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  1. KenL

    Smartcar Wiper blades

    Hi Glenn, I got mine at smartmadness.com
  2. We are north of Tampa and even have our truck for sale if you are interested.
  3. Thanks, any questions please let us know.
  4. Thanks Carl, oh come on this truck would look good with your new DRV
  5. KenL


  6. We are in the site in front of Dave at Jim and Mary;s in Missoula, MT. We agree, very HDT friendly park and Dave does have a very good looking rig. Ken
  7. KenL

    Sick Truck

    I paid $5863 in Tampa in January
  8. KenL

    Jack's new truck

    My hats off to you three. Brilliant business concept, well thought out with a great design and engineering.
  9. I loaded a Goldwing on the bed of my HDT truck for over two years. I put a 2 X 10 three feet long where the transition from the ramp to the ground is. That made a big difference in my comfort and being able to keep my feet on a stable service when backing down. I used a winch to load and unload the bike.
  10. We ordered 2017 Nov 22 and picked it up at Mercedes Benz of Tampa on Dec 23. They knew exactly when it would be built, shipped, and gave us delivery date prior to ordering.
  11. I had an agent from Good Sam call me last week. They matched Allied Insurance with same coverage for less money for Truck, trailer, smart car, and bike. He was very knowledgible with my needs for South Dakota. This is who I talked to: Shamsuddeen Shahid Sales Agent 800 Superior Ave. Cleveland, Ohio 44114 Phone: 216-802-3856 Shamsuddeen.shahid@ngic.com
  12. We have a 2017 we got end of December. Filled up for the first time today and did not have any issues.
  13. KenL

    National HDT Rally

    Cindy and I are planning on arriving Sunday (tomorrow) around noon. Look forward to meeting everyone.
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