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  1. Very well put, Kirk. You hit the nail right on the head. Thanks!
  2. Is it easier to align the tow vehicle for hitching with a travel trailer or fifth wheel? Reason for question: Had a Dodge Ram 3500 Crew Cab long bed and Arctic Fox 32' TT attached by a Hensley hitch. The Hensley was great for towing, barely knew the trailer was there, but it was very difficult for us to hitch the trailer and truck together, even with the help of my then better half, who was more adept at it than I was. I'm alone now, and considering going on the road with something smaller, nothing more than 21' or 22'. I don't want to have the problems I previously had hitching. I'm looking for something easier where there is more tolerance when carrying out the alignment. Am I better off with a travel trailer or fifth wheel? Thanks. Harry
  3. Thanks, Kirk. I was hoping you'd read my post and respond. You've been a reliable source of good information throughout the years.



  4. Folks: Maybe someone can give me some information on this. I apologize for the convoluted nature of this post. We lived in our own house in Texas for 25 years. We got an RV, sold the house, and got an Escapees address. Then our plans were put on hold; one of our daughters was about to start a family. She wanted Mommy with her for the first three months after giving birth. So, about three years ago we drove up to Chicago. We put our RV in storage and rented a basement in a house a few blocks from where our daughter and son-law-law lived. Three months has turned into three years, and one granddaughter in Chicago has turned into two granddaughters. (We also wound up having another granddaughter in Massachusetts.) When we first came to Chicago we had no idea how long we were going to stay. We were living in a month-to-month rental without a lease. If we had wanted to change our drivers' licenses from Texas to Illinois we could not have; Illinois has some strict ID requirements, including proofs of address. We didn't have any. All our mail was to our Rainbow Drive address. We had nothing for Illinois, or at least, nothing that was acceptable according to their list. (Side note: It's much easier to get a voter ID card in Illinois (no documents necessary,) than switch your license.) The landlady in whose house we were living just sold the house. We moved into an apartment. We have a lease and utility bills. So, we can get Illinois licenses now. Here's the issue: We no longer have the RV, but we still have the truck (Dodge Ram 3500) and the passenger car (Honda Fit). The car is with us in Chicago. The truck is with our son in Massachusetts. Both vehicles still have Texas titles and plates. My wife wants to keep the truck because she says we may go on the road again in a few years. Here's my question: What are the implications of keeping our Texas driver's licenses with our Escapees address, and keeping our vehicles with Texas plates? If we are going to travel again then it will be much simpler for us to keep things as they are. Also, the truck almost never goes to Illinois. In fact, we hardly drive the car in Chicago itself; once every two weeks to do major shopping. Most of the driving is done back and forth to our other three grown kids in New York, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island, and back and forth to Texas once or twice a year where my wife still performs as a puppeteer. I should note: I'm not trying to avoid Illinois state income taxes. I fill out Illinois tax returns. Also, we give our Chicago address for my wife's Obamacare plan. (I'm on Medicare.) Thanks in advance for any useful information. Harry
  5. I’d like to thank everyone who replied. I won’t bore everyone with the detailed reasons why I thought I might be able to continue my Texas domicile, (the issue of intent: our RV and two storage rooms are in Texas, driving down to Texas to get dental work done from my long-time dentist, etc.,) but it seems clear that once my wife applies for coverage from an Illinois PPO that does it. I want to thank Kirk for the detailed info and suggestion, (I had read his article on domicile several years ago, more than once,) Jim for helping me understand the issue of intent more clearly, and Biker for that very useful excerpt from Illinois law.
  6. Folks: I apologize for asking a question that’s been beaten to death but I’m confused by a possible wrinkle caused by the ACA and by Texas Blue Cross eliminating the PPO option. According to that very helpful and informative website that we got in an Escapees email: https://www.rverinsurance.com/uncategorized/rver-guide-to-2016-aca-open-enrollment/ “Important Note: You can not simply get an address in another state and purchase your coverage there. You have to be a legal resident of that state. That is an ACA requirement!” Is being a legal resident of a state the same as having domicile there? We’ll be spending most of 2016 in Chicago. (Granddaughter!) My wife has to apply for an ACA plan. Getting a Texas HMO makes no sense. But if my wife gets a Chicago PPO does that mean she has to give up her Texas domicile. If she does, do I? I really don’t want to have to give up my Texas driver’s license or domicile. We’ve been Texas residents since 1988. (We've had a Livingston address via Escapees since we sold the house.) Furthermore, our current living conditions have no permanency to them: We’re renting a basement from which we would have to move if our landlady decides to sell the house. Any info or insight on this would be greatly appreciated. It may even help other people in a similar situation. Thanks! Harry
  7. Ron: If you're going to Houston I strongly recommend Advanced RV Resort. It's at South Sam Houston Parkway East and Highway 288. We spent a year there. It is absolutely wonderful! Harry
  8. We've been living in our coach since mid-March. We sold our house in mid-June. But we haven't gone on the road yet and won't until I retire in 6-9 months. Are we still part of the Class of 2013?
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