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  1. Agree, Alpine is a very nice coach. I was seriously considering one, but ultimately decided against it as they weren’t in business anymore. Proprietary parts would be unavailable. Also was really impressed with Travel Supreme but again no longer in business.
  2. Totally agree! Which is another reason I chose a Foretravel. The Foreforum has a wealth of information and has saved me a lot of time and money. It was also an invaluable resource in research before my purchase. Highly recommend whatever brand someone is considering that they have a strong owners group for support.
  3. Kirk, I’m just answering the OP specific questions regarding what manufacturers would I focus on in a 10-12 year old DP. The OP was taking condition into consideration. I’m not saying Foretravel is perfect. Any Brand that is neglected is going to have issues. I’ll Admit that I’m biased as I own a Foretravel. Most owners are biased towards what they own and have experience with. I can only recommend what I’ve Experienced through ownership, research and public opinion (ratings). There is a reason Foretravels are more expensive and hold their value over other brands. It’s because they are built better! I don’t feel it’s wrong to recommend the top manufacturers to new RVer’s when that is what they asked for? I for one was glad when my friend educated me on Foretravels as I had never heard of them before. We have been living Fulltime in ours for a couple years now with very few issues. Also there is nothing wrong with Tiffin or Newmar they are very well respected, but in my opinion not in the same class as Prevost, Newell and Foretravel.
  4. This would be true for any manufacturer. Sounds like they where not prepared for the Fulltime lifestyle. The cost to maintain and operate is no different between manufacturers. What sets Foretravel apart is they were not mass produced, they used top of the line materials at the time. And there structure or “Bones” are among the most highly rated.There is a reason that so many older Foretravels are still on the road today. Yes, you need to have the resources to maintain and operate any DP. Also need to be prepared for any catastrophic failure which can happen with any brand. But I will take my chances with the history and reputation of Foretravel any day.
  5. Just my opinion, I rank the top tier as Prevost, Newell and Foretravel. Tiffin and Newmar would fall into the next tier. I recommend doing a walk through and compare them head to head then you decide. I personally chose the newest Foretravel I could afford and am extremely happy with my decision.
  6. Thanks, Same here, a friend had an 01 U295 and it was the first one I had ever seen. Once I saw his there was no comparison and had to have one. I see a lot of older Foretravels still on the road today which is testament to their construction.
  7. We chose Foretravel for their quality and the fact they are still in business. Once you start comparing you’ll See why.
  8. Just returned from our trip to Lake City, Co in our 05 36’ Foretravel. I took that route to avoid Slumgullion Pass on Hwy 149. This was my first trip in mountains and I was a little nervous. After a few grades of practice and learning what gear and playing with the transmission retarder, I realized how easy it was to maintain speed without using the service brakes! 114 was much rougher than expected.. We ended up coming up Slumgullion Pass which was a breeze. Just maintained rpm’s around 2000, 2nd & 3rd gear and it cruised right up, didn’t even get hot. If your taking that route to avoid the bigger passes, I wouldn’t worry to much your Foretravel will handle it just fine.
  9. Page 206 in the manual, explains the requirements to flat tow. Basically install a battery switch, place in neutral and turn battery switch off. I already had a trailer for my Polaris RZR so there was no need for a tow bar.
  10. No, I just towed it on my utility trailer as it only weighs 1800 lbs.
  11. 2015 Smart Fortwo, Passion Trim. Leather seats, Heated seats, Panoramic Roof. 9600 miles Still under Factory Warranty. Asking $8900.00 OBO Car is located in Oklahoma City Contact Dave at (405)415-5473
  12. We have officially made it for 2016! Moved in to the Coach on the 25th. Close on our house tomorrow. Wife retired last week and I'll be semi retired starting in December. I will have to work a 2 week on 2 week off schedule for the next few months until I can transition the business over to my son. But everything is coming together nicely. We will head to Austin next week to visit my daughter. Then to Bonita Springs, Fl. To visit family for a few weeks. After that we will probably stay closer to home (Oklahoma) until we go full time/ traveling.
  13. We use our Nexus Phantom class C to haul our Polaris RZR 900XP. Mostly stay around Oklahoma / Arkansas area. When we retire we will take the RZR with us.
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