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  1. Leaving Livingston, TX this Wednesday. Men's hybrid bike, aluminum frame - Specialized Expedition Sport - 24spd Hybrid suspension bike, very comfortable and fun to ride. Bike has seat stem and front forks suspension, rear fender, air pump, 2 water bottle holders, bell, front headlight, rear strobe light, rear rack, toe clips, and a kickstand. Bike is very good mechanical condition, and looks very good with minor scuffs or scratches. Reduced to $175 of which $25 will go to CARE; make check payable to CARE. Call or text 907-306-01 six nine Email (nlsind at hotmail dot com)
  2. Same ladder as advertised in Camping World Internet Sale at $138.78 Comes with shelf that goes accross the top 2 rungs Weighs 25lbs and folds to 3.5 x 4.5 x 87 inches Get it before we leave Wednesday for $50 Call or text 907-306-01 six nine Email (nlsind at hotmail dot com)
  3. Not so quick there partner... nobody seems interested. Looks like somebody from Craigslist is going to get it for $800; that is if they come through with the money - I'm wondering. If somebody buys it here for $850, I will give $50 to CARE; you can make the check payable to CARE. Before we leave Wednesday we will be dropping off the checks.
  4. Length = 144 inches Weight = mine was about 2,500lbs actual; it depends whether 2 or 4 wheel drive, hardtop or softtop, A/C, manual or automatic. Wikipedia has some good specs
  5. 1998 Chevy Tracker just sold to a fellow Escapee here at Rainbows End, Livingston, TX
  6. UPDATE: Tracker Ranch - Fritz - just finished checking out the front-end (hubs, bearings, brakes), all is good. Brakes have plenty of pad, bearings are good; he did re-grease the passenger side hub. He removed the speedometer cable and lubed it; adjusted the clutch, no noise from through-out bearing or transmission bearing. His assessment - this is a very nice vehicle in excellent condition - well worth the money. You can call him if you have any questions 936-327-9613
  7. thanks Nana25k for your feedback! One reason we are looking for 2007 or newer is the 5spd automatic and a little more engine hp for highway travel. Everywhere I've looked it seems that the Element stayed on the CRV chassis until they stopped making them and that you have to follow the instructions to the letter for flat tow. My future Element will go into a trailer, so no problem there.
  8. Wanted - 2007 or newer Honda Element We do not need tow-bar, or brake buddy - we pull a trailer and Honda Element would go inside the trailer. We will consider all models of Element, but it needs to be a 2007 or newer. Currently in Livingston, TX until next week 2/11; then headed east towards Atlanta, GA then on down to Florida for a month or so, then headed back north for the summer. Contact at 907-306-xxxx FYI - We are currently trying to sell our 98 Chevy Tracker, listed on this forum, which must sell first before we can purchase Honda Element.
  9. Selling, unopened, new in the box, never been run, Yamaha EF2000i Inverter Generator. Thought I could parallel with my Honda, but found out I could not before opening box. Purchased from private party seller who got it with the purchase of his new travel trailer. Currently in Livingston, TX, until next week 2/11; then headed east towards Atlanta, GA, then down to Florida for a month or so, then back north for the summer. Great price $850, contact me at 907-306-xxxx
  10. I have a 98 Chevy Tracker with tow-bar that I just listed on Forum; we are in Livingston, TX and leaving next week Wednesday (2/11) headed east towards Atlanta, GA, then down to Florida for a month or so before heading back north.
  11. RARE!! 1998 Chevy Tracker, 4x4, 2 door, two-piece removalble hardtop, 5spd manual transmission. Odometer: 105,000 with 45,000 flat towed. Body, paint and interior in great shape; includes simple A-frame tow bar. Catalytic converter replaced with straight pipe (check-engine light on), good power and 30mpg, no pets, non-smoker, no accidents, tinted windows, car alarm, cd player, 2-inch trailer hitch, runs great, well maintained including replaced timing belt. Has transmission skid plate and front engine skid plate, and power steering. Just changed engine oil & filter, air filter, and spark plugs; appointment at the Tracker Ranch on Thursday - rebuild hubs, bearings, brakes. Presently located at Rainbows End, Livingston, TX, headed east 2/11 towards Atlanta, GA, then down to Florida for a month or so, then back north for the summer. Asking price $4,750 Forum only allows 100kb worth of pictures/file attachment - that's not much; so only two pictures. Please e-mail: (xxxxxx at hotmail com) for more pictures; or you can call me at 907-306-xxxx
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