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  1. TwoBearBill

    Air Tank Leak

    Jeff, our situations are different. You're still making a living with your truck, so time is $. Mine is going to sit while I'm in Gunnison for 6 months and I have other transportation. I don't plan to buy generics - I've already found a couple of sets with the same fittings.
  2. Good to know - thanks!
  3. TwoBearBill

    Air Tank Leak

    Deezl, what do you mean by bulkheads and clocking?
  4. TwoBearBill

    Air Tank Leak

    That's my plan. Just need to locate some in good condition at a reasonable price.
  5. TwoBearBill

    Air Tank Leak

    AHA! That would explain why 3 tanks! I'm learning. I will pursue replacing all 3. I don't want ANY of them to fail. I consider myself very fortunate to discover it while workamping in one place for the summer and not on the side of the road somewhere.
  6. Up until now, my truck has never leaked onto the pavement. But I noticed oil seeping out of the side of the steering gearbox. Looks like it's coming from under a round cover about 4" in diameter held on by a big "e-clip". Something I can do myself? My initial search of the forums found advice to replace and not attempt to repair.
  7. TwoBearBill

    Air Tank Leak

    Now that my new governor is installed, I've discovered I have a leak in one of my air tanks from the rust worm. While I'm at it, I think it wise to replace all 3 tanks. Volvo wants $300 per tank + tax + $140 shipping from Denver. LKQ in Charlotte has nice used ones for $100 each + $175 shipping. Anybody done business with LKQ or recommend a good source? Could I buy an air tank from local NAPA dealer and replace 3 with 1? Is there an important reason for 3 individual tanks?
  8. No offense taken. I'll check those sources. Thanks
  9. Any other suggestions for spare parts to carry would be welcome. I have spare belts, wiper blade, dash bulbs, headlight bulbs, fuses, plus misc fasteners, zip ties, baling wire, and duct tape.
  10. I'm happy to get any suggestions from this group. Thanks! Bill
  11. That was it! The $43 governor solved the problem. Air comes up to 120psi and the transmission shifts again. Many thanks for the help!
  12. Mine is on the compressor. Found one here in Gunnison, CO. I'll replace it and see if that's the culprit. Thanks again for the help.
  13. Since I can't hear any obvious air leaks, and the system only builds up to 75psi max, I'm leaning toward looking at the governor as suggested. Now - where is the governor? Is it normally attached to the compressor, or remote?
  14. I do appreciate all the replies. I'd like to learn about this truck by fixing as many things as I can. Rear psi builds to 75psi and holds (doesn't leak down). Front builds only to a little over 60 and leaks down to zero. When I shut down the engine, there is a "buzzing" sound near the trans, but I can't tell yet where it's coming from. Not a hissing like air, but more like a solenoid kinda sound. Trying to figure out how to get the truck up on some blocks so I can get more room to get under it.
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