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  1. It looks like Class of 2006 members have pretty much fallen off the edge of the Earth! Page 2 in the Forum...that's just not acceptable at all. Regardless, I just wanted to let classmates know that we are still alive and well on the south coast of Oregon and having a beautiful summer as well. Although not out on the road as much as in years past, we are still enjoying the full-time RV lifestyle and hope to see all of you again down the road. Stay safe everyone!!
  2. We have arrived in San Tan Valley in Arizona for the winter months and will hang out in the sun here until sometime in April. Had a great time with Barb and Dave in Lake Havasu City last week while on the way to winter HQ. Hope to see some of you this winter in AZ!! Gordon and Juanita
  3. We are sorry to hear the news about Steve and will keep him in our thoughts. We are also on our way to Lake Havasu City...but as a two night stopover only. At this point in time, Lake Havasu is on our plan for the 29th and 30th before we move down the road to Brenda. Look forward to seeing some of the Class of '06 gang in AZ this winter. Safe travels everyone! Gordon
  4. Can we join in too??? Please! Gordon and Juanita
  5. Howdy everyone in the quiet Class of 2006... We have begun our summer visit to the Oregon Coast in the little town of Port Orford. Stop by and say hello if driving along Hwy 101. Hope everyone is having a good spring......... Safe travels, Gordon and Juanita
  6. Sounds like a good idea Barb. I know you struggled with late season maintenance last year. See you soon... Gordon
  7. Howdy everyone, We arrived at the Skyline RV Resort in San Tan Valley last week and have finally gotten everything set up for our winter visit. Juanita will have her first appointment with the medical oncologist this Friday and will more than likely begin some sort of chemotherapy very soon. She feels perfectly fine and shows no obvious symptoms of the diagnosed leukemia. Both of us look forward to seeing anyone heading to the Phoenix area this winter. Juanita wants to stay as active as her treatments allow and we are very positive that this problem can be managed for the long term. We look forward to seeing some of you soon........... Safe travels! Gordon and Juanita
  8. We hope all goes well for you Judy. What is it with all these bodies wearing out on us anyway? We have already set up an excellent medical oncologist for Juanita in Chandler and will get going on resolving her issues immediately after our arrival in Queen Creek. We are eager to see some sunlight after 14" of rain along the Oregon coast during the past couple of weeks. Have a great winter Judy!! Gordon
  9. John and Diana, We will arrive in Queen Creek on the 17th for a four month long visit. We hope to see you again...it has been far too long!! Safe travels, Gordon and Juanita
  10. Howdy everyone, After a cool dry summer in Port Orford, Oregon we will start the drive back to Arizona on November 5th and plan to arrive at our winter digs in Queen Creek on the 17th. We will be at the Skyline Resort until April 1, and would enjoy seeing anyone staying in the area or passing through. Looking forward to seeing some '06 Classmates this winter!!! Safe travels all...... Gordon and Juanita
  11. Howdy classmates! We have arrived at our summer "home" in Port Orford, Oregon and will be here until ?????????????????? Come on up...the cool rain is fine! Gordon and Juanita
  12. Hams...sorry to see that you will be pulling off the road, but we will all be there sooner or later. We hope to find you along the way sometime. Steve...good to see that everything has improved for you and we hope to find you along the way. After 4 months in Mesa, AZ we are heading to Congress for a couple of days, Kingman for an overnighter and the SKP Pair-A-Dice park in Pahrump, NV for a week or more. From there we will slowly work our way back up to the Oregon Coast where we will spend the summer in Port Orford. If anyone is traveling along Hwy 101 this summer, please stop by. The many wineries in eastern Washington are calling out for a visit this fall and we haven't made any decisions for next winter at this point. Safe travels everyone!!
  13. Just relaxin' in the Arizona sunshine...........
  14. Watch out road warriors...we're on the move again. Tomorrow will be in Pueblo, Co, Tuesday we'll head on down to Santa Fe, NM, we'll make a one night stop in Gallup on Friday and we'll begin a ten night long visit to Camp Verde on Saturday the 22nd. We will hold up there until our Nov 1 arrival in Mesa for the winter months. It is just as well that we are moving along...snow is in the forecast for Monday night in Loveland. NO white stuff!! We are looking forward to seeing many of you sometime this winter...safe travels!
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