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  1. It amazes me how well an unhindered capitalistic supply chain works. If you want something and are willing to buy it, someone will make and sell it. I hope the pandemic monkey wrench in the works, will pass and things will return to near normalcy before too long. I'm sure we will see a new normal in some areas, though. Oh, by the way, when I used to make biodiesel I used methanol and lye in the transesterfication process and kept a bottle of vodka on hand as an antidote for methanol poisioning. The emergency proceedure for getting drenched in methanol was to immediately ditch your clothes and counteract it by drinking an approiate number of swigs of vodka. If it was good as an antidote, I figured a reasonable amount of vodka, taken orally as a preventative measure was in order. πŸ€ͺ
  2. Randy and Carl, My truck DOES have the air actuated fan clutch. If no air pressure is applied to clutch, it engages, If air pressure is applied, it disengages. The fan clutch works fine when driving down the road if the temperature gets to 200/210 degrees, but not at idle with the A/C on. The A/C compressor is engaged and the high side line and condenser get hot due to no airflow at idle. I am 99.375% sure that It used to come on at idle since it used to blow cold air at idle......now it blows cold air when the radiator/condensor gets ram air when traveling but not when stopped and idling. I perhaps wrongly assumed that the freon charge was ok since the high side line and condenser are getting pretty darn hot at idle. I didn't think it would do that if refrigerant was very low.
  3. Desert, due to other things going on right now, I have not tried the 12 volts to PA19 of the VECU. i will post the results when I try it. I am a little hesitant to apply voltage to things that could go POOF and cause bigger problems. I am still trying to understand why the fan does not come on at idle when the A/C is on, but have not ruled out a manual switch.
  4. Randy, maybe the roar of the fan would remind me to cut it off....but then there is that issue of hearing. This getting old crap is getting old...... I did find where applying 12 volts to PA19 of the VECU will allow control of the fan without triggering any codes that could result from some other fan control methods.
  5. I installed one on my 2006 Volvo 780 and like it.
  6. I was doing a periodic run up on my 2006 Volvo 780 with D12D engine and Turned the A/C on with truck idling....no cold air...HMMM. Checked A/C compressor and its clotch was engaged and compressor turning, line to condender was very hot and condenser was hot. The A/C seems ot work well enough when going down the road. The engine cooling fan was freewheeling and not moving air through condenser and radiator. The fan clutch does engage when engine temp gets to 200 degrees , so this tells me that the fan air solenoid is working and the fan clutch is working but I don't know how the A/C tells the air solenoid to close to engage the engine fan clutch. Is it through a relay actuated by the A/C ON button or is it temp controlled. It would not make sense to me for the fan to be engaged any time the A/c is on, since ram air is sufficient when moving. I am thinking that a temp sensor on the condenser or high side refrigerant line would control the engagement of the fan. If anyone has real world knowledge or experience with any of this, I would really appreciate your input. Oh, I did find how to wire in a manual fan clutch switch but I would like to understand why the fan is not working with the A/C on at idle. Thanks in advance.
  7. sclord2002


    Thanks for the replies. I am happy to hear positive reports on Champva.
  8. I use pins through the lip of the ramp and bed to align/secure the ramps to bed. Glad that your episode had a happy ending. We all live and learn as we travel along. Continuing education....
  9. sclord2002


    Does anyone have any experience with CHAMPVA ? My wife just got a package for the VA with a CHAMPVA ID card but I don;t know much about it. She qualifies since I am on VA disability. I read the booklett that was sent with the card but am wondering about real world experiences with CHAMPVA. Thanks in advance.
  10. sclord2002

    Tire lifter

    Carl, OK you are gonna get me in trouble. I have 3 Milwaukee M18 impacts: one inch, 3/4 inch and half inch and I won't mention my 2 Ridgid 1/2 inch impacts. I can't help but stimulate the economy in times like these. Remember the tool hoarders axiom on tool redundancy: One is none, two is one. Look up the Milwaukee M18 1 inch impact....it's great.😁 Oh, Rickeieio, tire mounting parties can be fun. Too bad nobody came to mine. Actually, both my sons showed up when I was demounting tire number 6.....and I was really happy to see them and not have to do the last 2 by myself. Actually the tire mounting was not that bad. I got lucky and all the beads seated as soon as I shot the air to them...I guess I should have bought a lottery ticket that day with that kind of luck. I still have most of a gallon of mounting lube that we can use on your tires. Oh. I also installed installed Centramatic balancers when reinstalling the tires.πŸ˜‰ Do I know how to have fun, or what ???πŸ™„
  11. sclord2002

    Tire lifter

    Roger, I have used everything imaginable over the years to lift/align heavy tire/wheel assemblys. When I replaced all 8 drive tires on my truck, this tool would have come in really handy. I used a large crowbar for the lifting/alignment and it worked well...but not as well as this tire lifter would have. I usually figure that if a tool will mostly pay for itself by allowing me to do something that I would otherwise have to pay to have done, them it merits consideration for my tool inventory. I still have my labor in the job but that doesn't change the equation much if you are a tool junkie. I do have a Milwaukee M-18 one inch impact wrench that didn't pay for itself on my 8 tire change but made it much easier. Maybe my wife won't read this, so it doesn't matter....it's a beast. I can relate to Tim the tool man Taylor. Like several others on this forum, I like tools.
  12. Paul, I am sorry to learn about your vertigo. I hope it is improving. I am also sorry to hear that you are selling your rig. We like you guys and are really going to miss you...especially Daisy. Who is going to keep me in my place and humble if you are not around ? I appreciate your warped, dry humor. I will really miss the only female who is always glad to see me and greets me with a wet kiss every time I see her...Daisy. Keep us informed on how you are doing, tell Paula Hi and give Daisy a good butt scratching for me. We wish you all the best. Charlie Lord
  13. Hooray, Jim ! It feels good to wrestle a problem into submission, doesn't it ? Hope you and Robin are doing well. Be safe, Charlie Lord
  14. I am running 12 Sailun tires, 8 on the drives of the Volvo and 4 17.5's on the fiver. I am pleased with them. Charlie
  15. Hot digity, what a lift !! It appears that the lift posts are moveable ?? I guess they would have to be to accomodate various wheelbases/ widths. It sounds like you just had a bad battery, to me. 4 new batteries should put you in the catbird seat. Charlie
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