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  1. I tried that on my Gen 1 and it didn't work, I don't know if there is a way to do it or if that started with the Gen 2 trucks Thanks Stan
  2. I have about 8 inactive codes and wanted to know if I can clear them myself or do I have to go to the dealer
  3. does holding the enter button down work on Gen 1 trucks too?
  4. Yes I use it, it is a great resource. I use my windows lap top. Thank You Mark
  5. Sparky242

    Making the Jump

    Nice looking truck, you will be very happy with it. I haven't found one thing I don't like about towing with an HDT, besides its just plain fun Congrats
  6. I think I fixed my ac problem in the sleeper and thought I would pass along what I found. My sleeper heating/cooling control is a potentiometer, so I removed it, sprayed it with electrical contact cleaner and worked it back and forth a bunch of times, put it back in and now I have cold air in the sleeper. Hope this might help someone else down the road
  7. Thank You should have remembered the resource guide, I have used it many times
  8. Thanks for the info, Charged it last summer, had to recharge it this week added 2 lbs Shrader valves on the both low and high side were leaking, I thought I found the leak guess I will have to dig deeper Thanks Stan
  9. Hi All I have a 2000 Volvo 610 last summer my sleeper blew nice cold air but on heat it still blew cold air, that was ok. This summer it blows hot air when on cold or hot temp setting, not ok. Don't know where to start looking or and I missing some thing simple. Thanks Stan
  10. Randy thanks for the info this is definitely on my project list. Back in the early 90s I put a Lambo kit on it and always wanted to upgrade the power plant
  11. I needed a piece of metal skirting to cover the hole where my fold out steps where and I went to the local RV dealer and they had a lot of left over metal skirting from different repairs they have made. I picked thru what they had and found a piece that worked perfect, cost was reasonable
  12. I have a 1986 Pontiac Fiero with the 2.8 motor and I always wanted to do a engine swap to a 3800 and was told that you need a hoist to lift the car off the engine cradle ( engine comes out the bottom) since you have done this I figured you would know if it can come out the top or not. Thanks
  13. Sparky242

    Air Tank Valves

    Thanks for the info I also have a Detroit so maybe it was a normal amount of oil, I will keep an eye on it for sure.
  14. Sparky242

    Air Tank Valves

    Thanks for the info I will check it more often
  15. Sparky242

    Air Tank Valves

    Was looking at the air tank valves on my Volvo 610, the middle and rear tank have screw in drain valves the front tank(wet tank) has a different looking valve with a cable hanging from it. wondering why it is different? Drained the middle and rear tank not much came out ( system had very little air in it) unthreaded the valve out of the front tank and got about a quart of oil out of it, is that normal? I have owned the truck for about a year and I am trying to learn the systems, I am assuming this needs to be drained a lot more often. I have only put on about 1000 miles since I bought it Thanks for any info Stan
  16. Possibly a bad connection in the circuit some where, as current flows through the circuit excessive heat will be created at the bad connection and it opens up. Do any other outlets go out or is it just the 4 plug-ins, if so I would start at the 4 plug-ins . Turn the breaker off and pull the outlets out and look for blackened wires or loose connections, if that looks good with the breaker off see if anything else goes out and that will give you another place to look even if the outlet works when the breaker is on the power might not be going past that outlet to the 4 plug-ins. You might want to get a no contact voltage tester (from any hardware store) they light up when put next to live voltage
  17. That's good news, I think the first one I had was just a fluke bad one🤞
  18. Was a Wilson alternator from the local Auto Value Auto Parts store. The replacement was also a Wilson from the same store, Hopefully it holds up
  19. Update the alternator was bad, exchanged it for another new one, wired it the same way and it works great. so what I had was three wires a big positive wire a big negative wire and a small wire with the #14 on it connected to the I terminal, traced it out and it went to the gauge cluster Thank You for all you ideas Stan
  20. I believe the Delco-Remey alt that was on the truck was possibly the original alt, there are three terminals on the new Wilson alt just like the old one, one big one for the positive wire and two small terminals next to the positive terminal. A small wire is connected to the terminal farthest from the positive terminal , the middle terminal was not used. The ground wire is connected to the alt frame. I think the middle terminal might be for a battery sensing wire but I don't want to connect it until I know for sure. I think the Delco may have had an internal battery sensing connection. Thanks Stan
  21. Would the battery sensing wire go to the 4th terminal? there was no wire on terminal 4 on the original alt just a big positive wire, a small wire(I think that goes to the interment cluster but maybe not) and a big negative wire to the frame of the alt. I measured the voltage at the batteries and at the alt and both said 16.8 The small wire also had 16.8 volts. the gauge said 14.3 when I started the truck. I got out to look everything over and when I got back in the truck the gauge said 16.8 There was no information in the box and the auto parts store took the box for the core
  22. Hi everyone I have a 2000 VNL 610 with a Detroit S60 engine and the alternator was not putting out any voltage so I ordered a new alternator and installed it and connected it the same way as the old one and the new alternator is putting out 16.8 volts. Is there an adjustment I need to make or am I missing something, I believe it has an internal regulator but not 100% sure Thanks for any ideas Stan
  23. mine was leaking to and I could not get it apart, I gave up before I broke it and went to the Volvo dealer to see if I could order a new gauge. They said they had 10 of them in stock in Chicago for $350.00 each they still have 10 far as I know, when home and cut my hose back a little bit and the air leak was gone guess I got lucky
  24. My flip-out cup holder is broken and wont stay closed too, I guess I will leave it that way. it sounds like they break very easy.
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