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  1. We bought a Class B+ built on a Mercedes Sprinter chassis. It isn't a "cut away" frame as you put it, but an RV custom built. Really, to my way of thinking, a B+ is just a Class C with an entertainment center integrated with the cab instead of a sleeping space. We bought ours used from a 2nd owner individual in Florida who provided all maintenance records and new tire receipts so we mostly knew what we were getting. It takes a lot of looking but research pays off.
  2. Phoenix Cruisers have an interior height of 6'4".
  3. This one has been sold, but you might look at something in a used Phoenix Cruiser that fits your size and price. Most come with a generator installed. https://www.midwayrv.com/rv/grand+rapids+mi/other+classb/703/other+phoenix+cruiser+2100
  4. https://www.phoenixusarv.com/phoenix-cruiser-model-3100/
  5. Phoenix Cruiser 2400 Sprinter. http://www.phoenixusarv.com/2400.html Black tank is 35 gal. . .gray 23 gal.
  6. Not sure what you mean by "registration". We live in Illinois and our registration just says RV. . .no Class distinction. It does list the vehicle weight. My main observation in B+ vs C is that a B+ doesn't have a sleeping area over the cab. . .usually just the entertainment stuff.
  7. Oops. . .sorry, forgot to ask. We have put many, many miles since the question came up and just filled up when needed, usually at major brand auto diesel pumps where we don't have to go in to pre-pay. No Mom & Pop stations. No problems yet.
  8. Just regular maintenance and no lead foot. We usually kept our speed at 60 on highways.
  9. Welcome to the forum, Worth. If you scroll wa-a-a-y down the opening page, you'll come to the RV Types section, and click on Class B which would fit your conversion van. We have a Phoenix Cruiser which is technically a Class B+, but looks and acts like a Class C; so we scroll down the opening forum page a lot. Look forward to seeing you there.
  10. We named our Phoenix Cruiser "Fawkes" after Professor Dumbledore's Phoenix bird in the Harry Potter books. Fawkes had the power to pick Harry and friends up and carry them away from danger or other unpleasant circumstances. Our Fawkes does that for us when hitch itch gets unbearable.
  11. Casita? No! Very little room if stuck inside. Only walk around will be the Casita itself. Owned one. . .never again!!! Bought a B+ instead.
  12. There are enough air escapes (vents, etc.) that "air compression/decompression is a non-issue.
  13. We had that issue in 2009 when we decided to move up from an Airstream TT to a DP. After extensive research by SWMBO (She who must be obeyed) we bought a two owner, well maintained 1996 Foretravel U320 DP for about $75K from one of the most reputable dealers in Texas. We would still be driving it if health issues hadn't forced us to downsize to a Phoenix Cruiser B+. We joined the Foretravel owners forum to do research http://www.foreforums.com/
  14. Have you considered looking at Phoenix Cruisers? Technically they are a Class B+ but if you don't get a slide, then a 2100 or 2350 is more in the Class B style. Anyhow, they are are well built and are very user friendly. Here's a link http://www.phoenixusarv.com/
  15. Mebbe I wouldn't cook a pig in the ground. . .not enough storage underneath. LOL
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