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  1. Thank you. I have a camera on the cab for the 5r pin box, one on each side and one on the rear of the 5r. The reverse wire was connected, but I prefer to control the monitor to be able to see all four cameras when backing up. The left and right are supposed to be operated by the turn signals, and there in lies the issue. With the wires connected at the trailer plug, they both flash and the monitor is activated by the break. I honestly like the manual operation as opposed to the auto left and right, but would like to try the auto left/right if I can get it figured out. The installer really did an excellent job on mounting cameras and running wires where they would not be seen or cause issues in the weather. I decided to try the actual connection on my own. Maybe bad idea :-?
  2. Thanks for you prompt response. Let me clarify my issue. When the left and right turn wires are disconnected it works in static mode. I believe the monitor wire is connected correctly as is the reversing wire. The problem is, when I push on the brake pedal, the monitor changes to the left camera, I assume since the brake light is sending power at all times when depressed and the turn signal interrupts the circuit to flash, it triggers the monitor to come on. Should I connect it to a front turn signal light without stop current instead of the rear. This is a system purchased from Leviathan Holdings. I am pleased with the system, just need to work out the wiring issue.
  3. We have had a quad rear view camera system installed. When I push on the brake, the monitor comes on, it is tied into stop-tail-turn at the trailer plug. Where do I need to connect it to resolve the issue? Thanks!
  4. Any idea how much data is needed to be connected to VPN 8-12 hours a day?
  5. We are hoping to hit the road later this year. DH is able to work from anywhere so long as we have signal for the Internet. I hear that wifi can be hit or miss. What are the options, or are there any to be able to have Internet reliably? Believe it or not I've done research, but I don't feel like I've seen the answer yet...maybe because there is no answer???
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