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  1. We chose Tiffin with a 2018 Phaeton 40IH over Fleetwood based on quality and customer service. It's been a beautiful coach so far as we full-time. Jim & Nancy 2018 Tiffin 40IH Our Fur Baby (Jude - Pug)
  2. We have just upgraded from both a fifth wheel and a gas class A to a diesel class A. As noted in many of the comments, folks chose the type of RV for their particular needs and wants. Our needs changed which led to our decision to change to a diesel pusher. The fifth wheel was used where we stayed in a park for longer times - measured in months based on where my job was and the gas class A was used for our weekend and short vacation trips. Now that we've retired, we will be spending our time traveling to see North America, hence our need to upgrade for a more appropriate RV that met my DW's ne
  3. We plan on not driving more than 200-250 miles a day, then stay in one spot for at least several days if not longer. In this way, if there are interesting places around us, we can use the toad to visit. We've spent our entire working career the majority of the time on vacations driving to visit family (all live within several states away). We have passed so many places/signs that we would be interested in checking out but due to the time limit of the vacation, we skipped. We do not plan on doing that when we retire later this year. - Jim & Nancy NewMar Mountain Air (Soon t
  4. jmarxen

    Cameron AZ

    Checking RV Park Reviews, it appears that is the only campground. The closest other campground is in Tuba City, around 30 miles away. http://www.rvparkreviews.com/regions/arizona/cameron We have found this web site is good to look at the times we travel or for making reservations. We also have started using an app on our iPhones called AllStays which has much more information on what is available in the area you are at or in transit. You may want to consider checking into that app. Jim & Nancy NewMar Mountain Air Future 2018 Tiffin Phaeton
  5. I thank everyone for their feedback, it appears the common theme is to call ahead around noon for a campsite that day except on weekends and good advice on staying put for the weekends. We currently RV and find making reservations for family vacations and just weekends are a necessity. With transitioning to being full-time, I would hate to spend that much money on an expensive motorhome just to stay in parking lots.
  6. We are planning to purchase our new motorhome in a few months when I retire. I'm hearing podcasts stating that it's getting extremely hard just to travel and find campsites without advanced reservations at the end of the day. We understand that major tourist sites require reservations during the summer, but does folks traveling full-time really have this issue? If so it can be a deterrent of going full time. Appreciate your feedback! Jim & Nancy Future 2018 Tiffin Phaeton
  7. Our youngest child and great grandkids live there, and when we decide to come off the road, my wife wishes to live near one of the kids, the others - one being in Mississippi and the rest are in central or Northern Georgia. Nothing against FL, just no one down there. Jim and Nancy NewMar Mountain Air 2014 Honda CRV
  8. LindaH - Appreciate the heads up for obtaining the Class B, non-CDL driver's license. I haven't looked into the driver's license requirements yet. I currently have a SC Class F license which is for vehicles over 28,000 pounds. My DW has a CDL. RobL - How would you have not paid the SC property tax? We'll be taking delivery of the new motorhome in December, and per the dealer, we'll have to pay the sales tax, property tax and obtain insurance prior to taking delivery. Looking forward to your suggestion as the dealer estimated property tax will be somewhere in the ballpark of $2300
  9. I'll be retiring at the end of this year. We currently live in SC and are considering TX as our domicile when we go full-time. We are ordering a new Tiffin Phaeton 40 ft diesel pusher that we'll be transferring to Texas with our Honda CRV that we use as our tow vehicle. We will have the title as we will be paying cash for the motorhome. I've looked at the TX Motor Vehicle Title Manual and it basically says TX does not have a category for recreational vehicles. There is the title application fee of either $28 or $33 for each vehicle. The car will be easy as the registration fee would be $50
  10. One thing to consider about insurance is whether you plan to tow your toad (vehicle). If that is the case, you will want to look at insuring both vehicles on the same policy to avoid two deductibles and double points in case you are ever in an accident. We have ours insured through Explorer RV. Jim and Nancy NewMar Mountain Air
  11. It will also depend on the brand of the induction stove. For example we have a two 'burner' True that can be run off of 30 amps (1 phase), however we've met a few others who have a Wolfe 2 burner Induction cooktop, and that requires 50 amps to use (2 phase). - Jim & Nancy Newmar Mountain Air
  12. So what do you do when you are a solo traveler living in your RV and having a procedure like a colonoscopy? Not sure what you are specifically asking. My DW just had a colonoscopy and she when in at 7:0 am and was finished and out by 9:00 am. Understand the appointment wait time though. Am I misunderstanding your situation? - Jim & Nancy NewMar Mountain Air Honda CRV
  13. Each state that offers BCBS is a franchise from the Blue Cross Association, the parent organization, so it is not consistent across all states. Each state BCBS plan offers it's own policies 'tailored' for the residents of each state. There is a program that ties all of the BCBS claims for payment, example if you have a NY BCBS plan and utilize services in another state, the provider in that state files their claim, that state's BCBS plan processes it by sending the claim to your state BCBS plan for payment. So the coverage is dependent on the terms of coverage of your BCBS plan. Check carefull
  14. We are currently residents of South Carolina about one year away of being able to full-time. The two states we are considering is FL and TX for our domicile when we make the switch. We have relatives in both states, so either one we choose, the transition to make that state our domicile will be easier. Looking at the Florida Dept of Revenue, we came across FL's use tax: http://dor.myflorida.com/dor/taxes/sales_tax.html On it it states: Use Tax Use tax is due on the use or consumption of taxable goods or services when sales tax was not paid at the time of purchase. For example:
  15. Regardless of what insurance policy any health insurance offers, the ACA requires a minimum coverage to be provided, making this minimum coverage the same unless you wish to purchase a more 'premium plan. The ACA limits health insurance companies providing individual plans to a maximum of 6% to cover their costs, including profit, or they must refund their policyholders any premiums over that. It's simple mathematics, they are concentrating on providing healthcare plans that they can control costs, and HMO's are the easiest to control costs. PPO's allow you to go to any doctor or provider whos
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