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  1. I get that but I'm also concerned about someone stealing our $1,000 tow bar.
  2. Are you calling the parts that connect the towbar to the baseplate knuckles? Just trying to understand.
  3. It may be helpful to use www.speedtest.net to compare the 2 speeds.
  4. I only tried for a minute or two with Youtube and Amazon Prime Video and it was ok. The Amazon movie takes a while to load before it starts playing.
  5. Turned out the account wasn't turned on. Chatted and got it fixed.
  6. I just bought a 8800L Jetpack and put in a Visible SIM. I changed the APN to VSBLINTERNET. The Jetpack shows a 4G LTE with 2-4 bars of service and my laptop connects to the Jetpack wifi but it shows "no internet". Any help/ideas appreciated ...
  7. I have a Visible SIM in the Jetpack and have changed the APN to VSBLINTERNET. The Jetpack shows 4G LTE with 2-4 bars. My laptop connects to the Jetpack wifi but the connection says "no internet". Any suggestions appreciated. TIA.
  8. Unfortunately, Bushnell is full. Wauchula a little too far inland. TIA. Brooks SKP #81042
  9. Thanks for the post. I didn't know all there were all those pictures going down the page. No offense, but I don't like the way that looks and its exactly what I was trying to avoid.
  10. "You have not said if you checked to see if all of the lights on the towed are working properly when not connected to the RV?" But I did: "The lights on the toad function normally with no cable connected." I watched this video twice: https://www.etrailer.com/Tow-Bar-Wiring/Hopkins/HM56304.html The problem is that it falls short of showing the connection between the motorhome and the toad. The problem is the wiring kits end in a flat 4 connector and the MH uses a round connector. Things did not used to be this way.
  11. I used this kit from Hopkins which is basically the same as the Tekonsha: https://hopkinstowingsolutions.com/?t=products/dinghy-towing/plug-in-simple-diodes/56304 The Hopkins is "plug and play" and uses existing sockets which Honda left in the taillights. It doesn't require cutting into wires for diodes or drilling holes for extra lights. Unfortunately, it ends in a flat 4 plug as does the Tekonsha. Those type of plugs are popular with trailers. But all the motorhomes I've ever seen use round connectors, 6 or 7 pole. Therein lies the problem.
  12. I have a multimeter. This is the diagram I gave him to use for going from 4 to 6 poles. I mistyped in the first post. The connector is 6 poles not 7. The lights on the toad function normally with no cable connected. The shop that did the baseplate and wiring had not done those before. I asked them to test the wiring and they said they had no way to do that. I had not heard that they wire trailers and MH differently.
  13. Last week I had a local collision shop (well recommended) install my baseplate and wiring. I used a plug and play wiring kit - no inserting of diodes and drilling extra lights into the taillights. He did have to cut off the flat 4 plug and connect to a 7 pin adapter. We haven't taken delivery on the MH yet, so I couldn't test the turn signals last week. Today I took the toad to the dealers to test the lights. Didn't go well, except the emergency flashers. Those worked in the toad. But a right turn signal in the MH caused no lights in the toad. A left turn in the MH caused both taillights to flash. Clearly something is wrong. I'm guessing Jayco knows how to wire the MH and the problem is in the toad wiring. They make testers for the MH like this one: https://www.curtmfg.com/part/58650 But I'm not sure how to figure out what is wrong with the toad wiring and how to fix it. Suggestions appreciated.
  14. Thanks for the post, Clay. Not sure you mean about it not being a rating system. It has reviews with ratings and you can more. Here is an example: https://www.allstays.com/reviews2/listReviews.php?LocID=25952 Brooks
  15. I'm not real clear on the difference between the $35 program for my PC and the $9.99 Camp & RV cellphone app. Can anyone shed some light? Brooks
  16. Is there a website you can go to and enter an address and have it tell you the signal strength for Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, etc.? I mean a website not associated with campground reviews, that will work for any address. Thanks! Brooks
  17. Thanks for the post, Kirk. We're debating whether there will be a problem taking the bikes EVERYWHERE to groceries, restaurants, stores, parks, etc. It's a little harder to park with the bikes sticking out, chance of another car hitting them, maybe someone trying to steal them (although we would have them locked down). Did you ever have any of these or other problems? Brooks
  18. When we FT'ed 2004-2008 we had a Swagman rack and bikes mounted on the tow bar when we towed, then moved the rack and bikes to the toad when we went biking somewhere. We sold that rack and Swagman doesn't make that one anymore. I can probably set up something similar with this Swagman Traveler XC2 rack: https://www.swagman.net/product.htm?pid=828192&cat=40497, but I will need to get buy a new 2" hitch for the toad to replace the perfectly good 1.25" that is on there now. So I'm thinking maybe I should just tow with the bikes on the back of the toad (covered of course). It does make things a little longer going down the road, but this MH is 7-8' shorter than the last one. I'm trying to think about any other downsides to doing this. Does anyone else tow with bikes on the back of the toad? (ours is a Honda CRV) Any thoughts on this appreciated.
  19. Appreciate the post Vern. I agree with you. Used ones are very rare. New ones are a 2 year wait, just checked with the factory this week.
  20. I wonder if that's a difference in quality between a Winnebago and a Forest River?
  21. Thank you both. This is now my homework for today! Brooks
  22. We came close to buying a Forest River Sunseeker 3050S from a private individual until we did reading here: https://www.rvinsider.com/Forest-River-Sunseeker-RV-Reviews?manu=Forest+River&brand=Sunseeker&sort=date&order=desc#wrapper_invert There is one huge slide and several people had major problems with it. There are also many complaints about quality of workmanship in general and the manufacturer not being responsive. We knew what kind of class A to buy (Tiffin) but aren't really familiar with class Cs. Besides Forest River, local dealers carry Coachman, Jayco and Thor. Which of these have good quality and are responsive to customers? Are Winnebago's solid class C's? I think they might be. Thanks!
  23. Hi Linda, Thanks for the post. Maybe its what the local dealer only orders. They are a major dealer in the area and had no units with Saddleback. All the 2020 & 2021 units were black/gray. This is the Saddleback color scheme: https://www.thormotorcoach.com/build-price/product-builder-steps/?p=10026#view-2 My wife is better with colors and says even the Accent in the Saddleback is gray. Brooks
  24. We were class C shopping today and were surprised to find that they are now outfitting RV's with really tiny refrigerators. Also all the interior color schemes have switched to black/gray/white and the patterns are ugly IMHO. One of the C's with a good sized frig (12 cu ft) is the Thor Chateau 31W. And the 31W's that are several years old have a brown/tan color scheme. The problem is all the 31W are 300+ miles away. I'd like to know what year the colors switched to all black/gray. I sent Thor a question. Will have to wait and see if they respond. Suggestions/ideas appreciated.
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