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  1. Try this link https://flagstaff.craigslist.org/reo/d/50k-2br-ft2-baja-california-norte/6818064611.html Or, call me at 425-214-4079 or email me at jamespstapleton2010@gmail.com
  2. I'll research the question about Ejido land - as I can't recall. Pictures - yes. Too large to post/attached. Please email me and I'll reply with pictures, or call me at 425-214-4079 and provide me your email. Listing expired - Craigslist - I'll renew.
  3. I do pay $500 each year for the annual fee for the Fido, which is held by Scotia Bank. The Notario in Ensenada did this Fido. It took time to get it completed, as it was the first one in the area. He had other clients who were interested in getting a Fido, and used our property as the first one. It's current - Scotia Bank holds it. Prior to the Fido, I had the title. I purchased the property from fellow Escapees members, who had it titled.
  4. The Notario in Ensenada did this Fido. It took time to get it completed, as it was the first one in the area. He had other clients who were interested in getting a Fido, and used our property as the first one. It's current - Scotia Bank holds it. Prior to the Fido, I had the title.
  5. Provide an email address and I'll send pictures. Until then, my Craigslist posting (link below) has pictures https://sandiego.craigslist.org/esd/reo/d/san-luis-baja-california-norte-mexico/6795007558.html
  6. Update link to Craigslist posting, which has pictures. Please call with questions, etc. Jim at 425-214-4079 https://sandiego.craigslist.org/esd/reo/d/san-luis-baja-california-norte-mexico/6795007558.html
  7. Pictures See my Craigslist posting - https://sandiego.craigslist.org/esd/reo/d/san-luis-50k-baja-california-norte/6789097052.html Email me at jamespstapleton2010@gmail.com Call or text me at 425-214-4079
  8. Great information and insight. We have the first Fido in San Matias, as the attorney in Ensenada wanted to initiate the process for other property owners in the area. Pictures - please contact me, too large to upload. The link below is to my Craigslist posting, which has pictures https://sandiego.craigslist.org/esd/reo/d/san-luis-50k-baja-california-norte/6789097052.html
  9. Please email me for pictures - provide your email address. Twotoes - your wrong. Ownership of property in Mexico by a "non-national" (US, Canadian, or.. citizen) via a Fideicomiso or Mexican Coporation that you create. Many strong international banks offer Fideicomiso. The Mexican government created this to encourage property ownership by non-nationals. Plus, I have title insurance via US title insurance company. See below: A Fideicomiso is a 50-year perpetually renewable and transferable Bank Trust through which foreigners acquire irrevocable and absolute ownership rights to property in Mexico. This Trust is the legal equivalent for fee-simple ownership and is provided specifically for non-nationals to own coastal and border property. Essentially, it is like a Trust in the United States —the bank holds the legal title to the property, with all rights and privileges of ownership, including exclusive use and enjoyment, held by the Trust beneficiary—you. You retain the use and control of the property and make all decisions concerning the property. You have the same "bundle of rights" as owning property with fee simple title. You have the right to use and enjoy, lease, improve, mortgage, sell, inherit and will the property.
  10. RV Home base House and land for sale – San Matias, Baja California Norte, Mexico, $50,000. OWNER FINANCING AVAILABLE. We purchased the house from long time Escapees members. Located between San Felipe and Ensenada at 3,000’ in the San Pedro Matir mountain range. 2.5 hours south of the US Border. House is a 2 bedroom 1 bath, plus a 25'x25' shop with a 3/4 bath. Two enclosed garages, plus an RV Ramada, hot tub, sauna. House has dual pane windows, new heat pump. Great water. Local telephone, Satellite TV, internet service are available. Great area to live a simple life. Annual property taxes are $80. Water is $150 year. You can legally own land and homes in Mexico, such as this one. I've encountered challenges posting pictures. You can email or call me, provide your email address, and I'll send you numerous pictures. Jim Stapleton 425-214-4079 jamespstapleton2010@gmail.com Information about San Matias http://www.sanfelipe.com.mx/news/sanmatias/sanmatias4.html GPS - near the following: · Latitude: 31° 20' 10.2" (31.3362°) north · Longitude: 115° 35' 20.8" (115.5891°) west Streets - Calz. Independencia to the south, Miguel Hidalgo to the east
  11. Available again. After I posted this in August 2017 the owner decided to take it off the market. Now - it's available for sale. Price $5,000. Located near Eugene, Oregon. New clutch. It now has 130,000 miles on it. Call me at 425-214-4079 to review.
  12. SOLD Posting for a fellow Escapee member. It has reconstructed title - which means it was a salvage title that has been repaired and inspected. The damage that caused the salvage title - rear ended - the only damage was the rear hatch, which was replaced with a new one. So, it drive straight and true. No unibody/frame issues. Clean and ready to go for the bargain price of $7,500. Located near Eugene Oregon. Automatic transmission, air conditioned, Weighs 2,577. From other Honda Fit owners that have towed a Fit - tows great. Extra braking system is not requires in Texas and many other states due to the light weight of the vehicle. Call JR 541-840-6793 and he'll email pictures and details
  13. UPDATED - $4,999 130,000 miles are on it - of which at least 40,000 where with the engine off - being towed behind the RV. New clutch. 5 Speed manual transmission. All original, no modifications - other than the towing set up (Roadmaster) . Clean Car-Fax ready for you. Exterior color - silver. Interior - black cloth. Air Conditioning, AM/FM CD, etc. Adult owned - non smoking, no pets, no accidents, no issues - ready to be your tow car - tow it flat. and you'll hardly notice it behind you. Please call me at 425-214-4079, or JR Reynolds 541-840-6793 to review and request additional pictures. Located in Creswell Oregon - near Eugene. From JR: I bought my Honda Coupe from the original owner when I began RVing full-time 8 years ago. Because of its light towing weight, strong engine, and a standard 5 speed tranny it quickly earned the name "Zippy" It is quick! It has served me faithfully and reliably all these years. Now I need more room in my tow car so I must part with my faithful servant. Hondas are known for their long life and this 2005 Honda Civic has a lot of life left. The great thing about this car is the low cost and great gas mileage. 38 mpg hwy, 32 City. You'll love the money you save when using this car for travel, commuting or running errands. It's clean inside & out, no accidents and lots of miles left on the tires. 130,000miles with approximately 40,000 put on as a tow car. The Honda 5 speed standard is one of few remaining cars that you can tow behind an RV. (4 wheels down) Please call JR Reynolds 541-840-6793 to review and request pictures. Located in Creswell Oregon - near Eugene. $4,999.
  14. Thank you for the insight. The electrical cord came with an RV I purchased. I don't have any history of using it, or knowledge of who made it, etc. No damage. So, 30 amps is what it seems it will work for. Price is now $125. Please email me at jamespstapleton2010@gmail.com or call 425-214-4079
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