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  1. It's not just a Newmar or coach issue. Some of us with fifth wheels are getting marks on the hard flooring as the slide goes in and out. Lippert makes a product called Slide Slickers (pricey) and I just found an alternative on Walmart.com for 1/3 the price - AP Products 013-410051 Slide-Out Slicker. I just got a pair of the LCI version and they work great. Both products are a hard, slick plastic. Rob
  2. Alliant has a good reputation as does Essex Credit (Bank Of The West). We've had very good experience working with Essex Credit and they cater to full-timers (RV and boat). Rob
  3. Kirk is correct - Grand Design utilizes Lippert chassis and hydraulic systems. As with most manufacturers, though, GD specs the frames and Lippert builds them to spec. All of GD's Solitude line with hydraulic landing gear and stabilizers come with the front landing gear angled slightly outward. I put an 18" piece of pressure treated 2 x 12 sideways under the front pads so they can slip a little if needed... they never have that I've been able to discern. I've also not read of any front landing gear failures or leakage on the Solitudes on the two GD forums, either. I have, however, read of a couple of leaky cylinders on the back four that came from the factory that way. Rob
  4. I think Pappy was just being funny... Rob
  5. Does it have an LCD read-out on the front and, if so, is it flashing an error code? Rob
  6. That's essentially what I said - but with a Pathway X2 the Wally will not allow us to watch a second channel - even it it's on the same satellite. Maybe a difference in firmware? Rob
  7. In defensive driving courses they teach that, if you can't avoid hitting someone that pulls out in front of you, to steer to the rear of their vehicle. There's a small chance you may clear them since you're steering opposite the direction they're moving and, if not, you hit the lighter rear end of a front-engine vehicle. In this case, a 1979 travel trailer, while a sad loss, would likely have been lighter than a pickup truck. It might seem counter-intuitive... like pushing forward on the stick at the beginning of a stall-spin. Rob
  8. With an automatic antenna (which can only "see" one satellite at a time), the Wally is a single-tuner receiver. This means you cannot view a second channel while recording on the first. The geeks on the satellite TV forums report that, if you set it up with a three-LNB antenna (a fixed antenna with three nodes like used in a residential installation), the Wally actually has a second tuner and will allow you to watch one channel and record another. I've never tested this claim. Rob TIP: use "Quote" when replying as I have here if you want to ask a question of a specific person.
  9. Our answer would have to be, "It depends." Unless we're near family - especially grandkids - we like to keep moving. Exceptions to this have been a summer on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington where, in three months, we only stayed in two parks. Twice we have spent two to three months wintering in my hometown in southern NM... not a bad place to winter and I have family there. We often spend a month or more at a military FamCamp in Maryland near grandkids during the summer (we're doing three months here this summer). Finally, the shut-downs with the pandemic changed everything for us this year and we had to hunker down for three months where we were in Georgia - not our favorite location, but a park we know and have experience with since we have to go there annually for our medical and dental appointments. Other than the above, we average 7,500 - 10,000 miles a year on the rig. Our five-year average including the long stays listed above is seven nights per stay. Of Course, there are a lot of one- and two-night stays in there when we're on the move. Rob
  10. If you're talking about an LED battery indicator with three or four lights, they're not exactly a precision instrument and I would first verify that you can trust what it's telling you. Do all the 12 volt devices seem to operate normally (LED lights come on and are bright, controls on RV frig and ACs working OK, etc.)? Have you bumped your battery cut-off switch accidentally and taken your battery off-line? If you have a digital voltmeter, take readings at the battery terminals. A fully charged 12 volt lead-acid battery should measure about 12/6 - 12/9 volts and about 11.4 volts when fully discharged. Rob
  11. Polk County Supervisor of Elections
  12. According to the company line from the Dish web site, solid state memory is not compatible with the receivers. Elsewhere on the internet, it looks like some people are using them. We still have a compact portable HDD (not externally powered) connected to our Wally. Be aware that some receivers require USB 2.0 and some USB 3.0. Rob
  13. We've have a "special" reservation for one month at the FMCA campground. It's only about 10 minutes from the kids in Madeira. We've found slim pickings in the Cinci area - limited by either stay limits or seasonal closings. We've stayed at a place in Reading, but it's run-down and next to a furniture factory... kind of a dumpster without a lid with a bunch of older, run-down RVs and mobile homes. Don't want to do that again. Rob
  14. We had just pulled in to Augusta, GA, the end of February and had taken delivery of our new RV when the pandemic curtain came down. Our spring/summer plans had included a series of military FamCamps up the east coast - Charleston, Norfolk, Richmond to see the MIL, and then Aberdeen Proving Ground in MD for the summer near grandkids. One by one our reservations started contacting us to cancel. Fortunately for us (not of you're a golf fan), the Masters golf tournament was postponed which meant we weren't kicked out of the park in Augusta and had a safe, if not scenic, place to hunker down for a few months while things were shut down. As soon as we got the call from APG that they were allowing folks back into the FamCamp, we hit the road. We spent a week at the Army Resort at the big lake up from Augusta, and then made our way to Maryland. We've spent some time with the kids since getting here and are now isolating again for a couple of weeks so we can go back to Richmond (without the RV) and visit Laura's mom. The retirement community in which she lives just opened back up on a limited basis yesterday. We're reserved here at APG through 6 August and may extend another month since we're not due in Cincinnati until 15 September for the birth of another grandbaby. On a related note, we did our first almost-five-years of full-timing without a washer and dryer. As LindaH alluded to, I was extremely concerned by the behavior of some people and conditions at the laundromat near the park in Augusta. We felt we could no longer take that risk and, a couple of weeks after taking delivery of our new RV, we pulled it back to the dealer and had a washer and dryer installed in the dedicated/prepped W/D closet. In the ensuing 3+ months, we've come to realize that it's one of the best three or four upgrades we've ever made to an RV. We are so grateful for it - especially during these times. Rob
  15. No - not any more. The Fire Stick and Roku TV stay connected to our Mi-Fi with unlimited data, now. Rob
  16. We're still using a combination of Dish (with a Pathway X2 antenna to get around the obstruction issues) and a Roku TV for NetFlix, Prime Video, and several of the other offerings. I have considered YouTube TV (we have unlimited data on a Verizon Mi-Fi), but sometimes find ourselves in places where the cellular signal or bandwidth won't support streaming. We'll gladly reconsider if our situation changes someday. Rob
  17. I'm not going to continue this argument with you - I'll let an active or retired LEO chime in. Lets just hope that "solber" doesn't follow your advice and have an accident... Rob
  18. That's not quite true since everything is based on the state where you are licensed - not the state where you are driving. Rob
  19. No - not in Texas. You are not licensed to drive the rig until you have passed the driving portion of the test, they take your class C license from you, and hand you a (paper) temporary while you wait for your license in the mail. Rob
  20. I've never been a DirecTV customer, so I can't comment on what's going on with them. All I can say is that it's extremely quick and easy to use the smartphone app to change the locals on out Dish outdoor account whenever we move from one market area to another. It takes about two minutes - less time than it takes me to set out the antenna (we use a Pathway X2 carry-out so there's a better chance of getting a clear shot at the satellites in a wooded campground or park). Our Flex Pack with locals is about $50/month. Rob
  21. You should keep your license plate and not let the new owner have it. You either destroy it or return it to the TX DMV - there's a place on the notification form to say what you did with it. We are domiciled in TX and just sold an RV in GA to someone who lives in NC... Rob
  22. In our younger days, my late wife and I were part-time working musicians. In the '80s, we wanted to get her a new synthesizer (electronic keyboard). A sister-in-law's father was a professor of music and also worked in the music publishing and recording business, so I called him for some advice. He started out by asking a couple of questions: 1) Is the synth we have doing anything we don't want it to? I.e., if it were a car, is it smoking, backfiring, stalling at stop lights, etc.? 2) Is the synth we have not doing anything we want or need it to? I.e., if it were a car, does it fail to start when we turn the key, does it fail to stop when we apply the brakes, does it not get us to work on time? If we could not answer, "Yes" to those two questions, he said we could not really justify the (considerable) expense of a new synthesizer just to get more bells and whistles. Since that conversation, I have referred to this concept as "The Jesse Peterson theory of equipment obsolescence." Rob
  23. What you relate is completely counter to the 35 years' experience I have with them. During that time, we had several claims (both ours and the other person's faults) and. in 2008, my wife was killed in a traffic accident in which she was at fault. We could not have been treated better by USAA - in every way. My (new) wife and I have had several smaller claims without any issues whatsoever. Rob
  24. After years of using MS Office at both work and home (had a professional multi-license version of Office 2003 for home), I found I could no longer download and install things like compatibility packs for Word when setting up a replacement PC. I searched and read and finally settled on the LibreOffice suite. I don't have a need for the database portion any more, but the writer and calc (spreadsheet) apps work flawlessly and are much more compatible with the different document formats we have from over the years and the different formats friends and family send us. We're running LibreOffice on both of our laptops and are very happy with it. Rob
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