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  1. I guess I talked to the wrong people. I was dealing with Gregg County DMV not Polk County. The dealership in Florida where I purchased the bike had a bad time with Gregg County and Austin. Both insisted there was no way around returning to Texas unless I was in the military or a student. I guess I need to talk to different people if I every buy out of state again.
  2. Jack MayerI can only state what happened to me. I would like to know how you did that. I even called Austin and was told there was no way to register in Texas without having the vehicle inspected in Texas. I can see it if titled it another state first.
  3. I bought a motorcycle in Florida last February. The state of Texas would NOT register it until I returned to Texas to get it inspected. I had to register it in Florida where all I needed was a PO box for an address. When I returned to Texas and had it inspected I had not problem with the registry. I had bought a truck a few years ago in Arizona and had a lot of trouble with the Texas registry. I had a 90 day tag from Az. on it to allow me time to return to Texas. What I didn't know was that Texas fined you $25.00 every 30 days that you didn't register it in Texas from date of purchase. You get 20 days to register before the fines start. It cost me $75.00 in fines for being late. The next issue was the title. Arizona does not have a paper title, it's all on line. I had a printed title from Arizona that I downloaded form the net. Texas needs a paper title to register. I spent an more then a hour at DMV office. We had conference call with Austin, Arizona, the Longview DMV and me. Texas insisting on a paper title, Arizona insisting they don't issue what Texas wanted . Finally Texas gave in and excepted the Arizona title I had. I don't think I will ever buy something out of state again unless I plan to return to Texas right away.
  4. We will at North Ranch in Congress, AZ Feb, March and April.
  5. We are at Jekyll Island for the month of October. We will head to Texas for Thanksgiving.
  6. We are in Kilgore, TX at the Shallow Creek RV Park. I have surgery on Friday to remove a tumor from my left kidney. We will be here for the next 4 weeks whioe I recover. Anyone passing by let us know.
  7. We will be leaving Deming, NM Nov. 28 heading to Kilgore, TX for doctors, then heading to Congress, AZ till the end of April.
  8. We will be in Deming, NM at Dream Catchers until Dec. We are going to Congress, AZ( North Ranch) the first of Feb. I hope we can get together with some of you this winter. The Mesa area isn't that far away.
  9. We are at SKP Dream Catchers in Deming, NM untill Nov. Anyone heading this way look us up. After that we will head to TX for doctors then who knows.
  10. We are in Truth Or Consequences, NM heading to Deming SKP. I know, it's hot there. We will be workcamping there for a while.
  11. We were in Yosemite Nat'l Park in the spring of 07. We agree that the spring is best time there. We loved it and plan to return some day to spend more time hiking there. We are on our way to see Zion as soon as we can get a slide fixed.
  12. We are leaving Pahrump on Thursday and need info on the campground you told me about.The one I found on line was a lot more than $10. Can you help?


  13. Could you send me info on the campground? duaneweg@yahoo.com

  14. I had not heard about Pipe Springs. I will check it out . Sounds good

    Duane and louise

  15. We are now in Pahrump for a week. Heading toward Utah and the National Parks there on our way back to New Mexico. Sure hope we don't get the wind storms there
  16. Thanks Barbara and David for a great visit and dinner. We had a great time. We will be in Desert Hot Springs for a couple of days then off to Walnut Creek.
  17. We will be leaving Congress, AZ on the 4th of April, heading for Desert Hot Springs, CA for a few days. I had a great time at carving week here and Louise is now enjoying bead week .
  18. Tomorrow it's ON THE ROAD AGAIN. We will leave Deming, NM in the morning for Congress, AZ. It will be a week of wood carving for me, a week of beading for Louise. I think we will stop for the night in Benson.
  19. Barb & Dave We will heading to Bay area, Walnut Creek,CA. after Congress. I think we will be in that area for about a month. How long are you going to be in that area? Maybe we can hook up then.
  20. Scuba Dave... I don't think we will stop there this trip. We would love to see you guys again but I think we will keep on truckin to get further down the road. I will let you know if we decide to stop.
  21. 13 more days in Deming, NM then it's off to Congress, AZ for wood carving week and then bead week. After that we will head to the coast and up to San Fransico area to visit the kids and grandkids there. Hope we can afford the gas bill....lol Hope to see some of you on the road.
  22. Ww will be at Dream Catchers till March 15, then off to Congress for 2 weeks. Anyone going to be there then?
  23. We had a GREAT time visiting with Jeff & Suzanne here at Dream Catchers SKP Park in Deming, NM. Of course we had to go out to eat....lol...went to Abobe Grill and we all had a great steak dinner. Even better then the steak, our son paid for it as a Cristmas present for us. Bless you Jeremy
  24. Jeff & Suzanne ...We will be looking forward to seeing you.
  25. We are now in Deming, NM at the Escapees park. We start workcamping here in Jan. Anyone coming this way, let us know.
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