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  1. I sure hated seeing our current camphost management company lose their contract. They were a good company for us anyway. I guess this gives us new adventures.
  2. thank you for the info, I work in the little store and my husband does the camphosting in the small horse camp, and i've been told that next year they will start charging the employee 200.00 a month if you stay in their rv park, which we would have to do if not camphosting. So i think moving on is what we need to do.
  3. Has anyone worked for this concierge, they got the northwest oregon campgrounds which they take over in oct. and not sure if i want to return next year.
  4. well it's marked off as overnight parking and yes is in the back but they use to let you stay in front parking lot far end.
  5. In Oregon the casino's are putting in their own RV parks and not allowing parking lot camping. We used to park at seven feather's on are way to the coast all the time but now they don't allow it. They have a over night stay for free area and then a campground.
  6. we are coming from quartzite and going to oregon and we always go reno but the big hills we go very slow and was wondering if the sparks way was a better route, taking us around the mountain.
  7. I was wondering if anyone has traveled from interstate 80 to McCarran and around to 395? was wondering if it's ok with a 35' 5th wheel
  8. we winter in Bouse, Az and at the community center they have ladies day, you can bring your own project and sew, bead, paint what ever it's so nice because the ladies that quilt have a nice big table and lots of light to work, they bring their machines and everything. Everyone shares their knowledge and it's wonderful to get together with other ladies and visit.
  9. I raised and handfed baby parrots,blue and gold macaws, african Grays and others. If I had a person beside me with a bird and they sounded off I wouldn't mind. I don't find it offensive, but that's me. Where we camp on the coast there is a family that seems to be in the same park at the same time and they have a blue and gold and they keep it on a perch outside, I really enjoy seeing the beautiful bird. I met a man this summer that travels with 2 cockatiels and said they they have been his traveling partners for many years.
  10. she is just beautiful congrats on both of you finding each other
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