos that thought, most every time.

    Enjoy the journey. 

  5. 15 hours ago, sandsys said:

    That might affect your fuel mileage.

    When someone's 1st question about my MDT for sale is:  "What is the fuel economy when towing?"  I know they are not prepared for this journey.  If that is your early considerations, then go do more learning.  I have no idea what my MPG is, I bought the truck because it was the right truck for the job and MPG is not as important as safety, mine and those on the road around me.  I still remember in Driver's Training, the instructor taught we are responsible for 5 vehicles when we are driving.  That has stuck with me all these years, and I learned to drive in 1974.

  6. 16 minutes ago, NDBirdman said:

    just how can I sell them without the gubermint raping me on taxes?

    Good luck with that one.  Gains are income, at least according to IRS codes, and as such are regarded as income and thus taxed accordingly.  That being said, if that was the end of the journey, that would be OK for me, BUT, then you may have to pay estimated taxes because your income in this year would be seen as higher than typical and the IRS may want their $$ up front for future earnings at that level(which they now have figured will be similar to what is reported on those earnings, you know it may be a once in a decade or lifetime experience, but the IRS doesnt provide latitude like that).  So pay the estimated tax next year and then file the following year to retrieve your overpayments.  

    What a racket!!

  7. 9 minutes ago, GlennWest said:

    I really like welding cable. I am spoiled by it. But clamping it in a receptacle doesn't work well. Needs lugs.  

    Yes, as a welder, I like working with cable too, but as an equipment installer that does the electrical too, its not practical nor cost effective.  If you were going to be building a battery bank, I would encourage you to wire it with welding cable, but if you are running a long run in conduit, use THHN.  Still stranded and workable AND rated for that use.  Since it will likely be worked with once, then the extra cost is not worth it, at least not in my world.

  8. I have bought those size wires in specific lengths for jobs.  Also have bought welding cable(totally different animal and priced accordingly but may be easier to work with in conduit) in specific lengths, at much cheaper than the local welding supply house, sometimes as much as 50% less per foot and many times free shipping.

  9. https://photos.app.goo.gl/ki22sLYGvaXgapTF6632677548_Teton_IHrigSmall.jpg.ad5925cefa0f5165d70296bdb19f07bf.jpg

    Not using it and someone could, I am sure.  It is located 20 minutes north of Jojoba Hills, is So California.  170K+ miles.  Registered in South Dakota.  Nice truck but have another to tow the Teton.  Link has additional pictures.  Batteries replaced this year and I use a 50W solar panel to keep them exercised.   22.5" Alcoas, radiator replaced in 2018 on the way back from National HDT rally, headliner redone in 2018 also.  Air seats, air rear, TS hitch, typical Stalick set up.  I removed the vinyl decals as they were peeling and looked bad.

    Can email me at rpsinnovativesolutions@gmail.com or through forum.

  10. 3 hours ago, jc2 said:

    Does "anyone" really think that normalcy,as most know it, will miraculously begin at an event of this magnitude in just a few short weeks? 

    My opinion only, but normalcy of what we used to know is likely done for quite some time.  Seems the experts are now saying mid 2023.  If we consider the challenges being faced with getting the populace vaccinated, and the expectation that 60-80% need to have received a vaccine/s for the potential of normalcy(herd immunity?), and then add to the effects of what has happened after 4th of July, Thanksgiving, and now this month the effects of Xmas and New Years gatherings, it will be an interesting phenomenom over the next 30-45 days.  

    I sadly am not looking forward to what is to come soon.

  11. Sounds like you are taking all the logical steps in the troubleshooting path.  Keep going, you will find it.  

    Nothing more disappointing than paying a shop hourly to discover something simple that may have been overlooked.

    I took my CC DRW to a shop for some wiring repair due to a hungry rabbit.  They charged me hourly to do that and get the AC back to working condition and resolve some check engine codes.  Due to things in life, I didnt drive the truck for a few months after bringing it home, but when I did, well it was closer to summer and HOT.  No AC.  Figuring that they wouldnt warranty the work this long past repair, took to a different shop, that specializes in AC repair.  They found the issue and then serviced the AC, now it works great.  Turns out a couple of the wires the 1st repaired were not done properly and so no connection.  They redid the repairs due to that and another few hundred $s spent.   Stinkin' rabbit!!

    Next time I will check it myself.  Seems good work is less than common these days.  I just was real busy at that time and relied on others to know and do the job.


    FYI- Honda markets an electrical tape with some capcacin in it.  Its the stuff that makes chili peppers hot.  Well, rabbits and rodents dont like the stuff.  I now have 3 rolls on hand.  I own 4 trucks and 2 cars + 5 trailers and ALL OF THEM have wiring.

  12. 1 hour ago, GlennWest said:

    Please explain wire in wrong spot. Concerning changing batteries, I have put thousands of miles on truck since that. And I checked and nothing loose or bad yesterday. Ir is raining today so can't work on it.



    IF a wire was inadvertently caught behind a battery and through "thousands of miles" got pinched by a battery's vibration, it could cause a short.  A good flashlight and some patient inspection might be what is called for.

  13. I had also checked my wires and switch function with a continuity test and all was good, so those switches were working correctly, just not communicating to the control panel due to wired in the wrong spot.

  14. 8 minutes ago, GlennWest said:

    did that yesterday. If I get code for sensor my thinking is if one failed others will sooner than later. Not a lot of money. Those 3 speed sensors less than a 100.00. 

    But IF your issue is a wire, then the sensors will be an expense not necessary, which may explain why your problem appeared suddenly.  And then AFTER the sensors are changed, the problem may not have gone away and it will continue.  I learned along time ago during some good troubleshooting training by the company I worked for at the time(making Charmin & Bounty), to work from the last known change.  If your battery change was the last known change, eliminate all possibillities related to that first.

    Yesterday I was working on a job that includes demo, concrete, fabrication, equipment installation and electrical wiring to have equipment operate hydraulically, so power from a control panel with interlocks.  One of the devices has 2 limit switches that are low voltage and are wired to a terminal strip in a control panel.  The panel is mounted at about 78" off the floor.  I'm 5'10".  My line of sight to wire the panel was looking upwards and as a result things werent working right and I had to follow my own advise as to what was the last change.  Well, I wired the panel up.  Come to discover that I inadvertently wired the common for those 2 LSs to the wrong terminal.  Once I got a ladder and was eye level to the panel, I discovered that the common was in the wrong place, causing nothing to work.  After moving the common, everything worked as it should.  Such a small thing affected the functionality of the whole system.  It cost me 2 hours of troubleshooting to figure this one out, and I have been doing this kind of work for quite some time.  And your dead short(which is likely what is causing your fuse to blow instantly) might be tough one to find but shouldnt cost $100 in parts.  

  15. Sorry to hear about your plight.  Hope things work out well.  My father had leukemia and was able to find a chemo that worked for him.  He was able to reach remission for a couple years, then I lost him to another issue.

    Love your truck, hope you are able to get that sold soon to lessen the things on your plate.  I can only imagine the change you are feeling.  

  16. Also consider that the dimensions noted in postings above done consider wall thicknesses.  I.E.  a 1X4 tube can come in various thicknesses of walls, which will affect its capacity considerably.  And also in C-channels- all are listed in height and weight, rather than in flange size.  I.E.  12" X 20.7# is a hearty channel, not for your project but for one I am working on right now.  This same 12" channel is also available 25#, & 30# meaning weight per lineal foot of channel.

    So sometimes using combinations of sizes and wall thicknesses, you can arrive at a solution that might not have been considered before.

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