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  1. You certainly had a long time on the road. You must have seen and done much of what you planned. It is interesting to see that you are so glad at this time though to be off of the road. Things change as far as people's viewpoints depending upon experience. I always like to see people so happy to get on the road. But then perhaps they are just as happy many times to get off! Good luck on your new situation which sounds very good for you.
  2. I am assuming that you did not take a homestead exemption on the house taxes. There is such a thing as declaring your homestead (primary residence) with the county clerk. While this is done to avoid bankruptcy proceedings involving one's primary residence, such a declaration could be made by you regarding your RV. Most would assume that the fixed house is your primary residence and this would help to counter that idea. You could probably have a consultation with an attorney on this that would not cost much, or maybe even free. Law firms make up such an affidavit and some are available to use, however, they are written with a fixed residence in mind. While you can do one yourself, you might want to just pay up to have your RV declared your primary residence because you are in an unusual situation. The problem you still might have is the time you spend in the house when in Texas vs. time in the RV. While that should not matter (given that most months you are apparently on the road in the RV) no telling if it would matter in some situation where your residence might be at issue. Perhaps an attorney can advise on that.
  3. As of September 1, 2017, trailers in Texas with a weight of 7,500 lbs. or less are exempt from the annual safety inspections. Few would come under that here but we have a small trailer. The above-mentioned 4,500 lbs. in the post by California3201 has just been changed to 7,500 lbs. A self-certification can be used for the VIN if bringing such a trailer into Texas.
  4. Yes, Escapees is worth it just for the magazine. I have always thought that their magazine was excellent and it seems that they have improved the paper they are using lately. A nice touch. Anyway, there are many good reasons to be a member and you will surely benefit. Cathy
  5. I take it that you have just become a fulltimer. Good for you! You need to officially declare yourself one, as you put it. You cannot be a fulltimer but pretend not to be unless you want to subject yourself to some possible big problems down the line. That is what some people are telling you here. Perhaps you are not in one of the three states friendly to fulltimers (FL, TX, SD) since you said that a street address was required. (Some use an Escapees address though.) That is why fulltimers have a habit of using one of those states as their domicile. There is no problem with your getting mail at a relatives or keeping vehicles there. The problem is pretending to live there since that can likely be quickly and easily found out not to be the case. Someone mentioned a claim. Yes, the agent will not be the one taking care of that should something happen. You need to be living where you say you are living. And if that is on the road, you need fulltimers insurance to protect yourself and avoid hassles regarding that. You may be able to get away with making your domicile in that state, whatever the state, but it could become a problem if not a state friendly to fulltimers. Talking to state officials on your situation with regard to that for taxes and other business may help. They may have dealt with this. Also, even if you do not vote, voter registration is considered an important indicator of where you are domiciled. And you just might decide that you want to vote some time.
  6. And I believe that this is for four different stays. Four nights total, only one night each stay, I think. Not to be compared with NM's at all, as you say.
  7. We are not fulltimers and have never been but we have been memebers of Escapees for several years. I like receiving their information and can use much learned here when on the road. Cathy
  8. Glad to read this. The one found the other and they were apparently two very similar good folks.
  9. The broker talked to Nationwide and that person talked to an underwriter. Allied is merged with Nationwide (owned by Nationwide many years but merged recently.) They have started calling all formerly "Allied" insurance policies "Nationwide" recently. But they say that Texas does not have them merged yet, even though they are merged as of the last year or two.
  10. One would think that this is the case but they are saying that the full replacement coverage has to be bought within 13 months of the trailer being new. Since they are our company, of course they know we bought it when new, so can't even believe that they are claiming that this is a problem. Yes, I think they should be doing what yours did and would expect that they all do that. Thank you for the reply.
  11. I managed to goof up my answer which is above. That is not SWharton's quote above but my remarks.
  12. We bought full replacement insurance in Iowa when our trailer was new in 2015. Now we have moved to Texas. Trailer still in Iowa at the moment. We have Allied which is under Nationwide and they are merged. We are told that the insurance cannot be transferred as it has to be re-written because of moving to Texas (when the trailer is brought to Texas). Full replacement coverage is only given in the first 13 months and we are past that. Anyone dealt with this problem? (Our house in Iowa is now our second home. Working on getting out of it later.) Cathy
  13. Love your bus! Can't wait to see what adventures you have.
  14. Just want to mention that, in Texas, according to their title and vehicle registration application, they specifically allow for renewals to be sent to an address other than your domicile.
  15. You will want to check on this yourself but I believe that your vehicles need to be registered in the county in which you live. I take it from what you say that they are now registered in Aransas County. You might want to tell Escapees about your situation and they can advise you well. Once you change your address to the other county, that may be a problem regarding the vehicles. You could compare costs in both counties unless you have some big attachment to Livingston. Of course, fees in Livingston may be less. Perhaps someone else here can comment further as far as those two counties.
  16. Does anyone here use the Escapees address on their driver's license and haven't many people used it for proof of residency? Did Aransas County not know what they were doing or what? I would think Escapees would like to know about this.
  17. Those new to Texas may not be paying a sales tax on vehicles that had been registered in another state. Instead, it seems that they are paying a $90 use tax plus some other fees, in addition to the usual fee. Think it might be about $188 per vehicle. We were also told that a 2015 21' trailer would be $175. The use fee is mentioned on the title and registration application.
  18. As far as we have been told, there is an additional much larger fee to register vehicles if you are new to Texas. The county that you are coming into can tell you.
  19. We are not fulltimers but joined a few years ago. At that time it was $70 to join, at first. Reconsidered continuing after that but then the annual membership cost dropped. Much of the information here is often helpful to those of us not fulltiming. The magazine is excellent. I think that you will find you are glad to have joined.
  20. I have no idea what Washington requires on this. What I have seen many times on these forums, however, is that vehicles are usually registered where garaged. So I just wanted to bring up this point. I happened to come across reciprocity laws for registering vehicles in Texas. As far as I can see, legal residents of many other states can store or keep vehicles in Texas as long as the owner does not work or do business in Texas (and has not made it his or her domicile.) We are in Iowa, for instance, and that is the reciprocity agreement with Iowa, as given above. I am just wondering how common this is, not having looked at other states. In other words, as far as I can see, keeping your vehicles in a state may not require you to register them there as I had thought. Perhaps there is something I do not know about this, but the reciprocity agreements for Texas make no mention of any time limits for having a vehicle in the state, except with respect to working or doing business.
  21. Hello, there, Mom, It sounds as if you have little time left to consider what RV you are getting. Since you already know that it will be a Class A or C, you obviously know something and have some consideration done. You are likely not going to be able to tell any problems with the children, if there will be any of significance, until into the lifestyle. You may learn some possibilities from the suggested reading above if you can do that. Having the children along when looking, so that they feel part of the decision, may help you decide. They may move you in their direction and you can tell if that is good or not. Try to arrange to have any unit you wish to buy checked by an RV mechanic or anyone you know with knowledge of RVs. Hope we hear what you get and how it goes.
  22. I was referring to trip insurance such as Good Sam sells. They will bring your RV home as well as kids, pets, whatever. They also will get you medical treatment. I guess you should just arrange it yourself but perhaps there could be a situation where someone needs to have them arrange it. And that is what my question concerned. If they arrange it, not sure how that can work unless they cover all expenses.
  23. You didn't say where you hibernate. Maybe you move around. Good that you have that work.
  24. We thought we were going to move to Tucson a few years back. Then my husband happened to go down there when it was much hotter than usual and he had no interest after that. Ironically, I went down within a few months of his visit, but in winter, and it was one of the coldest winters there ever, with snow. I like Tucson and plan to visit a few times but we are not moving there. Of course, many in those far south places always leave in summer but the mountains are not far.
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