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  1. I think there is a learner permit. After I passed my written test they asked me if I wanted the learner permit. I asked them if I had to have it and they said no. So I didn’t get it and scheduled the driving test.
  2. That is correct because you have to dig sign the form for recreational vehicle.
  3. I took the driving test in Baytown this morning. All went well. I had to do the backup in a straight line then drove for about 20 minutes. Tester did a great job and was very helpful. Passed the driving test without a problem. Jaime
  4. I took the written test today at the Baytown location. Very friendly and helpful people working there. I only took the required Texas CVO Knowledge Test which is over Chapter 14. I made 100 on the test. I was in and out in less than a couple of hours. I am scheduled for the road test the week after next. Now I can forget all the irrelevant data that I would never use again. Thanks everybody for all their help. Jaime
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