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  1. My husband and I are both 'young' (under 40) and we have a PPO through Premera. We have stayed in Oregon since we started full-timing and haven't had to use it. But I know that we are covered here, and pretty much anywhere.
  2. Hello All- As an update my husband and I were able to get WA drivers licenses and establish domicile in WA without a problem. We officially changed our address with USPS, magazines, bills, etc. about a month before we moved to ensure that we had mail delivered to my parents address in Spokane. When we went to get our drivers license we were prepared with bills that had our names and the Spokane address listed, but never needed them. We simply said we had moved to Spokane and where out of the licensing office in 30 minutes with new temporary ID's (they mail the plastic ones to the address o
  3. Hello, I am a little confused about income tax in Washington state. I know that there isn't an income tax in Washington- but as a full-time consultant would I be considered a 'business' and have a business tax? I noticed that the government website refers to an income of less than $50K- I would be making less then that in this calendar year. Thanks for your help!
  4. I think our best course of action is to use my parents address as my residential address and domicile in WA. It's true that there are many interpretations of the law- for example the DMV in WA states online that you can establish residency by registering to vote. However the voter registration website requests a drivers license and a residential address to register. So it really it is a chicken and egg situation but bottom line you need a residential address to do either. The annual vehicle inspections wouldn't be a problem for us as we plan to visit my parents and could coordinate t
  5. Wow, I am blown away at the amount of knowledge and resource in this community! You all are wonderfully helpful!!!! I will talk with my parents about the insurance- I am sure they had planned on listing us as authorized drivers but it may be better for the policy to be in our names. They have the title for the MH, but it may make sense for them to 'gift' it to us and then we register it in WA. It looks like if we register to vote in WA or get a fishing license in WA we has established residency and would be good to go for a drivers license. We plan to spend about a week and a hal
  6. This is all so helpful, thank you all for your insights! Based on your advice we will crate the dogs and ensure that the crate is attached to the MH.
  7. Thank you all, this is wonderful and helpful information! Is there any concern in using my parents address in Spokane?
  8. Stanley- I hadn't thought about them escaping at rest stops and gas stations. The crate it is, I am sure they will be happier in the long run. Thanks!
  9. Thank you all- this is extremely helpful! Kirk and Tee Jay- we will get a note from my parents, I would have never thought of this so a deep thanks for the suggestion. Vladimir- we do plan to live a pretty frugal lifestyle so it sounds like WA domicile may work out for us. I should have also mentioned that we have chosen full-timeing as an opportunity to find our 'home'. We do not plan to travel across the country but rather focus our adventure in Washington and Oregon as we search for the community we have been dreaming about for years. The odds that we will end up in Washington
  10. Thanks Kirk- it was a pretty open ended question. I know the basics for care and maintenance, what I am curious about is if there are quirks specific to this make and model. For example, we recently bought a Volvo XC90 as soon as we drove it off the lot the blower motor resistor died. After some research we learned that this is common for this model, which would have been nice to know.
  11. Hello, We are new full-timers and will be traveling with our two smallish (40lbs) dogs. One is a wonderful traveler, the other not so much. Let's just say that we need to make a few pit-stops along the way and a roll of paper towels and hand wipes are always handy. They both currently ride in the car in a large create, which helps the poor traveler feel a little bitter. On travel days- is it safest to keep the dogs in their crate or should we let them roam? We are new so your tips, suggestions and comments are greatly appreciated! Thank you, Scott and Victoria
  12. Hello, We will be starting our new full-time adventure next month but researching where to establish our domicile. We will be moving from Washington DC (technically Virginia) and stoping in Spokane, WA to pick-up our new home- a 1999 Allegro Bay already named BettyRocket. My parents helped us purchase the MH and will maintain the title, registration and insurance. Would it be wise for us to also establish domicile in Washington, potentially at my parent's address in Spokane? We are new so any advice, tips and suggestions are welcome! Thank you, Scott and Victoria
  13. Hello- We just bought a 1999 Allegro Bay (36'). We plan on doing some slight remodeling before we take her out on the open road. Anything we should know before we take her out or should have known before we bought her? We are newbies so any advice, tips or suggestions would be helpful! Thank you, Scott and Victoria
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