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  1. 2013 Silver HONDA CR-V EX-L RV Set-Up As Tow Vehicle for RV $21,950 Set up to be towed with 4-Wheels down using a 10,000lb rated Blue Ox Tow System including Invisabrake Power Braking System and Electrical "Drip" charging system. 34,000 Miles. Clean Title and CarFax. No accidents. Excellent condition inside and out. Mechanically perfect. Brand new set of Toyo Open Road Tires. Less than 500 miles use. Thanks for looking!
  2. Never had that problem. Guess because someone's always sprawled-out on the sofa; using the Captain chairs upfront; sitting at the table; or watching the outside TV.
  3. Looking for something like this as a friend for your big 'o jumbo rig? http://www.jackdanmayer.com/
  4. Honda asking price is $21,500. - EX-L Model - 35,490 miles. - New Toyo tires - In excellent condition - 10,000lb capacity Blue Ox Tow System included.
  5. 2012 WINNEBAGO ADVENTURER 32H with or without OPTIONAL 2013 HONDA CR-V Tow Vehicle. Blue Ox Tow System installed and ready to go!!! Everything's in excellent condition and in perfect working order. Low mileage (20,560) Ford F53 22,000-lb. Chassis 362-hp 6.8L V10 Triton engine, TorqShift 5-speed automatic overdrive transmission w/tow/haul, Hydro-Max brakes w/ABS; 75-amp. alternator. Hard-to-Find exterior color: Ebony Full-Body paint scheme; Interior: Beautiful cherry wood cabinets and warm leather fabric decor scheme. An ideal size for two travellers, yet sleeps six easily. Two (2) Slide Outs: one is the full length of coach; his/hers Ideal Rest Air Chamber Adjustable Queen Bed; Includes: "STEER SAFE Safety Steering Stabilizer; Heavy Duty Rear Mud/Stone Flap; Roof Fan/Vent Covers; Michelin Tires, Aluminum/Chromed Wheels; Automatic, Hydraulic Leveling Jacks; Rear Camera; BlueRay Home Theater w/Surround Sound; three (3) Flat Screen TVs (L/R, B/R and Patio; DirecTV Satellite on Roof; DVD Player; Digital TV Antenna; Defroster Fans; Power Heater and Sideview Camera Mirrors; MCD Solar and Blackout Shades; Micro/Convection Oven, 3-Burner LP Stove Stop; 4 door Refrigerator/Freezer w/Ice Maker); Corian Countertops; 12v Ceiling and Accent Lighting; Over 6 feet interior headroom with soft vinyl headliner, Ceiling Plenum HVAC supply and return. Centralized Control Panel for monitoring all on-board systems at a glance; and perhaps most important loads of basement storage and interior floor space. This Coach is top notch from top to bottom with no detail or convenience overlooked. It rides great. Drives easy. And, is a real eye catcher! Washed, waxed, oil changed and days away from being winterized. Stored under-cover year round. Needs nothings except a new owner! With the full package (Coach and Honda), the tow package is included so theres nothing to do or worry about except plotting a course and getting on the road. Adventurer and Honda Pictures: www.flickr.com/photos/buckbell/albums/72157660531974722 Winnebago Adventurer Flyer: http://winnebagoind....er_2012_bro.pdf Winnebago Adventurer: asking $95,000 Honda CR-V EX-L: asking $21,500 - EX-L Model - 35,490 miles. - New Toyo tires - In excellent condition - 10,000lb capacity Blue Ox Tow System included
  6. TravelRider... Yes that's pretty much the short of it. We have family in Layayette who work in Boulder. They're young and just bought a starter home in very rough condition, in a so-so neighborhood, small lot (certainly no room to park a RV), paid more than listed price and had to fix it up. Price $245k. There are lots of great towns close to Denver: Loveland, Longmont and even Fort Collins as you leave the city north. But the reality being, the closer to a large and increasingly popular destination for the young employed, prices are only going to go up. We're kinda, semi-retired, so we can push out and away a bit further, yet still feel the need to stay within a reasonable distance to reality. If you can think further out and still want a sense of development and amenities: look at Leadville and north/west of Silverthorne. Both about 2 hrs from Denver and still have some pockets of reasonable priced property to offer. Might be time to grab a piece of what you want for the weekends and then something suitable for the weekdays when work calls? If you'd consider what our cousin did, it's increase in value is pretty much a given.
  7. Still on the ground in Georgia. Just returned from Colorado from looking around. Here's what I know: places to park your RV for living in Colorado is difficult and the ones that are available are more like trailer parks, which is not what we want. The vast majority of places where RV living is allowed in CO is southwest of Denver and over towards Utah. Even then, many places restrict use to temporary camping or only for 6 months a year. Most likely governed by the winter months which would be difficult at best to survive in a RV. To be anywhere near where we wanted to be, we determined we'd need to find or build a small home to use in conjunction with the RV. So basically, the RV would be parked and not in use more than being used as guest accommodations or maybe an office. We didn't see having a house and then still living in the RV to any degree was likely. Next was "being where we wanted to be in CO": Most of the available land that "tolerates" RV living is in the wide open, flat areas of Colorado. These areas are sparse and great for the sportsman, yet really too far away from the basic needs of life, like food and medical (something that you think about when you pass 60). So our conclusion, it'll take aa small home with RV hook-up that we will pursue with the intention to travel as we do now while we live in a house when not. If you come to that conclusion, then next on the list is finding Colorado land that is somewhat unaffordable if it also offers beauty, views, trees, water and some basic living conveniences close by. This does reduce the options somewhat and pushes your attention back south. The areas you mention West of Lakewood is where we'd like to be but isn't panning out for many reasons. Mostly as it's the choose land for tourism. What looks to be the best is SW of Denver, Pike's Peak and Park County or it's off the the high desert as you travel west. Maybe Montrose or Ouray...close to Durango in the SW corner there are some oasis' there, but different than out I-70. Last and not least...the winter has to be considered. If there's no home with a wood stove in your picture, then the reality of going south as the winter moves in becomes a real point to consider. More to come...
  8. Randy Retired...Thanks for being clear. I did misunderstand the location you were pointing to. Do you have an address or a web site that I can get a closer look? Did find another in the general area of Pikes Peak, yet not treed.
  9. Smiling at the notion of living in South Park versus watching it on TV. We've come across this park before and their "No Dog" policy and being a bit to too close to Metro Denver takes them out of our consideration. And "yes" winters are cold in Colorado, yet there's nothing like its Springs and Falls. Thanks again.
  10. Google it! Write the criteria you want results for...ie: RV motorhome campground Silver Springs Florida. Then tweak (expand/condense) your criteria to get more specific. Open the first 20 links (2 pages) and bookmark the ones that you like. As importantly, we've found that Google Maps is invaluable for showing locations to roads and other undesirable landmarks.
  11. Want to Purchase or Long Term Lease: Class A Motorhome Resort Site or other parcel or site not restricted from temporary or long term RV use. Must have easy access and all utilities (at least available near by to bring in). Mostly spring though fall use, yet need to be able to get out of got caught by snow unexpectedly. Want a real Colorado experience with view, water and reasonable proximity to services yet far enough away from city life. Looking west of Denver; south of Estes Park; east of the High Rockies and north of Colorado Springs...yet interested in what you have as long as it's not in the desert. Many thanks!
  12. Keyboard entry error...typed "3" instead of "8"...BUT regardless...running you motor and moving though the gears more frequently should only provide more protection and keep the gears lubricated. As far as removing fuses, who'd want to remove or disconnect anything in order to tow if there are other intelligent options like a "drip charge"? We've towed for over a year, thousands of miles, numerous hours and never had a problem with the battery loosing its charge. As stated...always refer to your owner's manual for the minimum requirements.
  13. We set up a 2013 Honda CRV as our tow vehicle behind our 2012 Class A motorhome last May and proceeded to take it on a 7000 mile trip to the Canadian Rockies. - The Honda was a perfect tow vehicle with all 4 wheels down. Right weight and easy to tow. - Used the Blue Ox tow system and wouldn't use anything else. Easily hooked-up and unhooked in a few minutes. - Installed the Blue Ox with an electrical "drip line" which keeps a slight, consistent charge occurring between the RV and the Honda while in tow. - With the Blue Ox, towing was a breeze. - Honda suggests to run the engine and go through the gears every 300 miles. We did this more frequently when we stopped for gas or to walk the dog...about every 2-4 hrs or 200-250 miles. - After that follow the Honda's manual for towing prep and happy travels.
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