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  1. Rich - can you send more pictures of both items? . . or is there a web site? Very interested.
  2. Newbie here . . . what are some of these designations that you're using . . . I think I got the SRW & DRW (single and double rear axles, right?) but guess I'm missing the PSD nomenclature . . . is there an index somewhere . . thanks.
  3. I'm going to show my "newness" here but so be it: How are taxes handled as far as having to show a permanent address? Does that mean you have to file taxes in Texas? Does this make you a resident even if you never set foot in the state? Trying to get our "ducks in a row" as it were long before we're actually considering on full-timing.
  4. rpsinc - is your unit still for sale? . . . kind of new to all this but would like to see any and all info and pictures, please. Send to Dadrock33@hotmail.com Wife and I are planning on full-timing fairly soon and I like the DRV units. Thanks.
  5. Take a look . . . this might be what you're wanting: www.postscanmail.com
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