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  1. Is this still available?

  2. RV Toad 2002 Honda CRV EX, perfect set up to tow four wheels down behind your motorhome. Very simple hook-up…Blue Ox tow bar…All wired…Air Force One supplemental brake system. All towing equipment easily removed. Standard Transmission...4WD…156K..Many miles left, $5900. Vermont, but never seen snow...always winter garaged. Can email pictures if I can get a ten-year-old to help me load them.
  3. 153,000 miles...Lots of life remaining. Standard transmission. Air Force One supplemental brake system. Couldn't be easier to hook up...neutral and turn on the key...$4000.
  4. Just to add to the filter fabric solution... A major benefit is that the fabric allows the water to percolate through, while the "fines" do not. Ten wheelers who can tailgate spread in reverse, can go right across some very soft areas onver filter fabric. Ron
  5. I live in White River Jct. I go, as mentioned, 81 to 84. But, at Newburgh, NY, take 87 N. About 10 miles South of Albany take 912M, a short connector to the Mass Pike [90]. This will take you to 91 N, just north of Springfield, MA. 84 East from Newburgh, through Hartford and onto 91 N has some tricky lane changes, and can be a real PITA on most days. Taking 87 N is a much more pleasant drive and is only @ 10miles longer. It's well worth it. You do not want to drive West to East or visa versa in Vermont.[period]. Rt. 100 will fill your cab with blue smoke and Rt. 7 / Rt. 4 East from Albany almost the same. I've dumped tanks at Pine Valley once or twice...didn't notice many big rig spots. Happy to answer any questions. Ron
  6. I see, they don't show up on the maps. You have to request directions to make them available...kind of strange. Thank you, Ron
  7. I wish Google Maps showed interstate exit numbers. Ron
  8. Mark & Teri; Thank you. I know how I want to get there: just want to measure distance, so went to the "Measure Distance" tab. I see that I should be requesting directions, and then work on the distance and route aspects from there. Thanks again. Ron
  9. Thank you P&P... If I am understanding you, that is the basic Google Maps method. Each time you drag their route to your preferred route, you are simply creating another "as the crow flies" distance, not the actual distance on the road. The accuracy will be dependent on the number of times you click and drag. Over a long winding distance, that will be a big number and take a long time. The app I mentioned does/did this process for you. After you selected your start and finish points, the app measured multiple points along the route, around curves, etc. and provided a total of all of them. No "click and drag". It might take five or ten seconds, but the app did it for you. Ron
  10. For some years, I have used freemaptools.com and found it to be a great fit for what I like to do re: trip planning. One of its nicest features is that it measures distance along a road, NOT as the crow flies. Click on a winding road and then at another spot further down the way, and it will provide the actual distance. The distance will remain accurate even if you zoom in and out. Unfortunately, in July, "Increase in costs for back-end services" forced the cancellation of some features. This feature was one of them. I could not find another mapping or trip planning app that can measure road distance other than "crow flies" distance. If Google Maps can do it, I have not found the secret. lf it was a "back-end service for freemaptools.com, then someone had to provide it to them. Is anyone aware of an app that can provide the feature I'm describing? Thanks. Ron
  11. Kirk; I'm referring to the starting [chassis] batteries. Measured voltage at the batteries. While both house and chassis batteries read 5.8 at the "One Place" panel, at the batteries themselves the chassis batteries read 5.8 while the house read 11.5. I replaced both chassis batteries. Chad; I am referring to the inverter control panel at the "One Place" panel inside the coach. It has an On/Off button. This button does not function...it does not light up that portion of the panel. I will check battery connections and fuses. Thank you both. Ron
  12. 04 Journey 39W Went out to get ready to head south. Steps did not deploy. Voltage at the chassis batteries 5.8 volts. Batteries were 6 yrs. old[can't complain]. Replaced them and everything seems fine with the exception of the inverter panel which does not function. We seldom use it, but I'm wondering if it could be involved with the fact that the chassis batteries died such a major death. Also the chassis and house batteries read exactly the same at the panel. Just concerned that something might be amiss which will make itself apparent a day or two into our trip. Welcome all input. Ron
  13. I thank everyone for their input. Good variety of information to help me find what suits us best. Thanks, Ron
  14. I tried a search, but the topic was too vague and returned way too many unrelated posts, so I'm trying again. Our folding chairs ["Director" style] don't seem to hold up well to either weather or weight. I am not petite...210, but most chairs claim to be worthy of 300 lbs. The seating "fabric" of our current chairs has deteriorated/failed in only a year or two. I'm looking for opinions on what chairs people have found to be of good quality and comfort. Some considerations: Size when collapsed Strength and sturdiness Comfort Price We are in Vermont...not a hotbed of RV outlets, and I'm not a great fan of the only one within 70 miles [Camping World], so there is little opportunity to go and sit in a variety of options which would be the preferred method of evaluation [on-line searches aren't very touchy feely]. So I look forward to your suggestions and comments. I think we are interested more in the style which folds flat rather than those that fold into the "cigar" shape and then into a carrying bag, but all responses are appreciated. Thanks, Ron
  15. Thank you Ray, IN That's just what I was looking for when I posted the topic. Appreciated. Ron
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