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  1. Good question, and I can give a hint: I'm looking at 2 times the yearly net sales per app, which can vary greatly per app. I'm reluctant to post the exact dollar amount because it's confidential information, but I will give the amount to someone who is serious about a purchase. Thanks!
  2. I'm retiring as a software developer and selling my MacOS and iOS apps, branding, source code, everything. I developed the apps and sell them thru the App Store. My two main expenses are less than $200 per year (web hosting and Apple developer subscription). I work out of a spare room at my house, or out of my RV (Winnebago Revel) when traveling; all you need is a computer and Internet. More info: Apps for sale.
  3. Good points. That's partly why I wrote a free iPhone app called BoonDocking that shows the same locations and is much easier to use. But for websites, have you looked at iOverlander or Ultimate Campgrounds?
  4. Here's a free Boondocking website: Boondocking
  5. I spend a few hours per week answering email questions on my 20 apps I sell at the Apple App Store.
  6. If you find any public campgrounds not in the Ultimate Public Campground Project, please notify us via the app or web site and we'll get it added to the next monthly update. Thanks!
  7. Sorry for the long time between replies. Yes, underneath the Revel is somewhat fragile just like any other RV, and that's why I had a RIP (Road Improvement Package) from Agile Off-Road installed, along with larger tires. That combination increased the ground clearance by 3-4". No more clearance problems!
  8. I'm getting a new Winnebago Revel for $103K. However they are becoming harder to get and prices may go up due to its popularity.
  9. I'm offering an alternative to Allstays, but if you feel I am using it to promote and advertise my own product, please delete my posts or tell me to delete them. The OP said thanks, so the app seemed to fit in the discussion.
  10. An alternative to the Allstays app is "The Ultimate US Public Campground Project" app. It shows a lot more public campgrounds, and is updated monthly (in my experience Allstays is updated yearly). The URL is https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ultimate-us-public-campground/id698323700?mt=8 Another big advantage of the Ultimate app is you can get support for it here on this forum. That's because I developed the app and I can answer your questions. Thanks! Bill
  11. There's now an iPhone / iPad version of the the Ultimate Canadian Public Campground Project: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ultimate-canadian-public-campground/id974998633?mt=8
  12. If you have a Mac, there's a new Canadian Camping app available. It shows 2,645 public campgrounds across Canada, many of which are free (you can set it to show only free campgrounds). More info: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ultimate-canadian-campground/id974913545?mt=12
  13. I forgot to mention, this website http://www.ultimatecampgrounds.com/uc/index.php is great for finding public campgrounds, but it also has Android, iPhone/iPad and Mac versions that make finding campgrounds very easy and useful.
  14. Since there's no more Streets & Trips, the Mac app Road Trip Planner is quite handy. Also has a free iPhone companion app. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/road-trip-planner/id805071244?mt=12
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