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  1. SOLD We are the original owners of this well maintained 5th wheel trailer. The trailer has been stored under cover and has no leaks. Everything in the trailer works. This is not just a stock 2002 27-5L trailer, here is a partial list of the upgrades and options: 1. All LED lights inside and out. 2. New carpet professionally installed. 3. New formica on the counter tops. 4. New vinyl flooring. 5. Couch has been professionally re-padded. 6. Michelin XPS Rib tires. 7. New bearings and seals. 8. Costco 6V batteries recently tested in excellent condition. 9. New fire extinguisher. 10. Norcold 10 cu. refer was replaced 2 years ago. 11. Blue Flame propane heater. We also have an Idaho Tote for sale that connects to the back end of this trailer. Please take a look on the Internet if you've not heard about Idaho Tote. Here is a link for pics: http://imgur.com/a/RHxpj We are located in Gig Harbor, WA. PM me if interested - include your phone number or e-mail. Bill
  2. Our experience with Michelin XPS RIB is very similar to yours. Once you get past the shock and pain of paying for them - they are great tires! Discount Tire said our last set of Michelin XPS RIBs were in good shape after 10 years but said for liability reasons they could not even put air in them. Our experience is that we don't wear them out as much as they age out of service.
  3. Leslie & Mark - I'm not an expert at this but I can share what works well for us and why we went this way. We have the CradlePoint MBR95 in our trailer connected via USB to a Verizon Wireless Pantech UML290 modem. For us this is a great solution because: 1. We tried the Verizon HotSpot and found it flaky with poor WiFi signal strength and no ability to plug in our old ethernet cabled printer and server. 2. The MBR95 gives us our own private network that never changes with respect to IP address so we can set up our old printer and server to have static IP addresses and never have to change them regardless of how we get our Internet. 3. When we can, we connect the MBR95 to broadband land cable such as DSL or cable modem. When those aren't available the MBR95 automatically picks up the Verizon Wireless Internet connection through the Pantech UML290. 4. The MBR95 is mounted high in the trailer allowing us to get pretty good reception for the UML290 and wide coverage for our private WiFi. We plug the printer and server into the hardwire ethernet ports on the MBR95. 5. We have used the MBR95 to get WiFi as WAN when the RV park had good Internet but to be honest this has not worked well for us. Piggy-backing off the RV WiFI often seems like the RV network is overloaded or just plain too slow. This solution has been very reliable - my wife used to really complain about the HotSpot but I never hear any issues about the MBR/Pantech solution. We've used this all over the west (TX, NM, AZ, CO, NV, ID, OR, WA) and it's worked well. Hope this helps. Bill http://3gstore.com/product/3029_cradlepoint_mbr95.html http://www.verizonwireless.com/internet-devices/4g-lte-global-usb-modem-uml290/?lid=sayt&sayt=uml*
  4. Just to let folks know I found this camera on sale for around $400 during the holidays. It's probably more camera than I need or have the ability to use but it was priced right and I can always learn - LOL. So far, it appears to be a really nice camera. http://www.samsung.com/us/photography/digital-cameras/EV-NX300ZBSTUS Bill
  5. Exactly! I think the video did a good job of explaining it and not to dumb it down but the PepWave creates your own little back-end WiFi network to which you connect. The Pepwave sees the WiFi in the area and lets you select which one your going to go through. It's been my experience that the people at the 3G-Store are quite helpful if you do run into problems. And please do keep us posted. Bill
  6. I think about the cheapest option is the Pepwave Surf-on-the-Go router. Take a look at these links and see if it might not be what you are looking for. You would not be using the 3g/4g option but rather the WiFi as WAN. http://3gstore.com/product/3498_surf-on-the-go-3g-4g-router.html WiFi as WAN: The thing I like about the 3G-Store is that they have someone to talk to plus they will preconfigure the router to get you going. Just my 2-cents. Bill
  7. If I were going to setup for full-time year round use in NW Montana, here's what I would do and in this order. 1. While living the existing RV, I would put down a concrete slab and build a roof for the largest RV that you figure you might possibly have - say 45' x 18' - give your self enough room to slide out slides and have snow shadow protection. 2. Once that is up, look for a gently used RV and move it to the site. Under a roof, any RV will last much longer. 3. Build skirting around the base of the RV - skirting will more than pay for itself in heating cost savings. That's my 2-cents. Bill
  8. So i"m looking for a digital point and shoot camera and need some recommendations based on your experiences. We have a weather proof Pentax point and shoot and it takes OK pictures but we want to move up. Here's what I THINK I want: 1. Camera that is good in low light. 2. Don't need a big zoom - small zoom is good. 3. Would like hot shoe to add additional flash in future. 4. Need good auto focus. 5. Would like WiFi to make it a little easier to transfer files (this is not huge since there are WiFi SD cards). 6. Don't want interchangable lens. 7. I would like to stay under $700. So, any suggestions of what to consider? Bill in Georgetown, TX
  9. JM - I have to tell you I LOLed when I read this - cause it describes us. I don't think we go over-board but I wouldn't dare ask our kids for their opinion - they're worried we'll leave our money to the dog! HaHaHa.
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