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  1. Hi Ya'll, Just spent a week on the Russian River doing a little fishing and a lot of wine tasting! When it got hot drove over to Bodaga Bay for some clam chowder. Presently sitting near the top of Donner Summit (I-80) where it's cool and comfortable. On my way to the Tetons and then Yellowstone (Fishing Bridge Jul. 25-28). After that, who knows but it's too damn hot to go back to California! Have a great Summer! Steve
  2. I'm at Pilot Knob rv park near Yuma for a few days. Will be up on Plomosa Road, Quartzsite, from 14th on. This years plans are to go on north (Parker, Lake Havasu, Laughlin) rather than going east to Mesa or Appache Junction. Happy New Year to all... Steve
  3. Greetings all! I start traveling again (FINALLY) the end of this month. First to the 49'er encampment in Death Valley (Nov.), then (Dec) to San Diego (visit family) then to Yuma (New Years) then up to "Q" for the annual doings. Iffn anyone passes through Q during the last half of January give me a holler...209-482-3165. Travel Safe Steve
  4. Greeting to all and thanks for all the prayers and kind wishes. I'm laying pretty low for now. Still have follow-up appointments to deal with. The cancer is all gone but the effects of the cancer and the treatment will be with me for awhile...some forever. I plan on going to the WARE next month, that will be my first ralley in a year. After that I'm not doing much until Nov. when I want to hit the 49'er gathering in Death Valley and then on to Quartzsite. Hope to see you all down the road...maybe 2013 if not in Quartzsite. Steve
  5. Hams! Can this be right, are you REALLY leaving the road? Oh how we will miss you!! Please give me your address when you get all settled in, I have never been to that state or that part of the country and plan to make the trip someday. Prop Jeff's feet up on something soft, put the Travel Channel on the tv and give him a beer; he'll be fine. Hugs, Steve
  6. That nightime ceremony at Mr. Rushmore is awesome! Jeff will really enjoy it! On the main road to the Badlands N.P. is a National Monument...actually a couple of trailer offices parked beside each other. This is the Minuteman Silo tour office where they set up a tour of the two-man launch controll center (buried underground) and also a tour out to a minuteman silo where a missle would have been launched from. Extremely interesting tours. My Chemotheropy went well, no drastic effects from it. It did shrink the tumors and they have now started the next phase. I get radiation treatments 5 days a week at Stanford and then more chemo every other week here at the VA Hospital. The doctors are causaly hopeful they can get all the cancer but they don't think they can save the left eye because the tumor is laying against the optic nerve so the radiation blasts both. Does anyone have room on their sofa?? I still want to travel!!!! Steve
  7. Well, the time has come....... Friday I had surgery on my sinus.....finnishing up the root canal & crown is waiting recovery from the sinus. Physical theropy is waiting on my shoulder, maybe also my knee, and maybe surgery on the shoulder. Gonna have to park it. I've rented a house in Marysville, CA until I can get all the medical stuff taken care of here then, around the end of the year, I'll decide what to do with the rest of my life. Full time rv-ing is a chapter I believe has closed, but, like the Hams, you never know! Steve
  8. Hams, I left some money on the tables in Las Vegas for you guys. Be sure to collect. However, there may not be much in the way of Breakfast Buffet left for you....I pigged out on three of them! Steve
  9. It was great seeing you all again and catching up. Lot of good laughs. Yea, missed the Texas Hold'em but played in a pinochel tourny today to ease my pain. Didn't work, I lost! Next time...... Steve
  10. Nice folks in the office worked it out so I can stay two more days here at the Western Horizons Desert Shadows in Casa Grande. I'm good here until Saturday morning then it's off to Yuma. Any chance of a gathering in Mesa on Friday??? Steve
  11. Site 191.....the park is having bingo Wednesday night so I will be completely free, lol! Trying to stay over Thursday for the Texas Holdum' Turney here and also on Friday because they are having a meeting for WH members and then Johnny Bencomo will be entertaining at 7:00 pm. Steve
  12. Gail & Keith, I'm at the Western Horizon Desert Shadows resort in Casa Grande but have to leave Thursday morning. I'm trying to get a couple of extra days and hoping someone cancels their reservation. Is this where you are headed? I think it would be great if we could meet up with the folks up in Mesa. Steve
  13. Ok all you Arizona Desert Rats.....I'm pulling into the WH resort in Casa Grande today for a short 3 day stay. That's only 40 miles from Mesa and only 40 Miles from Tucson......I can drive that far. Plan a gathering and I'll be there! Steve Ball
  14. Hay Hams! Loved your interview. Also, that was my first "American RVer" and I've now signed up to watch them all. Thanks for turning me on to that show. Steve
  15. Ali & Ron, The W(ondereing) I(ndividuals) N(etwork) is a club for rving singles that is very active. Last year they did the complete Lewis & Clark route and this year they will be going To Maine and Back from Southern California......But every Winter they have the Western Winter Circuit where they hold a large number of gatherings around Arizona. Feb. 17-21 is a Dance Rally in Casa Grande for Valentines. Before that is the Old Time Fiddlers Contest in Ajo (Feb. 2-8) and a hiking rally a Why (Feb. 8-15), and so on for all of Jan. & Feb. & Mar. They just had 121 folks at a boondocking rally at the VFW here in Yuma for New Years. There are WIN's all over the country and they do things all over the country, mostly involving dancing or kyacking or hiking. Between the Escapees Solo's, Escapees Chapter 1, Escapees Chapter 38 and the WIN's it seems like I'm always at some gathering or another! Steve
  16. Hay Gang, I leave Quartzsite on Jan. 28 and don't have to be in Ajo (next rally) until Feb. 2; so I could head for Mesa then if I can find a place to park. I finnish the W.I.N. Dance Rally in Casa Grande on Feb. 21 and could also head up to Mesa after that. No plans after Feb 21 other than slowly working my way up to Laughlin. If any gathering falls into place with my schedule of rally's please let me know, I'd love to see everyone again. Steve
  17. Windy & fairly cold here in Yuma these past two days (down to 37 last night) but otherwise clear and nice. I sure don't miss the snow of Idaho or the rain of Blain or the cold, cold wind of Deming! Happy New Year to all..... Steve
  18. I can only second & agree with what the Ham's just said. Steve
  19. Bobby & Shelly, Where you headed to AFTER Tucson? Any firm plans yet? Steve
  20. Merry Christmas to all..... Paul & Denise I'm so sorry to hear about your medical problems. Wow! That's some mess your back is in. Well, looks like there's going to be a gathering in Mesa!! I've never been there so might have to drive up and explore. I arrive in Yuma on the 27th for a two week stay before heading up to "Q". Hmmm, wonder how far it is from Yuma to Mesa? I'll have to check that out. Steve
  21. Well...... I have RPI and Passport America but no longer have CtC so if PA works then Val Vista it is for me. Thanks. Not sure but likely sometime late Feb or early Mar. I'll be in Q for Jan. then have to do some running around with the WIN's (a singles group). Thanks for the info. Steve
  22. Barb, I'm at the WH park in Ramona, CA and S-L-O-W-L-Y making my way to warm Arizona. (Any one passing by be sure to give me a shout.) I'll be mostly in Yuma and Quartzsite but I've heard so much about Mesa think I'll head over that way to check things out. Any suggestions on places to stay for a couple of days there? Steve
  23. Ditto....Welcome to the Class of 06. Hope to see you down the road....but NOT in the far North in Winter!! Hay, after the Christmas Tree gig come on down to Quartzsite, AZ and get warm again.
  24. I've seen several large flocks of Geese & Ducks flying over and 4 or 5 Snowy Eggrets in the canals. Just like the birds I'm getting ready to head south. The rice harvest has been going on for the past 9 days and the burning of the stubble in the fields for the past 5; nothing happening today because of the rain. Soon the rice fields will all be flooded and full of ducks, geese and, my favorite, swans. This year the Calif. Fish & Game will be conducting tours in & around the rice fields with a naturalist covering the Tundra Swans & assorted other birds on the fly-through. As V.P & Wagonmaster I'm locked in to two more rallys with my Escapees Chapter then, after Thanksgiving, it's on to Arizona! Hope to run into some of you guys in "Q", or Bullhead City, or I might even go to Mesa this year for awhile. I hear it's really nice there for "snowbirds". Steve
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