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  1. Hello, We have found that crate training to be very constructive to keeping a puppy safe and quiet. It provides a comfort to the pup. We continued to crate after they have grown up if they display destructive behavior. We also use Nimble Pet Safety. It is a Verizon product that uses cellular to report temperature and power issues. You can set alarms that text your phone if temps get too high or power goes out. Subscription is $120.00 per year or you can do less and pay as you go.
  2. Thanks, I am making a list of suggestions.
  3. Hello, The wife and I are looking to becoming "Snow Birds" this winter and are looking for recommendations for a two month stay to get away from the Midwest winters. We are looking for fairly nice pad sites and understand that grass may not be an option. We have four small dogs. Does not need to be a resort location. We prefer the Southwest as opposed to the Gulf Coast and Florida areas. Any recommendation are appreciated! Thanks!
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