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  1. Some manufacturers are now using various types of silicone sealers. some are using silicone on the roof instead of Dicor.
  2. I am also watching this. Much learning to be done.
  3. I agree. Like everything else, there is good, bad, reasonable, expensive, etc. I have stayed at affordable KOA's which were clean and wonderful, with all of the amenities. I appreciated the discount. One I visit every year, a second has become a favorite campground, based on price cleanliness, customer service, etc. I have scheduled at another for next year. I don't stay at any expensive campground regardless of affiliation. As with everything in life, one size does not fit all. It seems that a search will reveal many KOA's that fit my budget and other criteria.
  4. The stock market is a complex game that is best played when you have a trusted professional financial planner, which you manage. It can be profitable over the long run, based on multitudinous factors. Best approach is diversification over a number of investment types with the advice and monitoring of a carefully selected professional.
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