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    Page Change??

    I sure don't like this?
  2. Hollardawg - It was just a figure of speech, there's never to much. mrshwarz- Being part of some thing bigger then yourself, the good and the bad and taking resposablity for it hamrad- ? not sure what is wrong with you. I severed my country as my father did and his before him and my son that is serving right now. All I was saying is show the country the respect it deserves. Just my thoughts not questing any one's else's. But I have learned one thing, keep my comments to my self.
  3. Wow I think I joined the wrong club, there is no such thing as to much patriotism. Later
  4. I know the ones we have at work start doing that when they need serviced.
  5. Welcome to the post, you will find a lot of info here on just about anything. I have found a lot of useful post.
  6. I agree with you on the names, I think it is very important. I think this post is very odd?
  7. Todd 54, Leticia 54 I am so glad to see all those numbers, make me think we are doing the right thing going early.
  8. Toddleti

    Elio Motors

    you are very right KIRK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Do you all really run that high, we run at 50 psi and thought that was a lot. We have good hardware not plastic maybe we better turn it up. Would like more pressure but wasn't sure if we could. Thanks
  10. There is no comparison, it depends on what a person likes and how well he or she can drive it. Good luck
  11. Forgot to say, I think any rv you pick will be great as long as you keep up with the repairs and keep it maintained. I know a couple how has been full timing for 6 year in a cougar lite and are doing great. Buy what you like and have fun.
  12. Just looked at a new mobile suites and was not impressed, I can tell Thor is running the show. Pick wisely. Welcome
  13. Thank to all, special thanks to bobsallyh for your post and I think that is a great way to start and if we have any question will get ahold of you. Thanks for your offer.
  14. Next year we will be wintering some where in the Yuma area, Would like to here from you all a good place to stay. Safe, clean and reasonably priced. This will be our first year full timing. Would like to be there end of Nov. Any help would be great. Thanks
  15. Toddleti

    I did it.

    Did some looking at this some time ago, sounds like they have a third payment on a old GM plant that they cant come up with. People are saying it will never make production. Hope I am wrong but that is why I back out. Good luck ( You should let Todd buy one first) LOL
  16. I think they would be great and the price is good, thanks for the info. going to get us some. Thanks again.
  17. June 27th 2017, last day at work wife retired this year getting things ready. Will head out to Livingston to get things set up stay for a couple weeks then head to Lubbock to see family. Then off to Pagosa Springs for week or 2. Then to Albuquerque to see more family and then to Yuma for the winter. Dates might change a little but in that order.
  18. The cutting board is a great ideas, never thought of that. Thanks
  19. I think I will stay away and spend my money else where. Good luck to them!
  20. Those are both very good, RVERTV and Chris and G have some good info and real life testing on there sites to. Have a great day.
  21. I remember that conversation with Kirk, Mr.Miller and today I am a life time member. Thanks Escapees
  22. Is this a good thing or a bad thing then buying them out
  23. 50 amp we carry 2-30 footers Sewer hose 2-15 footers Water hose 3-50 footers we camp at some state parks water can be a long ways away 30 amp 2-30 footers
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