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  1. I've seen this same post of yours with a link to your blog on several other forums now. Seems you are trying to get readers to your blog??
  2. Going on our third year. Now in Mass for the summer. Back to NM in August.
  3. I've passed this Escapees park headed SE out of NM many times, but have never stopped. It's right in my backyard.
  4. Just wondering... is that Topsail in NC, FL or somewhere else?
  5. R. Walter

    The Ranch

    I drove right by it on December 12, but didn't take the turn-off into the park. Should have checked it out, but was headed for Ft Stockton.
  6. Right now we are in Blue Angel RV Park (USN) until early January when we head over to the east coast of Florida near Cape Canaveral.
  7. My wife and I left northern NM a week ago and are currently staying at Betty's RV Park in Abbeville, LA. Nice place and fun people here! Heading for Florida in a few days.
  8. I just retired and next summer I plan to do the drive to/from Alaska from my home base in New Mexico. My wife and I volunteered this past summer for 3+ months with the Army COE in New England and had a good time. So, I'm looking for something similar, but for a max of 8 weeks or so. [Apparently, if you reside in Alaska for 8 weeks or more, you're supposed to get an Alaska D.L. and so on.] I've been to Alaska on a number of prior occasions, but have always flown up for a week or two. These have been mostly vacations, so I've managed to see a bit of Alaska, anyway. I'd like to spend about 90 days in Alaska next summer, so I'm okay with about 2 months volunteering. Thanks for your comments about time off. I'm okay with working about 24 - 28 hours a week. Seems that can be in the range of what's being asked for in terms of hours.
  9. Interested to hear if any of you have ever volunteered in the Alaska State Parks system. I would like to know of your experiences and any comments you might have to offer. Thanks.
  10. My wife and I left off our Hitchhiker in Chanute, KS for some maintenance and will pick it up in several weeks. Meantime we are at our homebase in northern NM about 100 miles north of Albuquerque. We go back and forth to Albuquerque or Farmington for groceries and supplies as necessary. My son visits me beginning Oct 8 and we both drew out for elk and will hunt that week in unit 5b. In December wife and I head for the Florida panhandle to visit our other son in Pensacola and will spend most of the winter in Florida. Between now and December we plan on several weeks in Arizona or southern NM. After Florida its up to New England for the spring and then... Alaska next summer. Anyone have Alaska on their itinerary next summer?
  11. Fracking has been going on longer than 08/09.
  12. Still up here in Massachusetts volunteer working at a COE facility. Plan to head back to New Mexico on August 29 going through the UP of Michigan for a week or two. Weather in New England this summer has been unusually warm and dry. I thought I'd get some cool weather compared to central NM, but I guess not. Just thought I'd post this update.
  13. To the OP: I'm curious where you've been boondocking in Florida for the last 20 months?
  14. I'd like to add my best wishes to you, Lee, and a rapid recovery for you. I've been following this thread for over a year and have especially enjoyed your posts, Lee. In fact I even stopped by in Deming over Thanksgiving 2014 to say hello, but missed you. Today I retire or, rather, its my last day of regular work. In the next 2 days my wife and I hit the road headed east to Florida to visit our 2 sons and then we're volunteering in Massachusetts at a COE facility for the summer. And back to NM for the fall. Good Health to you , Lee!
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