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  1. Thank you for all your help. I'm still confused about the insurance question. Does the car need to be insured in conjunction with the RV, or can it be a separate policy with another company? It will be towed at some point. Thank you again. Escapees are the best!
  2. I would like to purchase a tow car but am out of state and will not be returning this year. My state of residency is TX. How do I register and plate the car I plan to buy? I'm a full time RVer. I'm confused about the insurance, registration, and license plate requirements. My RV is registered to TX.
  3. Hi, I am new and have been full timing in my class C RV for only 7 months. I need an oil change and don't know where to take the RV to get it done. Can someone please help me with this? Thanks. Linda
  4. Many thanks to all of you for your replies! I've been on the road for a week and just now went online. Just knowing there are folks here who care and post is a wonderful feeling. Humor, concern, advice....it's all good. I do keep the pups on a short leash and never leave them alone, so I do feel much better after reading through the comments. There's so much to learn with a new RV. I'm a bit overwhelmed; so thank you all for your advice. Linda
  5. I'm a new RVer and will be traveling with 2 chihuahuas. We walk everyday and I'm afraid of coyotes. As we will soon be in desert areas I would appreciate some advice. Will my pups be safe on leash while I am walking them? Do you think coyotes would attack if I would be sitting with them outside. And if so, what can I use for protection? This is really bothering me. Thank you for any advice. Linda
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