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  1. I have heard that the Livingston area is a good place to get your drivers license and take the driving test for an exempt Class a license since they are used to dealing with RV's and FT'ers issues. We plan to be in the Rio Grand Valley area this winter and wonder if they also are more used to dealing with RV's and travellers. Has any one tested there and how was your experience?
  2. Home or house, as in we're going home or come by the house. I guess I need to get an imagination.
  3. I'm late to the party but have info on handling checks. I have found with deposit by phone, you can used a quality scanned image to make the deposit. Might help someone else.
  4. What sections of the CDL manual do I need to study for the exempt Class B test.
  5. We volunteered this year. We were RV volunteers in the south RV park. If you are comfortable dry camping for a few days, I would go into the south park standard site. Reserve days with mass ascension and special shape glows/flights. This year, balloons were landing in the box and among the RV's in the south park area. Plan time at the field and time in the south park. When the box is working, many of the balloons landed in the south park area. You can get next to and even help the balloons until their ground crew arrives. They often take kids and others into their baskets and off the ground wh
  6. I know what you are feeling. We sold everything that didn't fit into a 12' cargo trailer, including two houses. I wasn't sure about selling the tools either. We have lived in our MH since the first of Sept, 2014 and have been houseless since 12/26/14. It is liberating! It is new and exciting, but I expect to enjoy the lifestyle for many years to come.
  7. Well, we will be class of 2014. We are currently living in our MH and hosting at Dead Horse State Park in Cottonwood, AZ. House is in escrow, with a close date of Dec. 26th. If all goes as planned wife's last day will be Jan 17th.
  8. We planned to be out in 2013 also, oh well. We are having our purge sale this coming week. Almost everything is for sale. Just keeping what we need to function and keep the house up til it sells. House goes on the market right after the sale. Wife will give notice as soon as the house closes. We are excited, hope the house sells quickly so we can get out in 2014.
  9. I fixed it. Ussulley... usualy... usualey... most of the time I can spell! ...and in my defense, I posted because there were not quite enough 2013'ers posting. Hope everyone had a merry Christmas.
  10. The Pre-union never came together. Many classes do stay in touch and meet on the road, I think they do BOF (birds of a feather) groups to keep in touch.
  11. Glad to see some activity oh here. We are moving a little slower than we hoped, but should have the for sale sign in the yard in a month or so. I just placed roadhousecharlie on the 2013 MAP. Anyone else who would like to be on the map can send me a pm with their location and info they would like included. Good luck fellow classmates, looking forward to meeting you on the road!
  12. I don't know what the criteria is for your class status and don't really care. If you feel your are class 2013 all I can say is welcome classmate! I understand the overwhelming feeling of getting rid of "STUFF". We plan a large yard sale as soon as we get back from a almost 4 week trip. When that is done, we have a few small protects and then we invite the Realtor in for an analysis and hopefully a "for sale" sign. I hope 2013 is the year you get to spend as much time as you want on the road.
  13. Glad to see more people joining the class. Hope to meet you all on the road!
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