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  1. Sean217

    ECR Starts Today

    Wish Carolyn and I could have made it again but as the saying goes, sometimes life gets in the way. Enjoy and hello to everyone there.
  2. For the R endorsement, I don't know if that would be easier or not. Their examiner's are out of the Buffalo region office and the supervisor in Buffalo will not allow her examiner's to give the road test in a HDT. Her opinion is that you lied to get it registered as an RV. Progressive turned me down.
  3. Dave, Since you are from this area. Do not go to the Greece DMV. They told me I needed a class A CDL to haul my fiver with a one ton duel wheel pickup since it was over 26000 gcwr. My truck is insured through National General. I went through C&C but they have since retired and I cannot think of the name of the agency that is now handling thier clients. I'll look it up when I go home tomorrow. My local agent who also works with National General was unable to insure it through them. If you are thinking of converting a truck title to a house on wheels (motorhome). The Genesee County DMV seem to be the most knowledgeable.
  4. The simple answer to your statement is yes, that is mostly what you need to do. I'm not sure about the permit allowing you to drive without being accompanied by someone with an R endorsement or Class B CDL or above. From my experience, you will be better off taking the road test with either a motor-home with a gvwr of 26001 lb or greater or a Pickup truck and fifth-wheel with a gcwr of over 26001 lb. Once the examiner sees the HDT it confuses them and they don't know what to do. You will get different answer to your questions from anyone you talk to at DMV. They are clueless. Most of the people at the local DMV's will not know what you are talking about when you tell them you want a permit for the R endorsement.
  5. Sean217

    Rollback deck

    Here's another topic on the subject.
  6. Sean217

    It Official .....

    No changes in the works right now. Carolyn did do some interior decorating before we left TX. Is it the event in Langford? We'll try to make it there if that's where you are going be.
  7. Sean217

    It Official .....

    Now I can say its all official on my end. As of 6/21 the HDT is now registered as a passenger vehicle here in NY.
  8. Sean217

    It Official .....

    Got into some pretty good downpours today. I got a lot of practice in the rain between Nashville and Louisville. After that the sky's cleared and it was smooth sailing to Columbus. We should should be home tomorrow afternoon.
  9. Sean217

    It Official .....

    The truck ran great. It is fun to drive. Rushour in Memphis was fun, not. We stopped on Jackson TN for the night. Thanks again for the hospitality.
  10. I'm going through the same thing. After 2 hours at the NYS DMV today, that was my first call. I will be bringing a friend with a class A CDL along.
  11. Sean217

    Great week at ECR

    Yes, kudos to Donna and Carl. Carolyn and I enjoyed ourselves immensely and feel we made some great new friends. Our heads are still spinning from information overload. The one question we did answer for ourselves is that we do want to move in this direction. At this point in time who knows but full timing and a HDT is definitely a goal of ours for the future. We would like to thank everyone for the warm welcome and hope to see everyone next years. Sean
  12. I can vouch for this statement. My DW and I are at the ECR to fact find and see if this is the direction we want to go. I cannot express how overwhelming hospitality has been. We are already planning to come back next year.
  13. Sean217

    Last ECR Update

    Left WNY after work with the baby truck. Looking forward to meeting everyone and exploring the idea of an HTD and full timing as a retirement option. I just hope the winds die down by morning or it's going to be a long day. lol Hopefully arriving by early afternoon Friday. Sean
  14. Congratulations, I see you're going to be at the ECR. I'm not at that point yet but have a buddy that has a KW he is planning to convert to a hauler, He asked me to get any info I could about getting it registered in NY while at the rally. Thanks Sean
  15. The look on her face was classic when I told her that.
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